We posted the rumor last night that the Motorola Atrix 4G was coming on February 22. This morning, we awoke to tons of emails from AT&T customers confirming it as AT&T had emailed them the details. The confirmation even popped up in our forums as well but nothing beats a straight up and direct confirmation from Motorola themselves. Yes, the Motorola Atrix 4G will hit AT&T stores on February 22. [Twitter]

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Good for ATT and Motorola. Verizon and HTC are going in the opposite direction with the TBolt. I'm was leaning towards the Tbolt but Im going to check this out at AT&T before I make up my mind.

Bobman says:

Yeah, Verizon really dropped the ball on this one. People that were on the fence between Tbolt and Atrix are going to have a hard time staying away from the Atrix. Good move ATT. I'm still holding out for the Tbolt ....

BoNg420 says:

Maybe VZW will see this and try to counter it.

Verizon has the BIONIC. That's the counter it's just half the ram. Same Terga 2 same specs otherwise. Release time frame is still Q2. The Tbolt is just an option.

Grizzly420 says:

Atrix is now single core. Same as TB

it's still dual core... Called Tegra 2

HackNet says:

first :)

I wonder if my Pre-order will come in on the 22nd as well?

El Jefe says:



HackNet says:

cmon..i thought i was first. lol oh well

BoNg420 says:

Grow up, noone cares.

HackNet says:

So you're all grown up with your name registered as "BONG"??

BoNg420 says:

Whats that matter to you? Smoking bud is not childish, its actually safer then alcohol and you have to be 18 to buy a bong.

Posting first on a forum is gay shit. Noone really cares and people just laugh at you because you think its important to just say 1st. We aren't blind. We can see if someone posts first.

briankurtz79 says:

Does att even have 4g anywhere?

gtg465x says:

There is a lot of confusion about this, but there is a rumor that ATT will not start flipping on HSPA+ until the beginning of March.

armyjazzcat says:

What I was told at my AT&T store in Juneau, Alaska (take with a few grains of salt) when we got my girlfriend the HTC Inspire 4g yesterday was that HSPA+ is turned on here, and the phone reflected that with the H+ icon, but that many towers are still connected with copper wire instead of fiber, so even though you're getting the H+ signal, you won't see anywhere close to the advertised H+ speeds until all the connections are upgraded to fiber.

El Jefe says:

Store sales reps are notoriously retarded. Even more so, it seems, in a state that voted Sarah Palin their governor.

jackgl46 says:

maybe this will give verizon the push (they need)to get the tbolt out. I'm hoping...

hophead55 says:

Just talked to AT&T AND it turns out that if you want the full functionality (which I'm not sure what that is)of the LapDock you can no longer use your unlimited data plan and have to buy the $45.00 4gb data plan with tethering! Guess I'm now going another direction for a new phone!

icebike says:

That's just wrong, someone needs to sue these clowns.

If all of their plans are capped and tiered, why would you need to pay more to view it on one screen as opposed to another?

watchout4d says:

Smart move on ATT's part. Get people to see their phone on the market first. Damn Verizon?

slayerpsp says:

why doesnt sprint have any good phones im so thinking about bailing out on them the Evo is not enough they need phones like this no wonder they lose so much money

Gameboy70 says:

I'm waiting for CTIA in late March, which is where Sprint usually unveils its phones. If they only new handsets coming to Sprint are more sliders and jumbophones, I'm switching to T-Mo.

WhitePhone says:

"I'm switching to T-Mo." Yeah, real smart move bro :/

tim6253 says:

Too bad their 14.4 HSPA+ is only in 9 markets. They blatantly lie when they say it's in virtually 100% of their 3G markets.

1. Dallas, TX
2. Houston, TX
3. Los Angeles, CA
4. San Francisco, CA
5. Chicago, IL
6. Baltimore, MD
7. Charlotte, NC
8. Buffalo, NY
9. Providence, RI


gtg465x says:

ATT does suck, but to be fair those are just the initial markets. They will be flipping on HSPA+ in all of their 3G markets eventually, but it will take time.

tim6253 says:

The point is, they are claiming that virtually their whole 3G network is already flipped on. Their own website proves that untrue. False advertisement at its best/worst.

youareme7 says:

Not that I'm particularly fond of AT&T but to be fair, they actually say that nearly all of their 3G network is HSPA+ "Ready". They go on to say 4g speeds require enhanced backhaul and they haven't detailed the roll-out for that.

"*4G speeds require a 4G device and are delivered when HSPA+ technology is combined with enhanced backhaul.
4G speeds will be available in limited areas with availability increasing with ongoing backhaul deployment."

planoman says:

Not if you live in Dallas! Still going to wait a month or so post launch to see how the phone does. Learn my lesson from the captivate.

rkhaudio says:

I want the Bionic..... Can you hear me VZW???

gitit20 says:

WHAT a wast why would any one want it on AT&T

gitit20 says:

and whats with the stupid spam filter crap?

El Jefe says:

I will admit it is annoying, but I would rather type 5 letters in the captcha than lose the post completely as was the case about a month ago.

Locked bootloaders? I'll be switching to HTC.

El Jefe says:

Ok, please explain to me why EXACTLY that is such a dealbreaker to you. I'm not a Motorola fanboy or condoning locked bootloaders(because I think all phones should be as easy to fully unlock as the Nexus One & Nexus S) but really...IT DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING!!

All a locked bootloader means is that you can't install a custom kernel...that's all! It doesn't mean you can't root it, or flash a rom, or even underclock & undervolt it. Someone will root the Atrix, devs will make great roms for it like they already have for the Droid X & Droid 2 (other phones with locked bootloaders), it will be a good phone.

Get an HTC if you want & enjoy Cyanogenmod. Just don't pass misinformation along to other people who don't know what that even means.

joshnaugle says:

Just got off the phone with AT&T and they said their date is still 3/6 and even though I pre-ordered, won't receive the phone until after 3/7. They put me on hold and still didn't see any announcement... Maybe the press release didn't make it to India yet...

What is the big deal everyone makes about locked bootloaders?

Also, you know this phone is on AT&T- if you hate AT&T and only want to complain about not getting your TBolt, why are you on here???

Animus_3.0 says:

Yes, Sprint and HTC need to bring soon. EVO is getting lonely at the top.

mrmurdstone says:

Wow an extra data charge just to tether your phone to your...own phone!
Some mba whiz kid in the AT&T marketing dept will have a huge bonus this year.

bladerunn3r says:

Yeah to each their own but... is anyone really going to pony up the $300/500 bucks for the laptop accessory plus the additional data plan with tethering($$$) ? Seems so outragoutrageously expensive as to be completely cost prohibitive. Too bad, because I had high hopes for that laptop accessory. Phone is still awesome though.

dwd3885 says:

Guys. If you read att documentation, you know that it will says h+ whether you are cnnected to 3 or 4g. So just because it says h+ dowsnt mean you are connected at 4g.

HackNet says:

Nvidia announced Quad-Core's by August. Come on... let us have a good phone for at least a year and then release your Quad-Cores.

netposer says:

Talking to a CSR at the ATT Small Business Key Contact center and the promo (phone and dock for $499) is dependent upon the purchase of the tethering plan .