Motorola Skip for Moto X

Unlock your phone via NFC with a tap on this wearable accessory.

Motorola has just put up an odd Moto X accessory for sale called the "Skip" which unlocks your Moto X when you take it out of your pocket. The "wearable accessory" clips onto your shirt or pants near where you keep your Moto X in your pocket, and unlocks the device via NFC when you swipe past it. Yup, that's all it does and Motorola is asking $20 for this accessory to boot.

A support document showing setup and troubleshooting information for the Skip indicates that it's simple to set up by tapping your Moto X to it once and following the settings prompts. But we're still unsure how this is any notable amount faster to unlock your phone than pulling it out and hitting the power button with your thumb. Presumably you'll have to hold the phone for some amount of time over the NFC antenna in the device to make sure it works.

It will be interesting to see how it works with PIN and password lock screens (there's no indication right now), as well as with Motorola's trusted Bluetooth technology that keeps the phone unlocked when in range of paired Bluetooth devices. Interested in picking one up for your upcoming Moto X purchase? Motorola is already selling them directly for $20 from its own site at the source link below.

Source: Motorola; (2); Via: Droid-Life

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I am all for new tech. But this... This just isn't doing it for me.


mcgowan398 says:

True, but I wonder if it would work with other NFC devices. ☜웃



Probably not, that's one of the many features that make this device so innovative.

It is "always on and listening" like the active screen, give it a verbal "OK Google Now" and I'm guessing the NFC is waiting as well or activates with movement. all other devices have to be woken up first before they can do anything.

You won't probably be able to decode it as it will probably be a locked nfc tag, but you can show the signal to the tasker for it to be able to unlock the screen. You'll probably will have to get root as most of the smartphones close the nfc when screen is lock. So, it is a bit complicated bot it's doable.

jam4775 says:

Yeah this isn't doing it for me either... but gives me an idea for a different device. I'd like to see a device like this that allow you to not have to use a pin when it's close to your phone, you just swipe to unlock... then if it's too far away from your phone you have to use a pin to unlock. I think if I had something like this I'd use a pin then.

Kinda like those cars with push button start, the key fob just has to be close to the car in order to start it.

Jamookie says:

You can do that with tasker. You can set a profile to disable the lock screen when you are in range of your home's Wi-Fi and/or when your Bluetooth headphones are connected

dacp283 says:

If it is used to unlock bypassing security then cool. I tap it unlocks without putting in my password but my phone is secured as usual from anyone picking it up. I have a long password so this would be handy.

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gksmithlcw says:

I like the concept but not the execution.

Additionally, there's no point if it doesn't bypass locks.

sympleeme81 says:

I agree, it is an interesting idea for what it is, but I think using a smart watch and a hands to phone proximity would be more intuitive for the concept. Also adds value to the smart watch idea.

garfnodie says:

Maybe the idea behind this geared more at those people who use pin/password/pattern locks. This would allow the owner of the phone to not have to enter the lock pin/password/pattern, but if the phone is left out for someone else to try and get into, they can't.

Nak57 says:

I like the way you think. If this "skip" works like this then i like the idea

jedah says:

I guess it depends on how fast it is. If it unlocks the phone immediately, then I guess that's one less step out of the power button/swipe to unlock sequence.

Would be better if it was programmable. Aka.. launch the camera or some other app when swiping over it.

TheNexusMan says:

Moto has plans to release other "Skips" in the future which would allow other functions with the Moto X.

tdizzel says:

Leo Laporte mentioned this as one of the features that he was shown when he was under his NDA. I don't think he expected it to be a $20 accessory though

swimmaholic says:

Uhhhhhh... Wut....

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(mind blown)

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NoNexus says:




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tech_head says:

So it's an NFC tag that unlocks your phone?
Why not just buy some tags and make your own??
I use tasker and granted my phone is rooted, but I can do this and more.
Connected to my car? Disable locking.
Not paired with my car? Enable PIN lock.

$20 solution to a problem that doesn't exist.

TheNexusMan says:

Because the average mass market consumer is not going to root their phone, buy a bunch of NFC tags, and program them. The Moto X and its accessories are not marketed for the average geek who takes the time to do those things, or who even knows what those things are.

HULKchampion says:

Junk... Are people that lazy?

