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The Moto Maker online customization feature for Motorola's Moto X smartphone is now available in Germany for the first time, allowing residents in that part of the world a way to customize the look of the Android smartphone before they receive it.

As previously announced, the feature is available for people who purchase the Moto X from Phone House. Once that's done, owners will be able to change the colors on the back side of the case from a number of different choices, including the famous wood-based finishes.

The front side of the case can also be changed to either black or white and there are 12 color choices for accents. Finally, owners can have a short custom message placed on the back of the case.

If you live in Germany, do you plan to purchase the Moto X now that Moto Maker support has been added?

Source: Motorola Germany


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Moto Maker for Moto X expands to Germany


It's too late Motorola. The Moto X is already nearly a year old and it still hardly managed much sales.

Posted via Android Central App

Excuse me? The Moto X is one of the BEST smartphone on the market! What does it matter how long it's been out? Just a pessimist I guess...


Posted via Android Central App on my Nexus 7 (2013)

I had to pick up the office Moto X the other day. Granted it does not get used like a daily driver, but it was still really nice.

If I was on a budget, even with the bad-ish camera, I would get this over a plethora of other devices out there.

Love my MotoX as well. Got it recently as my very 1st smart phone. Its the best you can do as far as pure-ish android while paying a contract deal for it. The camera is better than people moan about, it's the phone's ability to use it that needs tweaking. Some apps can make it a LOT better. Only wish I'd gotten a 32gb version. Didn't need to male a colorful one since its in a case all day.

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