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So that settles it. Moto's next big thing is set to be unveiled in New York City at the start of next month. Look closely in the bottom right corner and you'll even see the device modeled by Eric Schmidt late last week.

Needless to say, we'll be live from NYC on Aug. 1 to bring you full coverage of the Moto X launch.


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Moto X. August 1. New York.


I understand the ad showcases mostly slim women in a way. But what's with their outfits? No one really dresses like such. Looks to me like a new JCP ad.

My guess is that Google's idea with this phone is to further "retake" back android from Samsung and show the general population what pure android (or almost pure android) can do. Hence why they will market to this audience.

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I'm very intrigued about this phone. It comes down to both this one, the Nexus 5, and the Moto X as a distant 3rd. :-)

Maybe this is the Nexus 5. There is speculation that there is some hidden meaning in this photo. Check out the styling of the 'x' in "moto x". Looks very Nexus like. Also, take a look at the coloring on the clothing: yellow shirt, red hat, green shirt, blue shirt... nexus colors?

I don't know, but we will see on the 1st and I can't wait. All the speculation is killing me!

I saw the black one first. I didn't see the white one til I read the article. Mmm I wonder if there's something significant in that :-\

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Finally... It feels like I have been waiting forever. I may tell my wife to hold off on going into labor so I can get all the details as soon as they come out.

You can see the white and black Moto X in the image. Personally, I like the white... Can't wait to learn more!

This. I've wanted another Motorola phone, for awhile now. Hopefully, it's priced well enough, to make me leave my Galaxy Nexus.

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Always have been envious of the radios in them, but the bootloader policy has stopped me. I hope it is open from here on out.

/serial flasher

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Yeah, it would be difficult, to go from a Nexus device, to anything that's locked down.

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So does that mean they arent announcing any devices next week? I dont really see them announcing any nexus phones before they launch Moto X

The Nexus 7's successor may be announced next week. However, don't expect another Nexus phone, until the fall.

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I've never been this excited, for a phone before.

The hardest part will be, actually, waiting for the phone to launch, after the announcement.

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Nerds won't love it because it won't satisfy your fixation on specs. Its like some folks get off on extra clock speed and RAM.

Know who will love it tho? People. Regular people. Average consumers. It'll be optimized properly, smooth, hopefully a great camera, and features they can use to show off. That's what avg consumers care about. IPhone has bad specs on paper but it's usable. S4 has better specs than the N4 but which one lags the most? Exactly. The X may not live up to the hype the tech nerds are heaping on it but I think it'll be decent and it'll perform well enough sales wise.

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The Nexus colors come in the clothing of the clothing. Check it out: yellow shirt, red hat, green shirt, blue shirt. Very suspicious if you ask me. Either way, I'm excited for this device.

Specs matter when it comes to storage, and 16GB doesn't cut it. Its unacceptable for Google to continue to cripple a device with such little storage.

Yea not being full HD I can live with that...not the best processor, as long as its optimized properly... I can live with that too... but 16g... I can not live with that..I want to see what this phone is about too but it's already ruled me out as a consumer with only 16g non expandable mem.. I need storage... im a music hog... hip hop mix tapes and other things not available on Google music. .as much as I love google music... I need my on board memory. ..reason 1. Why I've been satisfied with samsung. ...

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Well Said Junior.
The Coke Bottle Glasses wearing Geek Freaks don't understand that every phone is not made with THEM in mind.. It will run every app the Android Market has to offer.. and that's what counts. if one likes the style & features as well as price, then go for it! And don't worry about what some Geek that walks into a Cell Store, goes over and picks up a phone, turns it on and hold it 1 inch from his eyeballs and declares "Oh.. I can see a pixel!" might say. Freaks..

I've missed Motorola, too. I loved the heart attack inducing loudspeaker.

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What am I missing about this phone? I mean it is great that it is being made in the States and we need more home manufacturing but the specs are decent, its looks are decent and Motorola does make solid devices, but what is all the excitement about? Although we have yet to see this device in full performance it seems to me there are already several out that will meet or beat this device.

