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Start up your Moto X or Moto G today and you may find you have a festive surprise waiting for you. Motorola has updated both devices' boot animations with a special holiday version, which according to a quick analysis of the APK involved will run from today until Jan. 6.

If you're running a Moto X you'll need to be on the latest KitKat update to see the animation. Moto G owners can update their Motorola Boot Services to the version with the new animation using the Play Store link above. Enjoy!

More: Full Motorola holiday boot animation


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Moto X and Moto G boot screens updated with holiday cheer


Pretty nice, especially moving device specific stuff to the playstore. I wonder how long it will be until each device has its own section

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

Maybe Samsung will do something similar, by moving parts of Touchwiz to the Samsung App Store. Just a thought.

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Doubt that's ever gonna happen but that would be great. Would like to see TouchWiz as a separate downloadable launcher which isn't pre installed :)

Sent via the Android 5.0 MilkShake.

"Sent via the Android 5.0 MilkShake."

That would be a good "M" name for the next version of Android. I can see the ad now..."My Android brings all the geeks to the yard"

I am not saying they cannot be separated, but it is a pita to remove the tw core and apps. They rely on each other so much.

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

True but its so sad how ugly it is. Thank heavens for launchers like Nova, apex etc

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Very fun. It is the little things like this that build brand loyalty

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Actually, them pushing this will out permission would make me sell the handset .. not make me feel warm and cuddly. It's not theirs they sold it so I can do what I want.

Actually, them pushing this will out permission would make me sell the handset .. not make me feel warm and cuddly. It's not theirs they sold it so I can do what I want.

In what way would this prevent you from doing what you want with the phone?

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Oh nos! They changed my boot animation! My whole phone is different and I cannot do what I want any more!

Also, when you agree to Motorola's TOS, you are giving them permission to update their software. Since this was part of an update, you would have given permission.

I suppose you don't have app sync on. Wouldn't want to check for new emails without your permission, would you?

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i hate to sound like Scrooge but i wouldn't want them constantly F'ing with my boot up screen.

Haha, I don't even look at my phone, when I turn it on. I usually wait for "Google" to show, then I go and do something else.

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Designers and programmers are two different animals.

It's not like the designers are doing much, they are using mostly vanilla aren't they?

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

More productive things like having fixed active notifications lag, done. First oem ui to have KK, check. Add new boot animation for kicks, double check.

Grab some egg nog and chill. This boot anime will pass soon enough.

Now if Moto could send my custom X. I'd be all set. Dang ice storm.

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I'm sure they'll get in touch next time they move on to a new project, to make sure it won't annoy you. Or, they're a damn company that employees and can do fun stuff like this AND work on cool new features. It's not like Motorola is one dude slaving away at his house.

I agree with you... that is something that they need to seek permission to do, IMHO. I's surprised there isn't more outrage.

Kit Kat only.

Mine either, because Rogers and Motorola are neglecting the Moto X update til January or something. Same build as AT&T though!! Get on it and gimme Kit Kat!

I think the app in the playstore is just for the Moto G is why it shows its not compatible.I did not install an app to get the animation,but had changed to the christmas scenes when I checked by rebooting

The company is hitting all the right chords ! Motorola was a big name one time and im happy to see how they are bouncing back and that too real hard!
Ftw! Cudos Moto

i like to move it move it

I havent seen it since animation was changed but I will.They should change it for all the holidays.
On the Moto X there is nothing to install just rebooted and saw it

If only my moto x had kitkat .. Oh wait!!! Sprint is super slow with the update! Thanks alot sprint smh!!!!

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Wait, you guys don't have the update? Usually Sprint is pretty swift when it comes to updates

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No. Only because of data rates to change it almost daily anymore. Doodles were neat when they did them once in a blue moon.

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

at the end of the day its just pointless/unnecessary...they could have spent their time/effort in some other area

I swear people stress over some minor stuff. It's boot anime that took them what 20 minutes to put together. Atm, there isn't anything that pressing for the X. Just sit back and enjoy.

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No way.. there's only a single guy and they pulled him off of real projects and forced him to do this change until he was done. Everything else was set aside in the entire company.

I can see both sides of this. My first thought when I read this was "That is really cool of Motorola!". I still feel that way. I have the HTC One and Samsung S3, and this Nexus 7. I'm jealous! LOL

But I can see folks not liking something, anything, forced to their device without permission. That said, this time is no big deal. Set back and enjoy it. Not worth stressing over!

Go Motorola!!

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I personally like what Motorola is doing. I loved Windy Day, not as much as my daughter does though. This would be cool, if I could actually see it.. still on 4.2 (Thanks Sprint).

People getting up in arms.. I'm surprised they even bought this phone in the first place. I figured they were rubbing their neck beards while they yelled at their cats that they'd never buy a phone that was listening all the time.

Cute. Also a neat trick in updating a core system function.

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I was amazed at how quickly Kit Kat rolled out for the Moto X. Yet somehow, Sprint still doesn't have it. It completely blows my mind that all the other major carriers and even US Cellular have the update. *sobs quietly in the corner*

I think this is pretty cool of Motorola!! They're bringing themselves back in a big way!!!

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Seriously, all you Scrooges need to chill. This is pretty cool. I rebooted and voilà, neat little animation. OMG, what's next? Cupid, the Easter Bunny? Thanks Moto.

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That'd be fun. Kind of like a Moto-specific Google doodle.

Just wait until they push out an animation for a holiday that isn't widely celebrated by Americans (I know this isn't technically a Christmas thing, but it's pretty Christmasy) and watch people flip out, though.

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Sad but true. After all, we do live in the land of the "offended".

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Your statement pisses me off..

I, sir, am deeply offended.


So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

I agree Motorola has really stepped it up cool surprise. They got work to do to catch up but from what I'm seeing I think they will.

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Thats really cool. So glad to see a big company like Motorola take a few moments out of their day to put smiles on some of their customers faces.

Motorola is slowly creeping back up...I hope they bring it ...time to dethrone Samsung...and who else than Google's own company.

Cool but probably better if they prompt you or give you the option not to get the auto updates.

Nice! Sometimes, it truly is about the little things! I'm one of those persons who normally allows their phone to completely die before recharging the battery... well I get time of the same boot animation and sound. This is truly a nice touch from Motorola.