Moto X in wood.

There are some 18 different backs from which you can choose when you're customizing your Moto X. Colors out the wazoo.

Wood is not yet one of them. But it will be.

Motorola currently is testing four wood backs for the Moto X. Not "looks like wood." Not "simulated wood." Actual wood. 

And you know that? It's kind of awesome. You get the wood look, and the wood feel. Again, because it's wood. As you'd expect, there are new challenges when you're starting to use organic material in smartphone manufacturing. Different varieties have differing RF properties, Motorola's Rick Osterloh, senior VP of product management, told us in a group briefing. As for sustainability — a hot topic any time you talk about using a natural resource — well, he dodged that one. But let's hope Motorola's got a better answer for that one when wood panels are available as options later this year.

Moto's currently testing four wood options — rosewood, mahogany, teak and bamboo.


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The Moto X is nice ... but does it come in wood?


Gives new meaning to the term "Wood Chips".

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The only problem is the backs aren't interchangeable. You chose the back you want when you buy or customize the phone and are stuck with that one.

From all I've read there are not changeable backplates, just many options for what you can have.

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You can return the product within 2 weeks if you don't like what you have built. --pocket now live moto x youtube event.

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Much more complicated than having removable covers though. :/

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The selection of interchangeable backs is cool but will be covered up by most. 95% of the people I know put a case on and never take it off.

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I am one of the 5% who love to leave their phone naked for the world to see. I can't wait to show this phone off to the world as well.

I also love mine naked. Unfortunately the corners of the phone do not like it so much. I wrapped my last evo in a bamboo 3M di-noc, a "real" wood look and feel but in vinyl form.

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Those 95% would probably just get the plastic version, and take it home with them from the store. That 95% would probably not spend the extra money on the wood option, and wait 4 days to get the phone. Or maybe I'm the crazy one? Not sure. :)

But, I kind of like the idea of wood. It's very light, durable, shatter resistant, fingerprint resistant, has a nice feel, and is attractive (depends on the wood and finish, one of those shown is not good... the other three are nice, imo). Heck, wood can even be re-sanded and re-stained easily. If you somehow manage to really scuff it up severely.

In combination with a front screen curve that would tend to reduce scratches (and shattering, when dropped), I think that would be the first smart phone I have ever seen that might not *need any type of protective case.

*my need and your need, may be different... okay? great.

If the phone shows to be durable without a case then the interchangeable backs will be very nice.

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+1 for Iowa, +99 for your statement. I think the wood idea is a good one, and I will probably take the plunge.

My apartment has many leather bound books, and my Moto X smells of rich mahogany.

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Wood would actually be pretty durable. I bet it could take a lot of abuse.

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I'm def. going with bamboo. It's by far the strongest material and water doesn't phase it. And, as far as covering it up w/a case? No way! Bamboos on back plate and the special gorilla glass on front and I'm good. No need for a silly case. Cannot wait to get my hands on this phone! Anyone who thinks this phone is just a mediocre offering can just move on to the next cookie cutter offering from some other vendor and stop trolling Moto X. Motorla is back, baby!


Before I bash the phone I want to see some real world stuff, then I will see. But this is weak even for this overhyped piece of phone.

Bamboo is only slightly more water resistant that other hardwoods, don't expect all that much, but I can see it is too late.

I'm unfazed by those taking a negative spin on this device. The Moto X has sexy curves and all the specs I could possibly need for foreseeable future. (no, I Don't need a supercomputer crammed into my phone. lol) I'm just not getting the hate I've read but, as they say, to each his/her own. Thankfully, there are many other phones for anyone who doesn't want this one. Life goes on. And, as for bamboo, hardwoods don't have natural water resistance but bamboo does have some but you're not gonna want to drop this phone in the water regardless. Really, its the durability and look of bamboo that does it. And bamboo still great for those conservationists objecting to use of reg. hardwood since bamboo grows so incredibly fast and is therefore highly renewable. DOesn't take decades to regrow like hardwood trees. Bamboo just flatout ROCKS. Tiki MotoX, here I come! Thank you GoogMoto!

Wood is sustainable. Responsible lumber companies now re-plant a tree for everyone they cut down. Plus wood is recyclable AND biodegradable unlike many other materials used in a phone.

They actually look nice. I like the white with wood stained. Its the only real innovation besides the ability to turn your phone on with voice. I can't wait for my nexus to have that feature. This is turning out to be the year of the rainbow colored phones. The new iphones are most likely coming in different colors.

This post just gave me wood, ans its not going away until i cup this wood in my hands

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I don't use cases for my devices. The mohagony looks phenomenal. This could be a good side phone. The galaxy note 3 will be my daily driver though.

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Not sure the writer understands the meaning of the word sustainable. Wood is an inherently pretty sustainable material unlike the plastics and minerals making up the majority of most smartphones, being that it's a natural, renewable material. Wood finishes are a nice idea... Very tactile as well as being naturally very flexible andand naturally extremely shock resistant and unlikely to fracture. I wonder if the wood is laminated though, so as to not stain so easily... If not, it's going to pick up stains and grime in the grain very easily.

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I really like the idea of a wood backplate but I'd be very nervous about picking one and then getting the phone and really not liking the particular piece of wood they chose. The difference from one section of a board to another as far as the pattern in the grain can be drastic. Any time I'm putting something together that will be stained I am very, very careful to pick boards with a good grain pattern. I suppose I could keep sending the phone back until they used a grain pattern I liked but I'm guessing there will be limits on exactly how many times they'll let you do that.

The edge around the dimple on the back of the wood-back Moto X is not as pronounced. That was the first thing I noticed about it. The second was that the back is very smooth- not as grippy as the black-weave one, at least.

The one I got to play with was the last pic in the series above. Not sure which wood that is, though.

I guess it depends on the finish they use. A glossy urethane can be slippery - especially if the application is thick. If they use a matte finish with a moderate coat, it will retain a nice feel.

I agree, that last one is pretty nice, though I like the bamboo as well. I'm pretty sure that the last image is zebra wood. However, from the article: "Moto's currently testing four wood options — rosewood, mahogany, teak and bamboo." It doesn't look like any of those.

I don't see how you can go wrong. I've got a teak back and a walnut back for my S4 and love it. I think this was a brilliant move by Moto. Wood is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, but with Moto's customization, it doesn't have to be.

Just tried to order the wood finish for a business phone and discovered that Motorola is not offering the wood finish for phone numbers linked to a business account. Major disappointment!