Motorola DefyMotorola Defy

Motorola this morning announced the Defy, a 3.7-inch rugged Android phone coming to T-Mobile by the holiday seasons.

The Defy is scratch- and water-resistant, as well as dust-proof, Motorola said in its announcement. The phone appears to have the new version of the skin-that-shall-not-be-named, and Adobe Flash Lite is on board, which suggests it also has Android 2.1. The Defy also sports a 5-megapixel camera and DLNA access. More pics after the break. [Motorola]

Motorola Defy

Motorola DefyMotorola DefyMotorola Defy


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Motorola announces the rugged Defy, destined for T-Mobile by the holidays


I don't know about you but i need a rugged tmobile phone! (Sarcasim) - tmobile isn't known for their business accounts, and they don't have any ptt service so who needs rugged?

I take it you don't know anyone who is a bit clumsy with phones. I've destroyed my fair share (one was runover by a car and another took a dive in the toilet), so something like this would be perfect for someone like me.

I have a business account on T-Mobile for all my employees and this phone would be perfect for my service guys that seem to drop their phones all the time.

I would like this to have as my hunting phone. As of now, I swap my Nexus for my G1, but still try to keep it dry. This would be great if it comes out inexpensively (HA!) Angry birds in the rain could be fun!

Not a bad looking device. Same size screen as DROID and D2 and skin looks similar to D2 and X. Now if we could get some HW specs that would be nice.

All new Motorola devices are including Motoblur, I'm disgusted at the decision- even the Milestone 2 uses Motoblur.

I'm also disgusted at Motorola ignoring non-US consumers with the Android OS update, so choose wisely if you look at future Motorola products.

? By default the native SMS client replaces the return or "enter" key with a Smiley icon, I laugh at that too...

Its amazing already 3 Android phones confirmed for T-Mobile, you don't see BlackBerry giving so much variety xD

Believe it or not, but this phone needs a RESISTIVE screen, so you can use it with gloves on.

Then it'd be an ideal *motorcycle* phone. Get a good mounting system and use MotoNav (which doesn't suck, once you swallow the purchase price)and it could easily replace my Garmin Zumo motorcycle GPS, with 2g/3g connectivity.

Great point! A rugged phone with a capacitive screen seems like a contradiction in terms to me. That said, it's good to see manufacturers putting Android onto new classes of device. The broader the market penetration, the better.

I can see Motorola now is going to make a rugged paperweight the looks similar to the one they have (cliq). I bet it takes like a year to get an upgrade for this phone if at all.

Maybe you guys should start looking at these "speciality phones" as just Android-powered feature phones, and back off on the upgrade expectations.

Sure, but then you also need to mentally think of them as being 50-100% more expensive compared to a similarly priced phone where upgrades are readily available.

^ Exactly. If you guys want a super awesome dual core always updated vanilla android phone, then obviously this is not the one for you. But for people who are a bit rough on their phones and curious about getting into the Android OS, it is. This is something that will just widen the appeal of Android to the masses, it's not meant for you guys!

At the minute I use my HTC Desire while I'm running and mountain biking and out geocaching. I'm always worried when there's a rain storm when I'm out. A phone like this is just the answer and now I could even take it snowboarding!

It would be excellent if Motorola would follow it up with a decent set of accessories like a mount for bike handlebars, arm bands for running etc.

Think the Desire is going on ebay.....

Oprah gave these away today to her audience during the season premiere. Good marketing by Motorola. All the mom's will want one now.

Did Oprah give them away, or was it Motorola and T-Mobile? I bet she just passed them out and is getting all the credit.
Remember when she supposedly gave away Pontiacs a few years ago, it was later disclosed GM gave them away, Oprah just passed them out. And later, she and GM were condemned by the people who got them since they were required to pay sales taxes on the cars.

This phone would be perfect for my wife, who has run 2 phones though the washing machine and also left one on our front porch. She works at a daycare with 4 and 5 year olds.
T-Mobile Hurry Up with this!