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Motorola Atrix 2 owners can now emerge from Gingerbread now that AT&T has begun rolling out the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade. We had an inkling that the update was on the way, so no huge surprise, but welcome nontheless. The update includes Motorola's new quick-launch lock screen, along with the usual ICS features, like Face Unlock, tabbed browsing, a data usage monitor and a few other odds and ends. 

Earlier this week, Motorola also started rolling out ICS for their Droid XYBOARD tablets, but there are still a few more devices on the timeline that we're waiting for. For those that aren't getting an update reasonably soon, Motorola has a pretty sweet upgrade incentive in place

With all of these ICS updates, it's starting to actually feel like Google owns Motorola. Hopefully it won't take long before Motorola sets the standard for software update timeliness, but for the time being, which manufacturer have you been most pleased with on that front? Which manufacturers take way too long for their ICS updates? Should manufacturers even be bothering with Jelly Bean in the picture? Is Google rolling out these new features too quickly, or do manufacturers and carriers just need to hurry and catch up? 

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Motorola Atrix 2 bestowed with Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade


This is just salt in the wound for Atrix 4G owners like me. Oh, well. Only three months left on my contract and then I can get a Jellybean device that will probably never see keylime pie. :-/

Same here for Photon 4G owners. The Photon Q launched last month with ICS while the Photon 4G is left in the "stone age." I am only buying Nexus devices from here on out. I just don't wan to risk not getting updates anymore (the Nexus S is officially upgrade-able to Jelly Bean, WTF).

Maybe that was the idea...since Google owns Motorola...maybe they want more people to buy the Nexus line...seems kind of fishy to me.

I feel you. My Photon is the last Moto device I'll buy.

Am I the only jilted Moto device owner that thinks AC is doing some awesome PR for Google & Moto?

I mean, awesome upgrade? To what? A thick QWERTY Slider that I have to wait 12 mos. for to purchase when my contracts up?

Moto's released 2 ICS updates, and orphaned 3 by my count...that isn't an upgrade record to be proud of or commending a company on Simon.

But hey, at least I have my Lapdock to use on the next Moto device...oh, wait, that's dead & buried too.

"With all of these ICS updates, it's starting to actually feel like Google owns Motorola."

It will feel like Google owns Motorola when Motorola leaks whatever work they have done on the Atrix 4G to the Dev's over at XDA. Click the link below and help support us.

Yeah, very much so. I bought a GN a few months ago after Apple started threatening to C&D the GN, but I too was waiting for ICS for the 4G. There's still no other phone out there with a fingerprint scanner that works reliably to unlock the phone without entering a password.

And really, you guys proclaiming "just buy a Nexus"? Go troll elsewhere. It's not unreasonable to expect a manufacturer to support their phones for the length of a standard contract, and it's especially insulting given that (a) Moto is owned by Google, aka, home of the "Android Update Alliance"; and, (b) there are Tegra 2 phones still being sold today, and they come with ICS - so it's not a driver issue, but laze and greed.

I just used one of the available updates on my family plan (that person won't be getting a new cell phone for years to come), so my Atrix 4G is no more. My Galaxy S III is here to stay. (I say that now, while we're still blinded by the light and flashiness that is the GS3.)

"With all of these ICS updates, it's starting to actually feel like Google owns Motorola."

Not at all. If this was an update to Jelly Bean then yes, but this was just another ICS upgrade that took way too long to reach its users. It's business as usual, Moto-style.

"Motorola has a pretty sweet upgrade incentive in place." Seriously? $100 towards another Moto phone that they'll lie about supporting? Bittersweet, maybe, but certainly not sweet. And definitely not incentive enough to buy another phone from them. Bah.

That 100 dollar incentive is actually an insult. I would rather Motorola hire people with those dollars to live up to the upgrade promises it made to
Atrix 4G/Photon/Electrify owners.
Congratulations to the Atrix 2 owners for receiving the upgrade, they were definitely on the correct side of the coin.

I agree. "Pretty sweet upgrade offer"? Does Motorola subsidize AC or have they just drank the Kool-Aid?

It's not sweet at all considering you can get $75 from HTC and Samsung if you upgrade to one of their devices, and neither of them screwed Photon, Atrix, or Electrify users over. If you can get $75 elsewhere, what makes $100 so sweet from Moto?

my Photon will be the last moto device i ever purchase, as mentioned previously..Nexus only from here on out.

Everything seems good in the update, but it is having difficulty with the widget to my 25 favorite contacts.

I'll wait and make sure everyone else has a smooth transition before I download the update. It's there though, I checked.

Ok, I couldn't wait. ICS installed. Finding some nice improvements here and there. It took about 90 mins to complete. Most of that was stuck on "upgrading media database" probably due to the fact that i have about 20gb of music on my sd card.

I guess Im one of those ATRIX 2 owners that hasnt been able to update to ICS. After it downloads it without any problems or interruptions it keeps telling me the update has failed. Does anyone else have the same problem or any tips to sort the problem. Have had the unit for about 4 months and aside from freezing and crashing 3 times (wiping all my info - thank goodness for back up apps) I have no complains