Motorola Atrix

The Motorola Atrix was undoubtedly one of the biggest announcements at CES. We learned essentially everything about the device except where else other than AT&T it will be available and how much will it be.

It has shown up on Bell Canada's website and listed as coming soon, so Canadian consumers hoping for the Atrix can rest easy. It will be available in the coming months, laptop dock and all. The price is still unknown, but we'll keep you apprised if we hear anything else. [Bell] Thanks David!


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Motorola Atrix coming to Bell soon, website is live


The site has been up for over a week – it was live as soon as the device was launched at the Moto presser at CES (which Moto announced that AT&T, Bell and Orange UK would be getting the device).

None of the android phones that came out since I last bought my Nexus One last year has gotten me this exited. Not the Droid, Not the Nexus S, not even the Evo. The phone itself is nice. The Dual-core is awesome but the laptop dock and HDTV dock with built in webtop desktop is impressive!

...But I'm really disappointed that this will be on Bell.
Bell = Holy grail of crap.

Hopefully there will be an unlocked version available online somewhere. The good news however is that its coming to Canada earlier then I thought which in itself is awesome news!

I am all over this! Finally my switch to Bell is paying off. Vibrant and now the Atrix, if their customer service didn't suck so bad, it would be perfect, but I like how they don't carrier-rape their phones like Telus does