Motorola Droid 2.1 update

Ask us when the Motorola Droid is getting its long overdue (but not yet late) Android 2.1 update, and we'll tell you unequivocally, "Don't know. Soon." Officially, Motorola says it's "expected to roll out soon."

On Motorola's official forums, it's much of the same. Though forum manager Matt did just drop a cryptic line. "Spring," he says. "I can't wait for spring." The vernal equinox is just one week away. Does that mean the Android 2.1 update for the Droid is coming with it? Does it just mean it's time to plant the crops? Discuss. Thanks, beastcmg!


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Moto Matt stirs the Droid 2.1 pot


Honesty Moto has left me hanging one to many times. When the Nexus or the Dell mini 5 rolls out I am shift gears to htc or dell. Moto makes me feel like I have my BB back.

Who cares about 2.1? I would much rather have an unlocked bootloader that allows me to run custom roms that will outperform any stock rom that Motorola releases. Besides, their 2.0 on the Milestone was buggy, 2.0.1 is buggy, who really thinks they're going to get it right this time?

That's another question Moto Matt can't answer; why did Motorola lock and digitally sign the bootloader on the Milestone when it's American twin the Droid is wide open?

–adverb,-er, -est.
within a short period after this or that time, event, etc.: We shall know soon after he calls.
before long; in the near future; at an early date: Let's leave soon.
promptly or quickly: He came as soon as he could.
readily or willingly: I would as soon walk as ride.
early in a period of time; before the time specified is much advanced: soon at night; soon in the evening.
Obsolete. immediately; at once; forthwith.
sooner or later, eventually: Sooner or later his luck will run out.
would sooner, to prefer to: I would sooner not go to their party. Compare rather (def. 8).

Therefore...Motorola is clearly full of shit and lying.

I have waited this long with a stable kick a?? Phone. I can wait another week... or another month.

I agree DeeMat. I came from a BB STORM and when I left they still had many bugs like lock ups, slow operation, wierd graphic banding, bad clicking, etc. That was after a few fw updates. My droid has been near perfect and is light years ahead of BB. This is by far my best PDA cell phone ever... (Had PALM, WINDOWS, SYMBIAN, BB - Wouldn't get IPhone due to no Verizon)

I think that if this was RIM, they would have released two months ago with as many bugs as you could introduce...

I gave up on waiting... I rooted my Droid and I'm running 2.1 with Ultimate Droid 7. ITS AWESOME!

Seriously though, next time I'm just gonna get the Google Phone (aka nexus two or whatever's out). I hate it when third party companies like Motorola and RIM do this.

Rim is not a third party... they make the OS and the Hardware. Rim bends to the will of carriers.

I have my phone rooted, but I know plenty of people that are perfectly happy to wait on an official 2.1 OTA. 2.1 is largely Cosmetic (The speedup is nice, but I only really noticed it by looking for it)

The Droid is AMAZING with 2,01. It will Be Amazing+shoeshine with 2,1.

Be thankful you have that option. We here outside of the U.S. got saddled with the Milestone that Motorola advertises as being just like the Droid. It was believed the only difference between the Droid and the Milestone was the bands; Droid is CDMA and Milestone is GSM.

Turns out there is a far more glaring difference. The Milestone's master bootloader is locked. Now this isn't much different from other Android phones, even the Nexus One ships with a locked bootloader. However, the Nexus and the Droid can be unlocked and you can run those custom roms. The Milestone cannot be unlocked, it is hardware encrypted with RSA level 2048 encryption; government level stuff. The boot partition and kernel cannot be changed even if the phone is rooted.

The result? No custom roms for us. Not only do we have to wait for a 2.1 update that we don't even know will fix the many problems that plague the Milestone, but we can't go elsewhere for a rom that might work.

You guys might have no shoes, but Motorola cut off our feet!

You shouldn't. And I don't know why anyone else does. Saying it will arrive in Spring means it will be here sometime between 1 and 14 weeks from now. Spring is quantifiable. Soon is not. Why they would even offer Spring as an time frame is beyond me.

Considering Motorola said "the 1st quarter of 2010," and that ends on the last day of March combined with Matt's cryptic "Spring," I'm betting on: Vernal Equinox Mar 20 2010 1:32 PM EDT.

