Motorola Moto X (no +1)

Though the site has since been scrubbed, for a brief time this morning you could get a glimpse of the Moto X+1 branding through Motorola's own website. The Moto Maker service, which let users craft their own custom Moto X exposed the codename of the Moto X in the URL: "FLEXR1". But if you changed that URL to read "FLEXR2", a logical codename for a Moto X sequel, then you were presented with the branding of "Moto X+1".

Most everything else about the page was broken, the the Moto X+1 name was rather deliberately there in both the page and the page title. You certainly couldn't customize yourself a Moto X+1, though the upcoming smartphone is rumored to include wood and leather back options.

We're still betting that the Motorola event in London in less than two weeks is going to be focused more on the rumored Moto E, but it's possible we might see a Moto X+1 announcement too.

Or maybe all we were looking at here was a placeholder that Motorola didn't think people would see. But people always find these things. You can't stop the signal, Moto.

Source: Motorola (now dead); Via: mobiFlip


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Moto X+1 name shows up in Moto Maker, promptly removed


Hmm I doubt next week will be a x+1 announcement as well, but maybe. I don't think it will be too much longer. Hopefully announced in July. Sooner the better imo

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I doubt it, I want it bad, but I doubt it. It will be a US phone an sale announcement first for the Next X.

Announce and release soon. Please don't make us wait for months and have some exclusivity crap like last year. What you do with carriers I don't care as long as unlocked versions is available at the time of release.

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They better make it internationally available this time and not price it at $600-700 unlocked if they are taking the "mid range" approach like the Moto X did in the spec department.

The next X has leaked to have all top specs, Full HD screen, top processor, 5 inch screen, etc. It's the one I ve been waiting for.

One M8
OnePlus One
Xbox One
MOTO X+1....? begging.

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Great signature until the day he drops his caseless phone and it cracks the screen into a million pieces. I'm as careful as they come even as a former wireless tech who can rebuild his whole smartphone from scratch and even I have a case.

Lol thanks. Inspired by comedian Hannibal Buress.

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Right?? ENOUGH with the "One/1" crap!

Let's not for get OneDrive(skydrive)... HTC Nexus One, HTC One, One X etc.............. have all these guys just given up trying?

I don't always name phones......but when I do, I name them 1 at a time.......stay mobile, my friends.
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Google's equivalent of "like" is +1..

So X+1? Then X+2..?

It's not that bad, just call it the X1

Nexus 4 - CM10.1.3

That doesn't mean anything for a sequel device. Plus the device should be named for the consumer. With names like the One M8, X+1, OnePlus One, no matter what it is based on, no matter Google+ or programming, it's still confusing for consumers, which is a fail.

Am I the only one that believes the +1 is not the X sequel but the X's big brother?

It could be more than possible that they are releasing the bigger version of the X. Woodside said with MKBHD they had a "couple" devices in the pipeline. Maybe I'm just crazy though.

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You'd hope it would have at least a snapdragon 600 incorporated into their x8 system. Not like the x is slow anyways haha.

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I have been thinking the same thing. Motorola may have done an incredible job of keeping the phablet x from leaking out

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I want one. The Moto X is the best phone i've ever used. It's a Nexus with extra cool features!

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X+1 might not be selling for $299.99/$324.99 unlocked on release imo(took a while for Moto X price to drop from $575 to what it is right now), So I'd grab a X right now if you are price sensitive.

I think it wont really be in store atleast by august. If you can get a used one for $250 or less it may be worth it. More than that I would wait.

@AOSPrevails -- Very true... and since I am on a grandfathered unlimited plan with unlimited tethering from Verizon, this price point is going to be hard to beat.

@hmmm -- Also true; but is still quite a bit newer than the Moto RAZR I am rocking now.

Honestly it comes down to how bad you need a new phone at this moment. If you're working with a damaged or ancient device now then just get the X, the price is amazing for the quality you're getting and it really isn't "old" at 8 months. If you're savy enough i'm sure you can find several sub $300 used ones on Amazon or Ebay (where i got my for 285 i mint condition). Otherwise just wait, the X has been the best (read-most enjoyable to use) mobile phone i've ever owned. I'd only expect the sequel to be even better and that is saying quiet a bit. Either way you can't go wrong.

The new one will not be available that soon and as people are suggesting def not this cheap. With revived brand - quality, performance and CS , rumored specs will be sufficient enough to keep the price premium for a longer time.
Moto X was a weird experiment.

VZW Moto X

Are there people who sit around all day, going to random websites changing URLs to see if they can find hidden pages?

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Now the "Fire Sale" on the Moto X on 5-1-14 makes sense..
Just like it did when Goog blew out the N4 just prior to the N5's release..

Release it and sell it for $350. That's the phone I'm waiting for. All others pale in comparison.

So glad I got my moto g. Wanted the moto x but couldn't afford it. Even with the sales. Also with the announcement in February about a successor. Best choice. Still has the look, power and moto perks. Drive mode is coming soon too. Id like to have all the moto x features but for the price it's perfect. I could see myself using this phone for along time especially with the updates. Even when I get the moto x2 I'll keep my moto g or give it to a friend. I wish this was my first android phone

I prefer the name moto x2 but don't really care too much about the name. At least its not moto x (2014)

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Didn't the Motorola CEO mention that people would be able to choose their own screen size at some point this year? Maybe this is his cheap way of letting them do that. Perhaps a slight update to the Moto X (CPU and camera) and then a slightly larger model called the Moto X+1 with the exact internals but a larger screen and battery? I still say the website gaff has nothing to do with the upcoming announcement, that it's only the Moto E. The website probably isn't even a gaff, but a purposeful marketing leak...

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Well damn, looks like I'll have to choose between this and the 1+1 for my side phone. Unless this, like the last, is not internationally available. Which it probably won't be.

If its not a new device maybe its their version of BOGO. Maybe they have tons of supply to get rid of

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