Moto G

Global and U.S. versions selling for $179-199 SIM-free

A little earlier than expected, Motorola's entry-level Moto G is now available to purchase directly from the manufacturer's U.S.-based website. The 4.5-inch Android 4.3 handset is available for $179 (8GB) or $199 (16GB) SIM-free, with U.S. and global-optimized versions of both available. (Moto's site says both devices can roam globally, but the U.S. version is optimized for American networks, and vice-versa for the global model.) In the U.S. you'll be able to use this unlocked Moto G on T-Mobile or AT&T HSPA+, but there's no CDMA or 4G LTE support on this particular model — a CDMA version will be coming in January, Moto says.

The Moto G is one of the most impressive budget handsets to pass across our desks this year. It sports a Moto X-like polycarbonate exterior, a 720p LCD display and a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 CPU. On the software side it's near-stock Android 4.3 Jelly Bean running the show, with a few Moto software tweaks.

Here's a snippet from our recent review of the Moto G:

"Depending on your perspective, the Moto G can be seen as a ridiculously cheap phone considering its quality, or a ridiculously good phone for its price. Either way, it’s a lesson to other manufacturers in how to make a good, cheap Android phone. The screen is the best you’ll find on a budget handset, the CPU, while by no means high-end, strikes a great balance of performance and energy efficiency, allowing the built-in battery to drive the device through a fully day of use with ease."

Moto G orders placed today on should start shipping from Dec. 2.

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Moto G now available directly from Motorola, shipping December 2


I need to jsut say how freaking impressed I am with Motorla lately. The Moto X is a heck of a phone, the KitKat update coming as early as it did was stunning, the Moto G has great specs for its price range and now they release it to the US more than a month EARLY? Who does that? Has that ever happened before?

Yeah, Motorola is definitely making a great turnaround, under Google's tutelage.

And, to think, a year and a half ago, Motorola was the laughing stock of the Android world. They've come far, in such a short amount of time.

It's awesome.

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Now of only consumers could see that.

Motorola would be set if the consumers realized how good moto has become but most consumers see Samsung or Apple and instantly think its really good. Part of that is stores fault because they push the Galaxy's and the iPhones

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Yeah, but it'll also be up to Google and Motorola to increase brand awareness through ads, promotions, etc.

Posted via my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

Well, part of the problem is that your last phone is the first line of advertising for your next phone. Samsung, love them or hate them, has been very consistent in their offerings over the past couple of years--a Galaxy is a Galaxy, and everyone knows that brand. Motorola has to shake off the anchor of the past, and that's not easy. The comments on every Motorola-related article are still to the tune of, "Wow! I can't believe Motorola [insert action here]. They used to be so terrible!" and that will persist for a while. That being said, I really think that if Motorola can keep this up, their next device will be more successful, just because the positive press the Moto X got will work in its favor. A lot of people who are saying "I didn't buy a Moto X but it got me to notice Motorola and I'm definitely watching for the next thing they put out" (a lot of people, it seems) will buy their next device, granted that it lives up to the newly heightened expectations.

Really, with Motorola, we have the potential for a dream scenario. Too often, companies that do things right get recognized too late and just can't sustain themselves financially long enough to get sales moving. Motorola has the deep pockets of Google behind them, and as long as Google is willing to play the long game (it looks like they are), Motorola in two or three years could mount a serious challenge to Samsung while promoting near-stock Android, fast updates, and less fragmentation--that's what I've been dreaming of since the OEM skins spiraled out of control. That being said, I really believe Motorola making a Nexus device and Google risking offending other OEMs by showing solidarity could accelerate that process, so I'm hoping the Moto X's successor will be a Nexus.

Same here. After researching, it was a no brainer in favor of the X. I actually made money when I traded in my 4S. Ordered the 32 gig X for $99, bought the Otterbox Defender and still had $ left. What's not to like? Way to go Motorola!!

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Maybe she applied herself and is graduating a semester early. Alternatively maybe she screwed around and is graduating a semester late.

I graduated in the winter, November, in fact. I had enough credits to graduate a semester early.

