Motorola Atrix 2

If you got your hands on a shiny new Atrix 2 last week and you're feeling a bit adventureous, XDA forum member Jimmy273 has compiled a pretty straightforward manual root method to achieve coveted superuser access. Jimmy273 makes it very clear that he cannot take full credit, as he simply translated the root method for the Bionic originally created by p3droid over at the MyDroidWorld forums. Full instructions and all the necessary files are available at the source link, as is the file for the one-click method, which is said to work just fine. 

Source: XDA Forums

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gdbusby says:

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

Grape Drank says:

it was rootable with that moto one click method.

this was done before the phone was even released.

planoman says:

This has been confirmed to work on the Atrix 2? It looks quite easy!

Mes3 says:

Yes! Great news!

wdfalco says:

What about photon 4g

Im really interested in this phone, but theres so many damn options...

belvibkabel says:

Yes!! I rooted mine earlier from here and i read on further for the recovery.

Crystal8651 says:

Is my ATRIX 4g ok the way it is even though im using on T-Mobile??

misfitblues says:

Anyone who Can Tell me how to root my HTC Desire?