Motorola Charm

That little bitty phone you see in that big meaty paw is the new Motorola Charm from T-Mobile.  The form factor is a first for Android, and one many of us (myself included) have been looking forward to.  While it may not be running the latest and greatest hardware, and many would say that MotoBlur hinders it, I'm going to go forward and be optomistic about what it can, and does bring to the table.

Under the hood the Charm betrays it's tiny outsides.  Android 2.1 (with MotoBlur), a 600 MHz OMAP processor, 512 MB of ROM and RAM, and all the connectivity you'd expect -- Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, and a 1700/2100 GSM radio for T-Mobile 3G.  The real sore spot is the screen.  At 2.8 inches,, and 320x240 resolution, you might have trouble using this as you would a 'standard' Android phone.  The rear mounted track pad (TrackBack) and full qwerty help out.  A lot.  I'll be sure to put it to the test for a bit and we'll see just how it measures up after.  For now, enjoy the video after the break.


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bleedblue says:

For some reason I don't mind the unboxing / review videos / preview videos done by the AC folks. Does it sound weird that I like to listen to Phil and Jerry?

With that being said ... this phone ... no.

jonneh_ says:

I love Jerry's reviews of anything!
I can't help but see this guy every time I hear his voice! :D

(just imagine Andy Richter holding an Android device)

dontknow61 says:

For some reason Jerry always has a band-aid on his fingers. He must be on accident prone dude. lol

Very :P When not on camera I use duct tape and napkins from the BBQ joint to bandage my mashed fingertips lol. But summer's about over, so fingers will heal up until April :)

jonneh_ says:

What's cool about this phone is that it's basically Android with a BB keyboard. Maybe not as great as a BB keyboard, but I definitely see the similarities between this phone and my BB Bold 9000. So, it will be a great device to choose for those customers wanting to keep their great keyboard, and willing to sacrifice screen size.

seanubis says:

Nice demo! When I first saw the Charm, I wasn't impressed, but after seeing it in use, I think it might have a lot of potential.

Echoes says:

I'm with you. I didn't know what to expect with this device, and I'll probably never have my hands on it as a VZW user, but the hardware looks to be very well done and the phone as a whole seems like it was designed quite efficiently.

thebizz says:

Ok at least I want the only person to se that also

Smokexz says:

@bleedblue I do the same thing, videos are so much more entertaining.

AnAm85 says:

Does anybody know if this was the "Basil" that was rumored months ago? I never heard anything about the Basil after the Charm was revealed...

Yes, this is the Basil

serpico says:

My wife has this phone and loves it. She dumped her Curve 8330 for this and is very happy. One thing though, is I can't find this front facing camera that was shown on The Engadget Show recently. Does this model have it but not the Canadian version? I can't find the setting but it does look like there is something on the top left corner that resembles a camera.

No FFC. I haven't had a chance to really use the phone yet, so I could be wrong here but I think it's an LED and a prox or light sensor

serpico says:

That's what I thought too Jerry but the guys on The Engadget Show were actually testing it out. If you watch the video podcast they have a segment playing with it. I'm so confused.

757EliasHZ says:

I ended up getting rid of my BlackBerry 8900 and picked up the Charm on Tuesday. Loving it so far. The backside trackpad is no gimmick; it really does make browsing much more useful. And the keyboard is as close to BlackBerry as you get on Android. The processor is fast enough, I experience very little lag so far. My friend has the Samsung Captivate, so we had a little typing contest that I won! It even ships with an extra extended battery and case.

The only real negative so far is that some Android apps (like Evernote) don't show up in marketplace. As far as the screen goes, it is nothing like the nicer Androids, but does the job fine for basic web browsing, etc.

serpico says:

I agree, apps is another story with devices that have smaller screens. Check out Facebook, horrible app made worse! My wife just checks the mobile site instead. Developers need to stay on top of these devices as they become popular.

sookster54 says:

Its CPU is actually 720MHz. App compatibility on the market is a bit of a concern.

moises1204 says:

i would like to know who is the product manager at tmobile, man who ever that is sucks on picking phones up, and who ever approve it is even worse, god they can not get it right.

Zaisan says:

Why is it that Jerry Hildenbrand never seems to know when to use "its" as a possessive pronoun? It's at least the fourth time he wrongly uses it as a contraction of it is and that is simply not good enough for someone who makes a living with his writing.

I do it to piss you off :)

Zaisan says:

What a mature response. Maybe a few grammar and orthography lessons would be a useful investment. Well, at least you managed to write these six words correctly (albeit without a full stop at the end), which must be a new record for you.

Adam Sawyer says:

Give us a break dude.

brahma918 says:

Get a life!

Luisgb says:

for some reason i thought it was called the backtrack, not trackback

rickymartine says:

Amazing!! this phone has really stolen my heart....
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