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The Motorola ACTV (read our review of the Android powered watch thingy here) has been rooted.  While this registers a solid 11 on the awesome-meter, we really shouldn't be that surprised -- it's running Android, and by now all the evil scientists Android hackers know their way around things and nothing running Google's OS is safe.  But I still have to sit and smile because not only is there a fitness meter/music player/watch that runs Android, but now it can be hacked, too.  Damn nice work, CMW.

What's really cool about this one is the way it was rooted.  CMW was able to exploit the OTA update code and files, extract a copy of the boot image, and enable adb in it.  Flash it through fastboot (the ACTV's bootloader isn't locked), connect via adb and run a standard exploit against the system.  He gives full instructions at his site, and even has a link to a set of Google apps that will run on the 1.6-inch ACTV.  If Santa dropped a Motorola ACTV in your stocking this morning, or if you're just the curious type, have a look at the link below.

Source: cmwdotme


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Motorola ACTV rooted -- this is why we can't have nice things, and we love it


That's pretty awesome. Something I learned about the ACTV the other day... Verizon sells it in their stores and it counts as an ACCESSORY. Most corporate discount plans carry a 25% off accessories perk and it DOES qualify. It brings the 8GB model down to under $190, which is cheaper than any Garmin that only does half of what it does. And to those people who want to compare it to a Nano with a Nike+ footpod, go piss up a rope... that combo is lacking several of the features of the ACTV... GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and ANT+ immediately come to mind.

Lmao! I've GOT to add "Piss up a rope" to my word of the day calendar. Either that or make it my New Year's Resolution! Lol... Cheers!