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Looks as though the Motorola Atrix 4G SBF file has leaked out around the Internet. Not exactly something of interest for everyone but if you're ever needing a quick way to get your device back to stock or know how to recover it from being an expensive brick then this is the file you're gonna want to have laying around. Now we just need a magic 4G switch. [Brief Mobile]


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Motorola Atrix 4G SBF leaks out


I would throw up a few RED flags on that post Chris, as of right now this "SBF" has bricked at least 2 phones. It's not yet known if this file will work. I'm not at home to look into it but I certainly will be trying to find out once I am.

Yes and understandably so.. No one who knows not what the file is for should even touch it really and even if you do know, it shouldn't be used without checking it first. Let us know when ya can. Appreciate it.

Quick update from XDA, looks like RSD 5.0 is going to be needed to flash this SBF and 4.9 is what people have been trying with so far. I guess the Russian forum that originally posted the SBF is going to host RSD 5.0 tomorrow. Not sure if they mean tomorrow Russian time or tomorrow US time as it's 1:30am tomorrow there now.