Motorola Droid Ultra

New Droid products expected to have longer shelf lives than predecessors

Starting today with the launch of the Droid Mini, Ultra and Maxx, Motorola will be the exclusive partner making Droid-branded devices for Verizon. According to a report from CNET, Verizon has agreed to use Motorola as the sole manufacturer for its flagship devices, pushing other manufacturers -- most notably Samsung and HTC -- to the side. The exclusivity will likely give Verizon more choices when it comes to creating new bespoke devices, as well as a secured revenue stream for Motorola. 

While this certainly isn't the only partnership that it should be focusing on, Motorola has locked up a pretty great exclusive here -- Verizon has spent a serious amount of time and money building a brand around the Droid name. As if there were ever any doubt in the future of the Droid franchise, Verizon has indicated that it plans to keep the line going far into the future. Expanding on this, these new Droid devices are expected to have longer shelf lives than previous devices as well.

Although there may be some fears of this new exclusive partnership cutting into Motorola's ability to release devices for other carriers -- and countries, for that matter -- going forward, we aren't worried. All indications are that Motorola has plans to release its upcoming devices across many carriers and countries. We should see the first indications of this at the Moto X launch event on August 1st.

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Motorola to be sole manufacturer of Verizon 'Droid' devices going forward


Here is where the Moto X comes in. Its basically the same phone, but an international / GSM variant. So you will actually get basically the same device in NZ.

yes, pretty much. from leaks X has always on voice which is Motorola's X8 chip used in droids, 2 gb memory, 10 MP camera.

I don't understand people from other countries complaining about device it on ebay, people!!! THere are always resellers who ship worldwide. Why can't people ever look for what they want? If you want it that bad, spend an hour searching one day. I'm 100% positive you will be able to find it from someone who will be willing to ship to you.

Well, this is a Verizon exclusive, so I don't think it will be able to work on his carrier.

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Because crap Verizon is CDMA which means it can't be used on the other carriers. Not sure why people still buy useless CDMA phones.

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Useless CDMA phones? The same could be said about 'useless' GSM phones that don't work on CDMA networks.

Posted from my Samsung Galaxy tab with Android 4.2.2

Wtf? You realize those CDMA networks (Verizon, Sprint) don't even offer byod's right? So what the fuck are you complaining about? GSM is a global standard and CDMA is so antiquated pretty soon Sprint will be it's sole user because Verizon will be dumping it in favor of an all LTE network.

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CDMA definitely does offer BYOD. It's Verizon and Sprint that don't. They have a list of device IDs that they whitelist on their network. I could take a Sprint device and use it on Verizon if Verizon would either whitelist the device's ID or get rid of the list and allow all devices, but they don't do either of those things. Same with taking a Verizon device to Sprint.

AT&T and T-Mobile could block certain devices if they wanted to. They just don't.

Being a CDMA network is not the reason why it cannot be used on other carriers. Verizon pays for the use of the DROID name. So no other carrier has any rights to it .

Maybe because I don't trust them.? I want to buy stuff local and the Nexus 4 was the only exception.

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That and what will happen about warranty? Two months after buying the device if something happens then what to do?

This is just an exclusivity on the name. It's possible that Motorola will release a similar variant as an international phone, only without all the stupid branding.

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If Motorola pushes out updates akin to Google and Nexus, these could become real contenders and best sellers. I would expect better faster updates with Google owning Motorola, but with Verizon in the middle who knows.

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CDMA...closed source compared to GSM and then factor in that Verizon takes months to futz with every update, forget it

Verizon is pushing this brand in a MAJOR way. Any devices with the DROID branding will be pushed to the front of its update que, you can bet on that. So, honestly, these will likely see updates before, or very close to, the Moto X, especially since the internals are nigh-identical.

Obviously you have amnesia and have no memory of Verizon's past in regards to the Droid phones.

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You're reading it backwards. Motorola isn't making phones exclusively for Verizon. This just means that Verizon is only sourcing its "Droid" devices from Motorola.

The only exclusivity will be the "Droid" name. The equivalents will be under a different name like previous "Droids" ie the OG Droid was the Milestone and the Droid Razr was the Razr for international markets, etc.

The DROID name is exclusive to Verizon only. Motorola will still have other phones that are NOT exclusive to Verizon .

Well they've got a long line of Droid keyboard devices this far. Nothing we know today indicates that they are stopping. who knows.

The way I see it is anyone who gets into bed with Verizon is just doing bad business. Verzions reputation has never been worse. They are now the kings of proprietary, and no one wants to deal with that, people want options. Motorola/Google should know better, they can see how much people are hating on Verizon right now. Bad just bad.

Yeah everyone hates Verizon. That's why the are in last place in the cellular market... Oops I mean first.

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Everyone hating on vzw? Maybe on these forums but last I read, its still the biggest carrier and still has the best scores in satisfaction and retention...

Yup, Verizon keeps dropping customers like... wait.. no they don't, every quarter they keep adding more customers..... People like you keep whining, but don't leave... they only care if people leave.