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Absurd. My N4 easily pulls 12Mbps down on att hspa and that's certainly fast enough for 99% of phone owners. I could easily recommend the moto g without LTE.

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Second this. Prior to moto x I've owned n4 and speeds on tmo hspa and att LTE are almost the same in metro DC area.

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That is true, but mostly because AT&T LTE sucks. Compare tmo hspa+ with tmo LTE and the difference is amazing. I regularly get 40 down on tmo LTE in DC.

That's YOUR experience. Att lte pulls in about 50 in virginia beach where as t-mobile and sprint are sucking.

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I also pull a 10-12 Mbps on the N4 on ATT. I have never felt "wow this sure is going slow." I think the MotoG is a fantastic phone for the price and no LTE is no problem.

That's better than Verizon LTE in most areas. I have Verizon LTE and get 6-8 if I'm lucky.

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Exactly. This isn't a top of the line device, it's not intended to be, it's a budget/entry level phone. Shockingly enough, some of us actually survived before LTE. We even managed before the lesser 4G techs were rolled out.

Kudos to Moto for stepping up to get this out before Christmas! Likely a very smart biz move, when a lot of devices will be gifted. I hope they sell as many as they can produce, and I would like to pick one up at some point.

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While I certainly agree about the ripoffs, for this device keep in mind it is not using the latest/fastest memory chips like the flagships. I believe it uses a last generation chip, which is likely much cheaper. That said, its memory will be fast enough for most.

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I would seriously paddle anyone I know getting the 8GB version when double the storage is only $20 more. Such a good deal even if only a 3G device.

Anyone having trouble ordering? I'm getting stuck at the Postal code section. Or is it just being snippy about my Canadian postal code?

Error, when processing order. Couldn't charge. But constantly charging and refunding an authorization 1$. Every time I make change to credit card it does this. Like 20 times already

you may now quit reading my post-Post forum signature :)

Most likely your Canadian credit card address. Several folks down here in New Zealand have tried to buy it from Motorola US site and got bounced on the CC address. Who knows haw many months before it gets here if ever..

Perfect for my Dad who is interested in his first smartphone. He's thinking of getting service from AT&T MVNO Consumer Cellular. The phones that Consumer Cellular are left over gingerbread garbage, so the Moto G will work out much better. Better phone, decent price.

Yikes, I feel bad for anyone that unknowingly buys a "Gingerbread" phone.

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If your dad needs more than 500 min and 500mb of data, straight talk would be a better deal than consumer cellular. While I have moved on to T-Mobile 30 plan straight talks 45 is a better fit for most people. Just make you you get a att Sim and not the tmo version he decides to go that route

It will work just fine on att and its mvnos. The global version is missing aws for T-Mobile . so 3g will be limtrd to only refarmed areas

I'm considering buying just for fun even though my Nexus 4 is only 6 months old.

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I'm in the same boat. I haven't purchased a Motorola phone in quite some time. The last Moto I used was the Droid 4.

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Lol, the last moto phones we purchased were the Razrs, you know the flip phones that everyone had to have at the time. Actually hated those phones. We went through several....many problems.

Posted via Android Central App on my white Nexus 4 with StraightTalk

Haha, I had quite a few problems with mine. The very last day that I could stand it: I sent a text, and somehow, all of my contacts got deleted. Then, I received a text, and the phone kept receiving the same text over and over again. I almost lost my mind, lol.

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I wondered what finally caused you to lose it

Damn you Motorola!

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

The first Moto I had was a Q about the time the iPhone launched. I hooked up from Sprint and managed to buy it without a data plan, since I had know use for data then. I liked it, but the battery was awful and it pocket dialed too much.

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Yeah, I think that was a problem that I first experienced with the Droid Pro.

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The main point for me is the 'all day' battery. Battery life on my Nexus 4 sucks.

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Yeah, I use my phone a lot. The Nexus 4 will last for a day, if used strategically and conservatively.

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I doubt Verizon would let a CDMA version of the phone on their network without LTE, and the same goes with Sprint. But if anyone can strike up a deal with Verizon its moto.

Verizon announced its coming to their prepaid line, which does not get access to LTE.

