Motorola Atrix HD.

An image gallery of the official pictures of the Motorola Atrix HD on AT&T.

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wilfreb says:

i want that wallpaper on my Galaxy S3 asap!!!

craigwann says:

I'm digging the transparency behind the on-screen buttons. The UI looks beautiful and understated. Is this really from MOTO?

Requiem says:

What's the name of that clock widget??

sropedia says:

One more clock widget

RaiderWill says:

As the Proud owner of a shinny new Galaxy Note.. I say WELCOME ABOARD Atrix HD! I swear we have ALL the great phones here at AT&T! The Note,The HOX, SII, SIII and now the Atrix HD! Take That Verizon!!!

*From a former Droid Charge Owner*

wilddrifter says:

I'm looking for that spectrum app that allows you to see music visuals. can you help me? It's on atrix hd