Mac58 says:

Think its cool if it bypasses pins/password for owner of device

TravieD says:

I highly doubt it will do that

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Balthazar B says:

I think the NFC-equipped ring is a more interesting and flexible solution:

Clintg37 says:

The accessory may not be that great but what I think is cool is the fact that we are already seeing accessories come out for the phone. Let's face it, Android accessories have been pretty fragmented compared to its iPhone counterparts. Its cool to see Motorola putting together a little culture for this phone.

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imanexus says:


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briankurtz79 says:

I totally agree. The fact that accessories are already coming out is a great thing to me singing sound Nexus has fallen short on the pogo plug over and over. Also if it bypasses the password for the owner it is well worth it.

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tx_tuff says:

Would work for me because my phone comes out of my pocket with the screen facing me, I would have to turn the phone around.

Another thing, if this unlocks your phone coming out of your pocket wouldn't unlock your phone going into your pocket? If so that would be a fail!

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Pauljr says:

I wonder if it'll work with the upcoming Droids?

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TheNexusMan says:

Andrew, the Skip unlocks the phone. "Pulling it out and hitting the power button with your thumb," doesn't unlock it, it wakes it. A phone that is locked has a password or pin or other security activated, and this clip bypasses that, so yes it is not only faster, but less annoying than having to keep typing in a password or pin every time you access your phone, if you are one who likes to keep your phone secure and locked.I think it's pretty neat.

teej51685 says:

I think your're right. In fact, this would make me far more likely to keep a pin/password of some sort enabled at all times. Right now I only do it in specific circumstances, which I know is not great.

Grawbad says:

Well, if it actually "Unlocks" the phone and not just turns it on as mentioned in the last statement of this story, I actually like the idea.
So if I read this correctly, instead of pulling the phone out, hitting the power button, then unlocking the screen, I can go straight to the main screen when the phone gets in my field of view?

Not that I am getting this phone anyways, but I like the idea of this accessory if it does what I think it does.

Ruchelli says:

Will it work on othet phones?

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the1m.polo says:

And then u forget your pin or pattern cause u haven't used for sooo long.... Then comes the day skip gets skipped and u leave it at home.... Lmao

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This, lol.

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TheDu9du says:

I'm lucky if I remember to swap my wallet to the pants I'm wearing that day. No way would I keep up with something like this

vzzoom says:

If this accessory is unique to only one phone, than it would be cool. I would be able to keep a complex password like a pin and have it unlock with the 'Skip. If I lost my phone it would be locked and you would not be able to open it with another 'Skip'. If this is true I would be game, but if not then I'll pass.

Bm96 says:


Sh3ngLong says:

If they can make something similar to this in a credit card size that I can just leave in my wallet (with no tapping required; they just need to be within a few feet from each other), I'd be all over it.

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tx_tuff says:

It would have to be something totally different since this is using NFC.

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codehut says:


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Tony Fyffe says:

Check the referenced "source links below" the article, to read for yourself what the Skip does. Apparently the author didn't fully understand it when they read it, confusing "unlock" with "wake."

You pair your particular skip to your particular device to bypass your particular security settings to unlock (not just wake) your phone by tapping the phone on the Skip.

yahoowizard says:

NFC stickers can already do this, and much more. That clip better do more than just unlock the phone at 20 bucks, considering a NFC sticker is only about a dollar, and sticking it to a phone clip only costs a bit more.

dacp283 says:

People should really read comments. The same thought we repeated a dozen times lol.

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Devlyn16 says:

Wait... What is this about keeping the phone unlocked when connected to Bluetooth?

codiusprime says:

This is how NFC will become mainstream. People don't want to program their own tags, they want to buy tags that already do these things. We all know that NFC tags can already do this, this is aimed at Joe Sixpack who doesn't even know what NFC is.

Jamookie says:

I like to call these people iPhone users.

Impulses says:

I doubt I'll work with a simple swipe, who's seen NFC ever work like that? You'll probably have to slide your phone out and pause kinda awkwardly over the clip... Might not be that much quicker than entering a pattern lock depending on the complexity of your pattern... Plus like another guy said, I put my phone in my pocket with the screen pointed at my leg (seems safer) so that makes it doubly awkward. Might actually sell nicely regardless, could work on a purse's lip too. Anything that promotes NFC adoption is fine by me.