Moto Maker for Verizon

We've been pretty sure that this was coming, but seeing this Moto Maker page on Verizon's website seals the deal. Listed as temporarily out of stock, the custom-designed Moto X will soon no longer be an AT&T exclusive.

Supposedly, see Moto Maker open for all, with rumors of it being available for the rest of the big four (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon) and some compelling evidence that it happens for both Verizon and T-Mobile on November 11. 

Will the Moto Maker program and the price drop revive interest in one of 2013's best phones? We think so. Hit the comments to share your thoughts.

Source: Verizon. Thanks everyone who sent this in!


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Moto Maker landing page now live on Verizon site


I just want to know if you will be able to use moto maker with Verizon edge. Anyone know?

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Just stay in USA.They are able to buy this crap...
In my opinion,Moto X shows how fat and stupid American can be? Ha Ha Ha

Racist? Sir, please visit because I do not think you know what that word means. #facepalm

@tonybyatt and @aergern:

You're right, it's not a race. However, it's still disrespectful, all the same.

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He speaks the truth, obesity is a serious problem in America, and the stupid part... well who has been president in the past 10 years?

Truth? So, you think all Americans are fat and stupid, too, huh?

Unbelievable, lol...

How would you feel, if I made a hasty generalization about all Canadians?

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I don't care when he tries to insult me, that comes with the job (and he wasn't particularly good at it).

I don't care when you all fight and insult each other. This is the Internet — it happens.

But general derogatory remarks about an entire group of people is a good way to get shown the door. 

The one thing I really hate is generalizing trolls like that guy.. Good he got banned!!

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Wait... I know this is a troll, but how can the Moto X symbolize being fat when it's one of the most compact phones (for its screen size) available?

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I'll be ordering mine when it goes live.

According to Motorola's G+ page, the custom engraving will be back too.

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Might have to sell my carrier unlocked AT&T Moto X and get a proper T Mobile Moto X. Probably won't as I find myself using my Nexus 5 more than my Moto X anyway.

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Motorola will charge you $300 for early termination, assuming that's on top of at&t's early term fee.

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A little good news but too late for the moto X. Let this be a lesson Moto, the tech pundits/geeks are always right :D

If I was gonna buy a phone on contract, it'd definitely be the X, for a number of reasons. There's the obvious appeal: more compact, unique but restrained mods by Moto to the OS build, good battery life, solid camera, etc.

Some of the intangibles are really appalling too tho... Moto Maker was kind of a genius idea and I'm glad they managed to nail the logistics with time, hopefully they don't mess around with any exclusives in the future. Even beyond that, Moto's doing a lot of little things right, like putting certain custom apps on the store for easier updates (camera, assist, etc).

I really like the durable looking back and even the smallest of details like the slight lip that lifts the screen off the surface/table if you put it down screen down. I think it's the one phone out there that I'd be confident using without a case.

I'm a big HTC fan and I liked the One a lot but I had some issues with it (lack of dedicated app switch button, top power button, etc), just didn't make me wanna upgrade from my EVO LTE. The Moto X came close, went with the Nexus 5 in the end (32GB, from the Play store) but I was tempted to do One Up just for the Moto X (I'm about 15 months into contract).

Even so, I'd probably recommend the X over anything else to friends who ask about Android phones, specially at $99 on contract. Hopefully Moto can keep this up, not like they have to worry about much now with Google's coffers.

It'd be interesting to see Moto jump back into the tablet market, maybe even build a Nexus tablet... Might be an interesting prospect if Google still wants to avoid a Moto Nexus phone to avoid annoying the other OEMs.

Finally ! I sold my 16gb Moto X just because of this. Not as much for Custom colors -not sure how fast I would get bored w any combination, but for the storage.

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Are guys at Android Central ever going to do what phone should you buy piece? Every flagship is out for the holidays now, I think a phone guide is in order.

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Its nice to get others opinions as well, no need to be rude.

