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In a recent device satisfaction survey, OnDevice Research asked 320,000 smart phone users in the US, UK, France, Germany, Japan and Indonesia how satisfied they were with their current device. Of the 93,825 users asked in the United States, the Motorola Atrix HD came out on top -- followed (in order) by the RAZR M, the HTC Rezound, the Note 2, and finally the iPhone 5. 

These results are a bit surprising. I spent some time with the Atrix HD and loved it, but would never have expected it to top phones like the Note 2 or iPhone 5, which have a huge following. I'm not suggesting the survey is flawed. I'm suggesting that we're now at a point where most smart phones offer the same compelling features, and price can play an important factor in how happy we are with the phone in our hands.

You can easily join in the speculation with me. Hit the source link and have a read, then try to make sense of it all in the comments.

Source: On Device Research


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Motorola Atrix HD tops user satisfaction poll, 4 of top 5 devices run Android


Wait, what did AT&T ruin? Hardware-wise, I'd rather the S4 and extra GB of RAM over the Tegra 3 model.

They only offered a 16GB, 1GB RAM version. There is no "extra GB of RAM" in the AT&T One X. The One X+ is much improved due to the extra storage.

Surely this favours the lesser used phones since the more there are the more likely the responses are going to regress? If that is the case then it may mean that people really love their iDrone or not any have been sold.
I guess it would be valid if they'd sampled 1,000 users of each type of phone. But I bet they didn't.

I imagine the people using some of these phones such as the Atrix HD just got it because it was a good price when they upgraded. They probably don't know very many additional features that they are missing so they are content. Ignorance is bliss. And i'm not saying they aren't great phones, but let's be honest.....there's just no rhyme or reason the Note 2 should be ranking below the Atrix HD, Razr M, or Rezound.

The Rezound is an excellent phone,with the exception of poor battery life.Still, no phone,short of the RAZR MAXX, could offer much better battery life at the time. The Note 2 certainly has better hardware since it's a year newer.

or maybe your own personal bias won't let you accept the fact that there are still alot of people out there that simply don't like or want a 5"+ screen phone. they still prefer something around 4.3 - 4.5" and comfortable in the hand & pocket

I have a Droid RAZR M myself. It is a very good phone. It combines a nice look, compactness, and speed.

I really liked the Atrix HD. Would have kept it, but all 3 I had had at least 10 dead pixels and what looked like an oil smear on the inside of the glass.

Oh great. Another thing for Rezound owners to gloat about. lol.

I really want phones like the RAZR M to succeed. It's nice that this survey recognizes that.

The average consumer does not base satisfaction on hardware. They base it on use and simplicity. The average consumer wants to pick up a phone and use it. They don't want to spend time tweaking and such they want to use it. When I had the atrix 4G I noticed right away it felt solid. It was no means a beast in hardware compared to now but it just worked. It didn't feel cheap like other phones and I am not bashing Samsung because I had a few but face it no matter what they felt cheap. It's really not that hard to see the atrix hd at the top. Yes price probably does play a part but what your getting for the price is a great deal. The note 2 is an excellent phone but it is quite large and a bit more pricey. The razr had one of the highest satisfaction ratings of mobile phones yes the original flip phone. That satisfaction carried over to the DROID razr line as many people I've talked to absolutely love their razr (maxx, m) People want value without emptying their wallets. I have the htc vivid which I feel was completely skipped over but I love it. It is nowhere near the best but it works for me and is reliable. When people buy phones they want it to work bottom line. Now we ac members are not your average users so we want more from our devices. And that's ok. Peoples satisfaction is based off of different things. So it'snot hard for me to see the atrix hd at the top. :-)

It looks like these are raw averages from a survey. I bet all of those results are well within a standard deviation of the winner. If they are, it means that they are fairly close and statistically not significantly more satisfying than another.

Sounds to me like a bunch of damn fine phones and a mountain of spin. Seriously, the lowest bar is less than half the height of the tallest despite a less-than-four percent difference. Android on top is nice, but you should have redone the graph for readers. :/


Let's see, all who scoffed at the mighty REZOUND, a phone that has been out a full year longer than any of the other top 5 still has premium phone and presently competitive features (even with its recent discontinuation by Verizon), that could have accrued negative ratings for a full year longer, but hadn't. OUTSTANDING!

Now to you, HTC, for writing it off as unworthy of the Jelly Bean updates, I say "go screw". No wonder your profits and market shares are drying up. Look at the stats of the phones that have gotten updated, and compare to Rezound, and you will resoundingly see that not only could it have easily handled 4.1/4.2, but would have increased the consumers confidence in HTC (a la Samsung).

So I say, with my HTC Rezound at my side, "BRING IT!"

I don't get it--phones like the GS3 and 1X weren't included in this survey, or did they not even make the top 5??