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Motorola finally unveiled an LTE-enabled version of the Moto G, dubbed the Moto G 4G, at an event yesterday. The device will be offered in two variants: global LTE and US LTE. While the US model has been available on sale on Motorola's official website since yesterday, the global LTE variant is currently available for pre-order on Amazon for $219.

The Amazon listing suggests that the device will be shipping out to customers starting June 3, which is the same date listed on Motorola's website as well. Currently, only the 8 GB version of the Moto G 4G is available for pre-order, with no mention of a 16 GB model on either site. Although the LTE version costs $40 more than the 3G variant, it still offers great value for money. If you're interested, head over to the link below to buy the handset.

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Moto G with universal LTE is now available for pre-order on Amazon


I think I'm going to pick one of these up for my wife. I've been thinking about this phone for her birthday, and now with lte it's a great deal.

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I have a amazon gift card do I need to wait to see if Amazon sells the US GSM LTE version or Global be fine on ATT?

This would be awesome! Too bad I use the big red checkmark as my service provider, so we'll see how long before they will allow us to buy one that works on their network.

There is one site reporting that it will be CDMA, I have no faith in them at all, but am putting it out there that it may be possible.

if you're frugal you should keep your phone for at least two years. hence - you should buy the one that offers the best value - not the best price. hence - IMO - drop the extra hundy+ and get the Nexus 5. the difference is chump change relatively speaking when you factor in the cost of voice/data plans over two years and the amortized cost of the phone over two years. don't drink expensive champagne out of a dirty pickle jar to try to save a few cents. penny wise pound foolish. the one exception would be for a large family or company with many users where the savings would really add up for the guy picking up the tab - daddy or owner.

Well, except the majority of the market and the target for this phone are not phone geeks. They get little use out of the extra power that folks like me covet.

At this price, you could throw it away after a year and buy its better successor and still come out about the same as a Nexus 5. Meanwhile, you will have a new device after a year with a new battery while the aging Nexus 5 battery will be lucky to hold half of its original charge.

larger, higher res display and double the internal storage can be appreciated by anybody.

Not really. My mom has an S3. Do you think that she's sitting around pining for a full 1080P screen?

Heck, I have a Nexus 4 and every time I think I want to upgrade it I realize that it works perfectly well for what I use it for and I'm a gadget geek.

I wouldn't trade my N4 for the Moto G but doesn't mean it's not an excellent value and will get a neophyte about 90% of the benefits of a modern smartphone without the sticker shock.

not sure how old your mom is but many older people have less than perfect eye sight and appreciate the larger high res screen. the display is the #1 thing users interact with. and older users are typically not phone geeks but older users are the ones that appreciate a big bright high density display.

High res can mean smaller icons and smaller objects, so no, I don't think that's going to benefit an older person. Plus, the difference in practical fidelity for things like fonts between 720P and 1080P is negligible.

Exactly. I had a S2 up till a month ago. I had fun milking everything I could from it. Custom roms .... Cm ..... It could do almost everything the newer phones could do.

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I am debating on this myself. Not sure to go with Moto G LTE or Nexus 5. At least I am sure Nexus 5 will get updates for next 2 years. But not Moto G (I guess) and Moto G is going to go old sooner than Nexus 5 (Software and hardware).

The Nexus doesn't have micro SD so the G LTE is a more attractive option for me.

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The Nexus 5 is NOT value for the money, you would do better with an X or SGS3 at that price point.

Great job selling the Global LTE version, not such a great job they won't ship it internationally.

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Bought the 16GB Moto G for myself and my wife 3 weeks ago and loving it. I had a GS3 previously and she had an iPhone 5. Switched over to t mobile on the $30 a month plan for each of us. Best move ever! Saving over $150 a month!

Was a bit bummed when I saw the 4G version this week but I get great reception when I'm out and haven't really noticed a difference. Battery life is freaking awesome also. Usually go to bed with battery stats showing 15 to 16 hours usage and about 50 to 60% charge remaining.

Camera is not the best for indoor shots. I would probably spend the extra next time around for the moto x in order to get a better camera but barring that I absolutely love the phone and so does my wife.

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