People are excited about it because it's the first phone that Motorola has released that wasn't already slated for release when Google acquired them. It's the "new" Motorola's entry into the market, so we're all pretty sure about what's it will bring to the table.

I'm pretty excited about the fact that it's assembled in the US, too. The less support we give foreign sweatshops, the better.

i have no excitement whatsoever. after having used both the droid x & the xoom, i still have buyer's remorse.

Ummm..... Both of those were excellent products. The Droid X was a beast, when it came out. And the Xoom was a very versatile product: I used mine as a gaming console, of sorts.

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You can't compare this one with previous Motorola phones. This is the first one produced after Google bought the company. Whole new ball game now.

I'm actually hoping the new Ultra Maxx on VZW will be the be the Moto X on steroids minus the customization. Wishful thinking I know.

The amount of people here bitching about this phone is ridiculous. We hardly know anything about it and everyone is shooting it down. IM excited for what it MIGHT be, even if the specs aren't crazy. I have an N4 but would be delighted to buy this if the price is right.

But seriously, word is there are features that still have not been leaked.. Interested!

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I hope so because there is very little that interests me compared to like the S4 or One lol please motorola show something bada$$!!!!!

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The ad reminds me of a cigarette ad -- 3 girls and a guy. Life is good in the Moto X world.

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Price Point is the number one thing, If this can do what the Nexus 7 did for tablets, then having a great price point on a solid device would be perfect. Not just for the people who buy them either, but it should also bring down prices in a market where prices have never fallen.

If this phone sucks I'm gonna be pissed. I am not expecting the best phone on the market. Just one that is smooth and has software that is fully optimized for the hardware. A good camera would be nice too. But the fact that it's made here is probably the best thing about this phone. And based off something Leo Laporte didn't say about an event for the moto x, I am expecting this phone to sell at a low price (to see what I mean, listen to the latest This Week in Google podcast). I'm hoping I can sell my Note II, use the money to buy the moto x and then have enough left to buy the new Nexus 7:) wishful thinking haha.

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not wishful thinking, its very possible. youll be pretty close to what u wanna make, u may even break even completely.

I hope you're right my friend! If the pricing is similar to the N4 it should be right about there. Plus because asurion sent me 5 phones with messed up screens, I have a ton of batteries and I've got lots of accessories. I should be pretty close :)

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"I am not expecting the best phone on the market. Just one that is smooth and has software that is fully optimized for the hardware."


That's the iPhone 5 you have just described..

Sure, the iPhone 5 fits that description. However, I'm not a fan of iOS or how small those phones are. All I was trying to say was that there are features in other phones that might be better (IE. Front facing speakers on the One) or have better specs, but to me, I just want it to work well and the fact that it's looking like there's gonna be little software changes from Motorola, makes this a phone that I am very interested in.

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i actually got chills when i saw the ad, it got me very excited for whats to come. even if its an ok phone, im exicted to see what the new moto has in store. i sold my s4 just for this so lets see what happens

White phone has horrible placement and angle.

Er... Is that your phone or are you happy to see me.

Made creepier by her eye contact.

Time to cut back on Japanese... cough... cartoons...

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Do you realize that this means? Some 20-something models have gotten to handle the Moto X and us geeks are just left with rampant speculation. Life continues to be unfair. I'm still waiting for the geek to inherit the Earth.

Nexus-like updates and optimization will be the key to this phones relevance. Don't give me this "normal people will love this phone" talk when the only announcements "normal people" pay attention to is Apple and now Samsung. That's the truth and Motorola better use Google's cash to make every other ad about the Moto X.

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I'm liking the trend of mid-range phones lately. Would love to have a 4.3" device w/ good battery life and maybe 720p screen. I think the One and S4 Mini almost hit the mark, but I'd love to see what Moto can do.

Why didn't they use the new Motorola Google company logo with the coloured ring, I wonder... Or am I mistaken?

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