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You mean things like "buy the Nexus 5 if you want up-to-date software, the Note 3 if you want a large screen and the S Pen features, etc", rather than just "this is the best phone you can buy", right? Because, especially nowadays with so many high-quality phones, choosing one depends largely on personal preference and what you find important in a phone.

However they do it would be cool to get some android fans opinions on the devices that are currently out.

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Can't wait to customize on moto maker tomorrow for the T-Mobile version.

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I've been waiting for this! I got my Verizon GNex the day it went on sale (so nearly two years ago). The timing is pretty much perfect for me.

This is the only phone I would consider ditching my Note 2 for. Great that Verizon is getting the Moto Maker

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I was promised by a Verizon employee that Moto would allow me to send my moto x in to customize it when the exclusivity dropped. Something tells me I'm going to be very disappointed.

Has anyone come up with a good theory on why TMobile won't sell the Moto X with their financing model? Or if they might start financing the Moto X along with the introduction of Moto Maker? I don't have the dough right now to pay full price, unfortunately.

I'm upgrade eligible with Verizon, but I've been wanting to make the switch to TMobile, and I'd do it if I could get the Moto X for around $20 a month.

Actually, the subsidized contract model makes sense here, because I'll pay $99 up front with Verizon, and only owe $350 (the ETF), to pay off the phone. And that ETF goes down by $120 per year, so if I use the Moto X on Verizon for a year I'd really be paying $330 total for the phone.

Hmmm... I just wish TMobile would make my decision easy by financing the Moto X.

And T-Mobile wonders why people are barely on their network compared to AT&T and Verizon. They need to start accepting more phones.

Your're right, one look at the TMobile splash page tells the story. It's either an iPhone or a Galaxy that pops up first about 90% of the time.

Too little too late. To sell a new phone you have to go balls to the wall when the phone goes to market. To give any Carrier the exclusive like Motorola did is just dumb. Whatever they received from AT&T it's nothing compared to what they lost by not sharing the goods with all the Carriers. I wanted that phone when it came out but I didn't want it on AT&T. By giving AT&T the exclusive so many IMO much better phones are available. IMO the best phone made today is the Note 3, I bought that phone and I absolutely love that beast. The developer support for that phone is sick for the hacker enthusiast. For the people who leave their phones stock, that is the phone for you, it has it all. The S voice feature has improved 100%, it offers the same Google feature that the Moto does, as in saying a key phrase and the screen opening. Glad I waited for the Note 3.

Does it turn on by voice when the screen is off? Can you simply give the phone commands without having to touch it at all? I know on my Note to...yes it has S voice functions but you have to touch the microphone then speak. The Moto X is a TRUE hands free device. I spent some time with the Moto X side by side with my Note 2 and the Voice functionality is no comparison.

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See, my SOLE reason for wanting the phone was the 2013 specs in a 2010-sized frame. There's a few phones out this past weekend with better specs but my primary reason for getting the X makes them out of my consideration. The Note was your choice but for me it's the worst of the bunch based on my needs.

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Finally! Been wanting one so bad but I use about 14GB if I trim it up. The 16gb one wasn't an option

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Finally...I was holding out for 32gb and customization is a nice bonus! Unfortunately this needed to happen a few days earlier for me to have one in my hands before my family goes to Orlando on vacation in a week. :( my Rezound will be drained in about 6 hours each day, I'd love to have a new Moto X to take around the parks.

I was hoping HTC would refine the Rezound design and that's exactly what Motorola created with the Moto X: similar screen, same height and width, but thinner, much lighter and much bigger battery! Exactly what I wanted in a Rezound II. And I'm ok with no Beats gimmickry!

Anyone like the white front? I kind of like the black a little better in person, but I've been planning on getting white with the navy or black woven back. Just wondering all other customizations aside if the white front might hurt resale in the future.

Personally, I don't like a white front on anything. I think it makes the screen look washed out.

That may be just me though.