We're live at Motorola's event in New York, where Sanjay Jha just announced a pretty broad leap into the fitness space with MOTOACTV.

It's a 46mm square Android-powered device that in addition to tracking your fitness regiment with its own website also serves as an MP3 player. The big plus, though, is that it's entirely wireless. Headphones, heart-rate tracker. No wires.

And, yes, it looks like an iPod Nano with buttons.

Developing. ...

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$250 for an 8 gig MP3 player is just too expensive, regardless if it's water proof and wireless.

(got the info off Engadget)

xiaosong says:

I assume it comes with the wireless headset with HRM? That would make it a slightly better deal, but still expensive.

Taz89 says:

admit its expensive but its not just a mp3 player...

TimmyB says:

Sorry, but you haven't priced gps/heartrate monitoring watches before. To have a BT-enabled music player, in addition to the gps tracking, heartrate monitoring, timing, etc., is NOT overpriced at all. If it's well done, it is actually a very GOOD price. If this unit is as good as it looks, I know what #1 on this runner's Christmas list is. :)

dcgore says:

Very cool option to an ipod nano.

ayoo456#AC says:

Not that expensive for a watch tho

kev83202 says:

Does it have a gps in it? If so I want one!

TimmyB says:

Yes, I just did a search for it as soon as I saw this article. It not only has GPS, but also has a 16GB option for $299. This looks real interesting.

kev83202 says:

So this could replace my Garmin Watch and my MP3 player. I know you can do all this with a phone, but I would much rather use a small watch that is water proof and leave my phone at home.

entwined82 says:

The heartrate monitor alone could run $99+ for a good in that light its not a bad deal.

carlosrey23 says:

Way too can do most of this already witha cell phone minus the HRM, but come on....for $250 I'd expect at least 32GB.

This is a no brainer...not gonna happen.

TimmyB says:

Did you ever run 10 miles with your phone? In the rain? Sorry to sound disagreeable, but this is a reasonably-priced device for those of us who run/bike/swim competitively.

BrianTufo says:

Uh oh a squared design with rounded corners. Looks like Apple might be filing a lawsuit soon!!

Looks pretty neat though might have to take a look at this!

patfactorx says:

This is an awesome product but I hate how Moto has been pricing their new devices =0(

TimmyB says:

I just went online to Academy Sports, as they are a national retailer that most people have heard of. The CHEAPEST GPS-enabled, heart-rate monitoring watch they have is $199. (Dick's Sporting Goods has one for $229) That includes no bluetooth, no wifi, and no music player!

kev83202 says:

So it looks like the heart rate monitor is through the bluetooth head set and taken from your ear. No more heart rate chest strap, if this had ant+ it would be incredible. I'll wait for a few reviews, but I'll probably get one.

dmcman73 says:

I love how the couch potatoes here are screaming about how expensive this "MP3" player is when in fact it's more than that. This is not just an MP3 player with bluetooth, do some research on work out equipment and you will see that this is either on par or better priced than other heart rate monitor/mp3/GPS/stop watch/etc.

Jonno says:

So where does this place the Fossil Meta Watch now? Does it still have a place next to this watch? Or is it useless at $200 compared to what the MOTOACTV can do at $250.

Since MOTOACTV runs Android I wonder what neat apps developers can cook up.

redtooth says:

I want one! No way this is over priced I've been waiting a long time for something like this!

dacp283 says:

Awesome I was just looking at HRMs today in the 120 range with all the extras this is a no brainer!

PalmPreNyuBi says:

I hope it will be able to run c25k (or b210k for those more fit than I am) as well as amazon mp3 cloud player.