This update is not late yet. We're still in Q1, and there's a certain elegance to Springing Forward, so to speak.

is that the same meatball who promised this a month ago? gimme a break. either release it or dont, i dont care anymore. im rooted with droidmod which is probly 2 years ahead of anything they will release to us anyways.

I would rather wait and have it work flawlessly than possibly need need a patch in a week or two myself.

For all those who need more or need it now we all should be real thankful we have a "developers phone"...what I mean is a phone that is easily rooted and modified. Motorola obviously did that for a reason, lets see if their developers can keep up with what's on the open market.

honestly. i dont care about "better bluetooth". it works fine for me.

i use the HTC IME keyboard, so I have the voice texting. works fine.

i use launcher+ so I have 7 home screens. also works fine.

I don't care about live wallpapers, so honestly-I dont see any real POINT to Android content with my Droid as can only make it better..

If I had the choice between 2.1 or the Dell mini5, nexus 1 or HTC Incredible I would take all over 2.1. I'm just a smart phone geek.

Um...perhaps this Matt guy is just tired of the cold wet winter season we have had, and he really can't wait for spring. Droid is a damn good phone, stop complaining and relax.

"Soon" became more than a month by now...

So, how long for another "soon"?

And there are a lot of rumors regarding other phones getting 2.1 SOON as well. I heard Korean Motoroi will get 2.1 on Mar. 25th.

Droid will get 2.1 before that, I hope?

I'm still freeked about rooting becuz I don't wanna void my warranty or insurance. I called a VZW rep and she says she know plenty of ppl who have rooted there droids with no problem. But is it really worth the risk. And let's say I rooted my droid would I still get OTA updates? I was pretty good @ patches on my pallm pre but doesn't feel that confident with the droid.

If you root depending on what program you use you can still get OTA, but most ROMS built now block the OTA because they are better then what you will be getting and offer more goods. Therefore they block the OTA option in your phone. You can change that though. Real simple. All you do is change the file name in the system. Stock the file name is otacerts.apk all you do to block OTA is change to otacerts.bak. Or if it is already changed then change back. Simple. Plus there are TONS of posts and threads through and this site that explain how to un-root and go back to stock with ease. I have been rooted since day one of having my droid. Currently running the ese53 build which IS the official motorola 2.1 update that is built for Droid. It was given to the developers already and they have their ROMs built on it. Runs great. Check out the forums on this site, and You will find all you need to root easily and un-root if you have any issues and need to take back to Verizon and not worry about warranty being voided.

GO ahead and root it you will not be sorry. It was the best thing I could have done with the Droid. If you want the next ota update You willhave to unroot it. The easiest way to do both is where you can do everything over the phone without a computer. There are even sites out there that show you how to erase any evidence of rooting if you need to have it replaced under warranty.

There is already talks that this will happen with the 2.1 update. That is why with most ROMs now the OTA is blocked so that you won't loose root when the OTA hits. However they have also been making giant leaps in the rooting of the milestone. They have been able to get root, but not change the kernel files. So no official full root yet, but they are about half way there. Then once the 2.1 hits for Droid they will already have the jump start to root it. In time all will be rooted, until then you can enjoy all the goods, block the OTA from happening and have all that they are releasing by using an ese53 ROM.

That's what I've been wondering. I had a G1 for over a year, and was rooted, but just haven't bothered yet with my Droid. But I'm really considering rooting BEFORE this 2.1 update comes, just in case it locks up the bootloader.

Is there a such thing as an unrootable droid. Im trying to root it and when i get to Droid root helper and hit reboot recovery it reboots with the same screen i dont get the android on the recovery screen someone plzz help

Honestly.. to me it sounds like he's up north or on the east coast and very tired of all the snow and cold.. as many of my friends have told me...

fuck motorola, they should clearfiy what hell soon means on date wise. why fuck google come up with better phone first place when the droid opose to be the beast. I think apple is smarter than google.they should all phone at same time, not tuant with "coming soon."

Verizon, Google, and Motorola: you have done such a poor job with the Droid's OS people want to "root" their devices. All that waiting and 2.1 degrades the device to a slow choppy mess? Wow...