Well that sucks Verizon! I don't give two hoots about any of your crappy "Droid" stuff. You better still have the Note 3 when the time comes!

Scratch that, I read things wrong here. The source article at Cnet makes a lot more sense. (and where did the "Edit" button go on your own posts? Only says reply now.)

All we know about this deal is that Verizon will only use Motorola to make its "Droid" phones. That doesnt mean that Motorola cant also have another non-Droid device on the network.

It is a good move on the part of Verizon. The complaints in the industry are about battery life, and they locked up the biggest battery there is.

This is bad news for the rest of the world. You are going to see somethings that are sorta close, but you are guaranteed to never see a razr maxx. I am guessing the battery on that things is all wrapped up and verizons only. If not, why have see not seen it in every motorola phone since the original maxx? They could be the number one phone manufacturer (the battery just pushing them over the top) but the exclusive is killing them right there.

Verizon has to be exclusive. They are paying for the rights to the DROID brand. No other carrier is paying for it. So it has to be exclusive to Verizon. Do you expect Verizon to foot the cost of the DRoid name , then every other carrier use it ? Come on. Verizon pays for it.

You have white knighted the whole thread, but in this case, I agree with you. The DROID name is, and always has been, Verizons. THey just made it so that Motorola is the only one making them.

HTC Droid Eris
HTC Droid Incredible (X3)
Samsung Droid Charge

You only missed it by 5

You don't have to tell me, I had it.

The Eris was crap as well, but it was an early phone so it kinda was to be expected.

The dinc and DNA are nice phones though

I'm pretty sure that all the companies want to make phone for Verizon. Why would they not want 100 million potential customers?

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Or you can make a GSM phone for the several hundred million customers around the world not on a CDMA network. Motorola is a global company, Verizon is a very small slice of the pie.

Yup, they all seem to be itching to lose access to a 100 million customer base... Sounds about right...

There are a billion Android phones active, Verizon isn't nearly the hotshot VZW customers seem to think it is.

How many of those in the US? As all our discussions about vzw really only refer to the us market, yeah vzw is a pretty big shot. With vzw and droid branding, Motorola has instant access to over 1/3 of the us cell market and they won't have to spend a dime on advertising the phones, as vzw will do it for them. They're already committed to spend 1/2 billion on advertising the X phone, so this is a win-win for Motorola.

I've always said Droid branding and Motorola was going to continue. The Moto X is still coming to verizon, att, and sprint (no word on tmobile).

The new Ultra, mini, and maxx will likely be vzw exclusives in the US. They might be released later under different names internationally, if ever.

I for one am excited about the ultra maxx. Same voice software as the X, it seems, slimmer than the current model and even more battery life. Looks like an amazing phone.

You really want to push Samsung & HTC to the side...?

Ok.. You ask for it...
"And The Sheep Are Lead To Slaughter..."

How is vzw pushing samsung and htc to the side? Htc one is still coming. I'm sure this doesn't change much with either.

Verizon is still the #1 and this phones looks sexy. Still waiting on the moto X But the droids all the way.
Let's see.

That makes sense. Moto Droid did start it all on a mainstream level. Verizon is the only one that still has a line, remember when Tmo had the my touch and the Sidekick lines? And when HTC made carrier banded phones?

No, it means that onky Moto will be making the Droid line. There will be other Android phone on Verizon, but not titled "Droid Note" and "Droid One".

Did I miss the part of the article that said Verizon is no longer getting the HTC One and is immediately ceasing all sales on the GS4? People are acting like the Droids will be the only phone Verizon carries from now on

No, which is fine, but what it does mean is other than the main units like Moto X which all carriers will offer, the rest of the carriers will get shit Moto's instead of Droid variants (sans Droid name), which is bad. Sometimes those are nice units.

Carrier exclusivity on certain items is not the way to go, just look at Nokia's troubles...HTC finally gave up on that, and all carriers will carry the One, which is a GOOD thing. Do you really want Moto throwing in everything but the kitchen sink to JUST Verizon Droids, ignoring to make another V exclusive Droid???

Not me, and I enjoy Motorola products just as much as the next guy, specially the audio quality, but I'm not partial to having Verizon all the time just to get a Good Moto.

Ya dig???

There is no limitation of moving a phone from one carrier to another if it is CDMA, it's a carrier issue. Metro was CDMA and allowed you to bring a Sprint or Verizon device. The CDMA specification does allow for a removable SIM.

Now this is actually moot since Verizon Droid phones have been world phones for a while. They are GSM locked for domestic carriers but unlocked for international. Also there have been GSM versions of most Motorola Droid phones. I don't see Motorola changing that trend. The phones will be exclusive in America but a GSM version will be available for the rest of the world. There is a Razr HD that is GSM only. Motorola has to pay for development and selling a GSM version of the phone, even if it has a slightly different package allows them to do that.

Much ado about nothing I think, at least for us.
Big deal for HTC and Samsung.
From a branding point of view, it makes sense for Verizon.
A brand needs to be consistent. With multiple manufacturers that is difficult.