Motorola Atrix bootloader unlockecd

Itching to unlock your bootloader ahead of the official unlock supposedly coming with the Gingerbread update?  The2dcour over at the XDA forums has posted a method that will allow you to unlock the bootloader. This isn't a one-click root method, and it will wipe your phone's data, but it's amazing that a developer figured out how to do this before Motorola officially offered the option.

As always, make sure you read and understand the directions before you try anything that voids your warranty.

Source: XDA

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First any takers on CM7 being on Atrix before the offical GB release?

Leif says:

Now what about the droid x...verizon. :'(

dacp283 says:

No kidding if we can get the atrix why not the X

Leif says:

The droid x uses a different key for a start. And I don't believe this used any flaw in the math/technology to unlock it. So unless something similar is leaked for the droid x, and I doubt it will unless verizon is about to let motorola unlock the phone, and motorola still actually cares about the droid x, we've still got a locked bootloader.

How the hell did he figure it out, before the official update... Damn he'sgood.... Congrats axtrix owners

Mgamerz says:

What he did was he took a leaked Hong Kong Taiwan build that has the bootloader unlocker code, flashed it, unlocked the bootloader, then flashed back to stock or whatever.
That's how.

galfert says:

So then it really isn't that amazing what he did as this article states.

Mgamerz says:

No, it still is amazing. If we didn't have the hint from Motorola we probably (well... i'm a member of XDA but I had no hand in this so... whoever did it) never would have found it. But the Hong Kong version has this (its leaked) and they flash the bootloader and unlock it (I hear its a hardware thing?) and then flash back.
And being willing to flash a hong kong bootloader is kinda scary...
so I think it's still impressive.

shoman24v says:

Fuck yeah

moosc says:

seems just like the xoom being unlocked

Bla1ze says:

The XOOM was meant to be unlocked, the Atrix -- was not.

WonderGTS says:

I knew XDA could do it, I just knew it.

moises1204 says:

htc is your turn, said my sensation.....

patfactorx says:

Motorla just won. But ATT just won more customers boo

IceDree says:

That's really impressive!
Now they can unleash the Raw Power of the Atrix™ & it will live to it "World's Most Powerful Smartphon"
It's gonna take allot of nerve for some one to do this on his phone
Good luck to all of you out there, who's gonig to do this

I thought the News will have allot of comments from people happy to see this (especially if u visited Moto Europe page on facebook) , but 13!! Only 13 comments!!!!
I mean with the article's name "Motorola Atrix™ Bootloader Unlocked" , u would think u gonna see allot of comments on the subject!!!!! Like the Photon's bootloader!

CBPilu says:

Makes me wanna give up my inspire for an atrix now

HackNet says:

ATRIX is the best phone available in the market. It's a laptop when rooted and plugged into any monitor. How can you go wrong with that?
I have a DVI to HDMI on my monitor at work. Since 80% of the web is blocked at work, I plug in my atrix to my pc monitor and guess who has full web access? hacknet <~~~ :)

ayoo456#AC says:

Damn now I gotta get an atrix again