Manufacturer's looking for 500 beta testers this week

Motorola Charm

Just because the Motorola Charm isn't going to be updated to Android 2.2. Froyo doesn't mean it's going to be left to die. Motorola's actually prepping an update that's expected to start pushing soon. Here's what you can expect:

  • Added Wifi calling
  • Added SlackerRadio and NAB
  • Improved phone stability
  • Calendar bugfixes
  • Improved calendar performance
  • Added Google security patches
  • Songs purchased from Amazon MP3 store now visible in Connected Music Player
  • Improved touchscreen response
  • Last text message now shown instead of the first
  • Improved audio quality through speaker

And Motorola's looking for 500 testers before the update's pushing out to the masses. You have to take a short survey (by 10 p.m. EST March 10), and that's it. Can't be too big a pool to pull from, right? [Best test survey, Motorola via Android Central Forums]


Reader comments

Motorola Charm about to get an update, but it still won't be Froyo


HAHA is all I have to say.

I once owned the Charm, there's a reason why I don't anymore. :P

The Samsung Galaxy Pro and HTC Chachacha are looking better, and hopefully will have continued support after release- unlike most Motorola smartphones these days.

So pretty much giving it Froyo with out just giving the actual thing. Shakes head. What a ugly phone anyways and +1 to sookster54

The update was pushed to my Charm last week and so far so good. The one issue that I think is bigger than any other, however, is the extremely limited memory. I've read that 2.2+ will break this barrier by running programs from the MicroSD, so *THAT* is what they really need to concentrate on.

By the way, opinions differ about the phone's looks. Personally, I'll take a keyboard design like the Charm's over any other. I hate the slide out landscape designs, but this design is darn-near perfect. The only other Android cell I know of with a keyboard like this is the Droid Pro, but I don't want to switch to Verizon.