Motorola Backflip

Last week we saw Motorola rolling out Android 2.1 to some of the selected testers, and now it's the Backflip's turn Motorola has sent out e-mails asking for willing testers to contact them, and they are looking for a team of 1,000 folks to help them with the testing. Hopefully this testing push that we are seeing means that the official update is just around the corner, and there will be Android 2.1 for all Motorola Backflip owners! Text of the e-mail is after the break. Thanks, ChyA!

"Motorola and AT&T are happy to announce a trial release of the 2.1 (Éclair)
software upgrade for Backflip, before it is officially released to all
customers. We are recruiting 1,000 Backflip owners to test and provide
feedback on the upgrade process and software experience.

If you’re a Backflip owner and you’re interested in testing the 2.1
software, please fill out this short registration form.

This registration period will be open until we receive our limit of qualified
applicants. Note that you must be a member of the Motorola Owners' Forums to
register. If you want to take part, just join this community now and then
fill in the 2.1 user trial registration form.
Please note that registering will not guarantee you’ll be among those
testing the 2.1 software. Testers will be chosen on a first-come;
first-served basis, and on your registration responses.

Additionally, not every owner invited to take part will end up receiving the
software, as the download period will be limited to a specific period of


Reader comments

Motorola is looking for testers for Android 2.1 on the Backflip


FINALLY! My roommate got a Backflip a couple months ago (I have an Evo) and I've been trying to show her all the cool things Android can do...all the cool apps...every time "Oh, that's not available for 1.5, Oh that's not available for 1.5..."

Yeah, we're here. We were told when we purchased it that the upgrade was "imminent" (the word of the salesperson) so we signed up with a new 2 year agreement and have been stuck waiting, and waiting and waiting...And, truthfully, I like the form factor but the old OS with all of the AT&T bloatware just bites. So I continue to wait...anyone know where the sign-up page is?

I had the Quench (non US Cliq XT) and it was advertised to support Flash player and 2.1 update "soon" when it was released. I also had a Charm for a short while and ditched both of them quickly after seeing Motorola's update decision on non-US devices.

Despite having a captivate now I still look at my backflip and kinda miss it's form factor. I was quite happy to wake up and see this and realize I might be able to eek some use out of my backflop...I mean backflip