When it announced the Moto X a little less than a year ago, Motorola also brought forth a partnership with SOL Republic for accessories, and with that the DECK Bluetooth speaker that allows up to five people to serve as DJs through a "Heist" mode. Today we've got a new accessory — Moto Stream — which connects directly to your stereo and lets adds that same Heist functionality.

You'll just tap the trapezoidal thingy with your phone to pair over NFC, then you're good to go. It's got a bit of an old-school Simon feel to it with the 1980s colors (kids, ask your parents), and the whole thing's small enough to sit by the stereo but still be a conversation piece. It's powered by microUSB and comes with a 3.5mm to RCA cable. Or you can just go from 3.5mm to 3.5mm. Range is listed at up to 300 feet.

Moto Stream runs $49.99 and is available now from Motorola.


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Motorola brings a new way to DJ with your friends with Moto Stream


That's kind of cool but having it on a coffee table would be better. But then it would need to be wireless to the stereo and probably cost a lot more.

If your speakers are already powered, then it's not powering the speakers. If they're unpowered speakers, then it's kinda moot anyway, right?

I think he thinks it was more like the Nexus Q. This does not actually power your speakers, it looks like it just hooks up to a receiver or powered speakers to play music.

Pretty cool, I've been thinking of buying a device that will make my speakers bluetooth compatible. This seems like it would work well and is fairly inexpensive.

Will you guys, or connectedly, be reviewing the Moto stream?

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Basically what Chromecast does in my living room today, but I hate it when someone interrupts my songs! This could be helpful for other rooms without Chromecast and for apps without Chromecast support.

I wonder if it has APT-X support, didn't see the info on Motorola's website.

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I think I would like this better if it was integrated into a portable Bluetooth speaker. This function feels more at home to me when it is portable. backyard, park, beach, Camping etc.