Motorola Alert

As we mentioned in our Moto E hands-on, Motorola has brought forth a new app — Motorola Alert. It's a slick little guy that does a couple things: The first is to act as breadcrumbs after you trigger an alert, periodically sending your location to friends and family you designate.

Motorola Alert also will act as a sort of geofence notification service. Say, if you (or your kids, which is where we're really seeing this being useful) arrive home, it can send out a notification telling folks that you have, in fact, arrived safely. (It also could be fun for notifying when someone shows up at a place they shouldn't be. Like the donut shop.) The recipients of the notifications don't have to have Motorola Alert installed.

So, yeah. It's on Moto E for now, and look for it to hit Moto G and Moto X in due time.


Reader comments

Motorola Alert debuts on the Moto E


Back in the G1 days, one of the first Android apps had pretty much the same functionality. Seems just as intrusive now as it did then. Granted you have to allow someone the permission to track you, still, I can't see this being a big hit.

^^Missing the point.

This isa great,simple, added functionality. Especially if you have kids or do a lot of outdoor activities. It's nomore intrusive than you let it be and far less intrusive than you would get from a Facebook acount.

This ain't Android Police, no apk.

Also Motorola is one step ahead of you. What will happen is the app will launch and then pop up a messing that it doesn't support your device.

Sounds like some of the same functionality that Google Latitude had. It couldn't have been that hard to maintain. WHY GOOGLE?!

LOL...but yeah I was thinking this sounded a bit like a revamped Latitude app too. I didn't used it very often but I haven't a clue how to use it in G+. Care to enlighted if it can be done briefly? Location settings? Guess the really good thing about the Moto app is the other party doesn't need to have it.

It's under locationsin the G+ app. And yes, the other party not having to have the app is an advantage to this option by motorola. That said, i like having a map widget that shows me where my wife is at with a quick glance (mostly for when she is playing Ingress).