Motorola had previously given a sneak peak at their upcoming ad campaign for the Motorola Atrix 4G at CES but now, they've gone ahead and posted the full commercial to their YouTube account. While it's still just an ad, it's a pretty darn cool one. Although, it might come off as a little confusing to those who may not "get" the commercial but maybe that's what Motorola is hoping for. Play on peoples curiosity and make them want to learn more. You can check out our full hands on video or hit the break for the new ad. [ShareMoto]


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Motorola Atrix 4G full ad video now posted online


Motorola has pretty good marketing. The fact that they made the Droid name stick ... even after HTC made so many phones means something.

I love my network, it will get better now the iPhone is gone! Er half gone. Oh and all the Atrix is missing is a black task bar. I maybe switching my streak the moment it comes out.


The carrier works just fine in my area. AT&T has deployed HSPA+ to virtually 100% of their network. (Not including their roaming partners).

This is the perfect bridge phone to LTE.

every time i try to post something it comes up spam. I'll shoot you a PM in a little while to tell you since i cannot do it here.

it is what it is-i think thats my next phone-im with sprint now,but girlfriend works for school,we can get discount,so i guess here i come big red-wondering what sprint will hit us with?

3rd party launchers are completely free to download - no root required. Gets rid of motoblur if you don't like it =) I plan on ADW.

I have Verizon so as I'm concerned it's a no brainer, I'll be getting the Bionic, but if this phone was on Verizon too it would be a tough decision.

I don't care if it transforms into a jet and flies you around, I will never purchase another motorola product again. Motoblur sucks.

Motoblur must be horrible, whatever it is. People talk about it on this site like it's the devil. Somehow it makes the phone inoperable. So you can't make calls or something. Or can't use applications. Or it makes the screen interface unusable. Something really, really bad like that. Otherwise people wouldn't complain about it incessantly. Right?

Yeah..and what I don't get is why they don't just download the array of completely free, no-root-required 3rd party launchers out there such as LauncherPro or ADW Launcher...they push whatever issue one might have with "Motoblur" out of the way immediately. Am I missing something here?

Have someone w/ a Moto Cliq w/ Android 2.1 show you how bad it is. When Motoblur does an update, it just laggggggggggggggs. As in total lockup for a few minutes laggggg.

I've been asking on the Motorola forums about how to disable Motoblur updates and no one has mentioned using LauncherPro. I'm going to have to try it now, so thanks to folks on this thread for the tip ;-)

I wouldn't worry if I were you anyways. . . I'm confident Motorola won't be releasing their new flagship device with 2.1 and an older no-longer-used version of motoblur (cliq). It will at least have the newer version of moto**** that comes with the droid 2 and droid X, and maybe something newer. Youtube Droid X demos for tour of the new and more simplified UI

I have never owned a phone with motoblur but I love my OG Droid, if people don't like blur that can be fixed by using a launcher from the market like ADW or Launcherpro. Yeah the blur components may take up some phone memory but this thing has a ton of memory so I don't think it would slow down the phone all that much. Sucks that Moto would give AT&T a phone with slightly better specs, not saying that Verizon should have the phone with better specs but at least make them completely equal.

I read somewhere that the locked bootloader was a feature of the TI OMAP processor that Moto used in it's other phones. I hope they don't do it with the Tegra phones but knowing Moto they will find some way to lock the phone down.

thanks for that info... i just looked it up and an efuse chip hasn't been used with nvidia chips before

that makes it very unlikely that the bootloader will be locked!! yay!

I wish the Bionic would have a few of the cool toys that this has, but I am looking forward to the VZW version.

Side question: I know this has the Tegra 2, is the bionic confirmed one way or the other on what it's Proc is? I have heard both the Tegra 2 or a DC Proc of the DInc

This is by far the best phone coming out. The peeps ragging on Motoblur make no sense knowing u can fix that. These same peeps want a bionic however. Its just cause they are stuck in a contract with Verizon or dont have the money to get out. this phone is the crown. ATT if fine here in pittsburgh even faster.

Jesus,have u seen the stats on this thing? Its everything everyone wants in a superphone for Android. Its just sick. If this thing was offered for Verizon most on here would buy it.

Lol stats are not anything amazing... the only thing it has over it's counter part is 1ghz of ram which has been proven to be more a flaw because of the type of ram. Don't get me wrong, it's not bad but nothing to get excited about.

Oh and the biometric security is pretty Damn cool but I hope for the sake of people who get it, it's a quality scanner cause if not gonna be problems.

Dual core is something to get excited over. Bionic and Atrix are basically the same. However how long do we have to wait for Bionic?
I bet it wont come till middle of summer. Why wait that long if u dont have too?

Bionic has better camera, Atrix has more RAM and support for those slick accessories. I'm on Verizon though, so it's Bionic for me.

Well I do have to lol. I promised my fiance the next upgrade cause I used hers for my X so I've got awhile to see what comes next.

Yes but it's ram is SDRAM compared to bionics DDR2 which processes twice it's clock rate in data so it breaks even at a relative 1ghz. Don't get caught up in the numbers at face value ;)

I don't know. . .I'm pretty excited. Last time I checked, most phones don't have a webOS built in and designed to mimic a desktop experience when connected to a monitor. And laptop accessories? Seem like innovative and high utility features to me. I just wish they were releasing this for Verizon. :(

This "laptop accessory" is not a new concept by any means. Is it interesting yes worth getting hyped about? No. All your basically getting is an exploded view of your phone. No optimized UI no seperate OS or additional memory to make it a viable laptop/netbook replacement making the dock kind of pointless IMHO of course.

Actually, you do get a separate OS when you plug it into the laptop dock... it's called Webtop, and it's based on Linux. Not sure how you missed that - it's one of the most hyped-up things about the Atrix.

Last time I checked it's just a desktop enviroment embedded into an app or web browser. So full independent OS it's not.

Come on guys. . . now you are talking a matter of degrees. Of course it won't replace your laptop, just like in some cases your laptop won't replace your desktop. I doubt anyone thinks/thought it has a sophisticated OS on it. . . hell, dacp283 didn't even know it could ape a desktop. The idea is that the phone is expanding it's potential uses beyond what other phones offer, from a functional standpoint. The Atrix probably plays movies too. . .should we scoff and mutter "worthless. . .that won't replace my 52'' plasma." Limited context is important here. But ok, I get it, some people are "unexcitable."

"Ape" - verb, meaning "to mimic slavishly but often with an absurd result." - And don't forget this time, webOS isn't just a blown up projection of the phone's screen(see CES 2011 demo of Atrix).

I can't believe out of the top 3 carriers for Android, at&t is getting this. God, 1st at&t users try to rub it in our faces about their stupid garbage iPhone, now Verizon is getting it and they get this. And I can see them trying to act like they are still better because they have a better Android. I hope in Feb when Sprint has their event in NYC they have something on par or better. at least I pay less and get better features and services then the rip off carrier.

Oh and bladerunner you're missing my whole point. Any time someone comes to me about a phone or even just mentions my habit is to cast a realistic matter of opinion based on facts. I stated it was interesting but do I think the gimmicks make it a better phone? Absolutely not.

I'm not really interested in all of the extra stuff. I think it's cool, but I don't see any use for the Webtop stuff for me. I prefer the Bionic anyway because of LTE.

Well Dacp, I guess that is where you and I disagree; I like gimmicks. Give me a front facing camera, hdmi out, wifi, wifi hotspot capability, tethering, bluetooth, and webOS anyday. Maybe it's just me, but I like my smartphones. . . smart :)