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Motorola Assist can now ignore those "meetings" that aren't important

The Motorola Assist app has received a nice little update this afternoon. As part of the Assist package, your phone can monitor your calendar and mute itself during meetings. That's awfully handy, but people with multiple calendars — for instance those with work and personal data on the same phone — can now choose which calendars to monitor.

You'll find it in the settings overflow while looking at the meetings section of the Moto Assist app.

Source: +Mark Rose

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Zig261 says:

The update suddenly appeared downloading on my phone just as i clicked on this article.

reeper55 says:

Now I just need Kit Kat so I can enjoy all this goodness

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bearmacerick says:

I'm excited about this update. The feature was a huge pain before, but now it will be useable. Love my Moto X!

Jay Holm says:

Multiple calendars? WTF? What kind of complicated life do people live that they use more than one calendar?

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NoNexus says:

I have 3, home and two for work no need to cross any over

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Zig261 says:

You simply have too much free time on your hands.

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LE Sacks says:

I share my partners google calendar, have my own google calendar and work MS Exchange...
So, I'm happily pottering around the the phone goes into 'meeting' mode because my partner is in a meeting...

This issue was exactly what I put in my Play store review. I'll be happy to update that if it's fixed.

LE Sacks says:

Just looked at the update... so near yet so far.
It allows you to pick which account, but not which google calendar(s) within that account! So, for my scenario, it's a fail.

Google should do their own version of this.

bearmacerick says:

Huh? No, it allows you to choose the actually calendar not just the event. Open assist and then go to settings,

LE Sacks says:

In Google Calendar terms, it allows you to chose the account, not the calendar.
Google Calendars have "Other Calendars" and "My Calendars" within one account. If someone shares their calendar with me, it goes in "Other" and if that person puts a "Busy" meeting in there, Assist will go silent.
Most "Other Calendars" are things like public holidays, so don't have "Show me as Busy" set, but other peoples can and, indeed, do and... cannot be filtered by assist.

bearda says:

Seriously? I've my Exchange calendar at work (which I have public to my group) and my personal Google calendar (which has stuff like taking the dog to the vet). This seems to be the rule rather than the exception in my experience.

+1 Two seems very common to keep personal and professional life separate. In a previous job, I had three work calendars, although admittedly one was an Outlook shared calendar to coordinate coverage during absences.

Akshay Sihag says:

cool ! ......guys flappy bird is returning on Play Store .....confirmed sources....

rvandroid says:

Assist still doesn't work with my Exchange calendar events. Can anyone confirm that this issue was fixed for them?

bearda says:

Still seems flakey to me. Was just in a meeting where it completely failed to activate.

exchange not working for me still