moto backflip root

Are you one of the (at least several) Motorola Backflip owners  jealous with all of the rooting and ROM'ing posts that fill our forums for many other devices, and not yours? Well, for those that have been patient, and stuck with the Backflip, even after it was stamped as crippled (when it's really not), your patience has paid off. After tons of hard work, the Motorola Backflip has finally been rooted, but now what will come next? Will we begin to see custom ROMs for this device, or some additional features uncovered? A full explanation of the process required to achieve root abilities on your device and all the files needed can be found here.  If you are brave enough to give it a shot, please share your experiences with the rest of our community here in our forums! [Myjanky via AndroidCentral Forums]


Reader comments

The Motorola Backflip has been rooted! (for what it's worth)


So..he has root, won't say what exactly he did to achieve it, just how to compile your own build? Informative.

I'm not sure why he even released this info if he doesn't have the guts to publicly explain it all. Do it anonymously if you're that afraid of angering Motorola. Come up with a new online handle and release it that way.

I'm glad its capable of being rooted and all but this feels like an empty release. For the average joe looking for root access this doesn't mean a thing.

It hasn't BEEN rooted, it isn't rooted and will be a long time before it is rooted. The guy that did this used the Moto Dev kit to obtain root. There is no public root, no way to install a custom kernel or ROM. It is bupkus and a non-story. This has been on the web for a while and is complete shit.