Motorola Droid Pro Profiles

We briefly touched on this during our initial Motorola Droid Pro hands-on, but it's worth revisiting. Motorola is adding "profiles" with the Droid Pro. It's basically a trio of preset home screens, wallpapers and widgets -- home, work and weekend. It's along the same lines as the HTC Sense Scenes and Sprint ID, and it's good to see them come to Motorola. Watch more Motorola Droid Pro how-to videos here


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Motorola adds 'Profiles' with Droid Pro


Android needs the level of profile customization that RIM has. I could set the number and length of vibrations etc for any notification. With Android, you can't even have both a vibrate and silent mode (in froyo) which doesn't make any sense.

I agree, Android needs to have profile layouts like Blackberry's. I loved having ringtone profiles on my old Blackberry. That would be awesome on Android phones.

If I were to get this phone unlocked, would it work with Sprint? Both are CDMA networks, so hopefully it would work. Sprint has awesome pricing and great coverage, but sadly never gets the cool phones :-/