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Has anyone tried to see if they ship to Canada?

Cases for Moto X won't even ship to Canada so hopes are low. I want to get the 16 gb for my dad. They're only selling 8 gb here.

So I presume we'll all have ordered one by morning since we were all here convincing each other to do it....

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Where are the accessories? Another half-ass release from Motorola. Would've liked to get this for my mom as a Christmas gift with a flipcover or pink backplate.

How do my balls taste you little rascal? People get so sensitive over a device that will NEVER love you back sheesh. Get a girlfriend/boyfriend you pathetic fool. Point me in the right direction or save your cheeky remarks.

First of all I doubt you have balls.
Secondly the last time I had a girlfriend my wife got pissed at me so I'm not gonna do that again.
Thirdly you're the pathetic one who clearly has no clue how to use the internet or you would see how simplistic it is to get info about the cases and covers for the G(hint: learn to read and follow links, a 6 year old can do it) If you actually need help finding them then you probably don't deserve to get one

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1. I feel sorry for your wife, she probably has a girlfriend of her own.
2. Searched and didn't find what I was looking for. Google doesn't magically create products that aren't there when you search for them.
3. My point, I shouldn't have to hunt them down when I'm on the website to buy the actual device, there should've been options readily available, not some teaser pics of the items.
4. I deserve anything my hard earned money can buy. Personally, I believe can wait until next year when the kinks have been worked out of Moto's strategey(still a few misses). I'll work on sharpening my search skills and fanboy/troll antics. Maybe I'll be worthy by then.

I'm in the same boat... want to get one for my GF for Christmas but I really need a purple or pink back plate for it. She will like it, but she will think the black shell is meh.

True... I just went ahead and ordered one.
Hopefully they will surprise us and release some shells before Christmas too.. fingers crossed.
...and if not - still a great deal and saved me a bunch of money. I was going to get her the Moto X before this came available.

No I didn't plan on getting it, but when I read it would be available Dec 2nd for delivery I went to the website to try and order it. All of the accessories are coming soon which was a turn off because I wanted it customized for her. At least a few options should have been available at launch on the Motorola site. Botched.

Bothched? Really? It's being released a month earlier than initially announced. I say bravo to Motorola, job well done shipping this before Christmas.

That's cool it just doesn't work for my situation. Like the X, Moto did botch this for some folks. For me it's not offering the back covers/flip cases at launch. For others it may be originally announcing the 2014 release so people went ahead and bought other devices. It's just a matter of opinion. I do like the new Moto for the most part, but I don't want to see them mishandling releases like Big G has done time and time again. Uh oh did I just say that...

Wasn't there an article about the accessories just a few days ago?

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

I've been waiting for a good budget phone to upgrade from my LG G2x, which is still on Gingerbread. I just placed my order! Good on Motorola for getting this out in time for the holidays, and offering free 2 day shipping!

Awesome Moto! Now lets start work on an oversized, budget Galaxy Mega competitor for next year when I upgrade from my S3 next year.

I don't need this phone really. But this is the perfect cheap ipod-touch type device with wi-fi, Play store apps, HD screen, guaranteed updates, and web browsing. This is a great deal if you want to buy something cheap for your kids.

i'm buying this phone just for shits and giggles to be quite honest.

Doing it right one time does not make a guarantee

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

He's referring to the updates. Motorola may have been quick with the 4.4 update, but who's to say they'll be that fast "out of the gate" with subsequent updates?

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So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

Hopefully Moto sells a ton load if these phones. I'm not too bullish in the US because people are used to the useless subsidy model and carriers like ATT, Verizon won't sell without LTE. But hoping this is successful in other parts of the world and Moto is back in the game. They deserve some success since they are working their ass off over the last few months.

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I wanted my brother to get this phone since his broke & he's on a budget (new baby) but since Moto said not til January he didn't wanna wait and got the LG Optimus F3 from Amazon last week. I wish they had stated this release date from the door smh..

He might have another week to return it. Can he go a about a week without a phone?

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Nice. Might want one for a work phone at that price and with those specs.

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Nice! lot of gifts for friends this holiday season. :-) they certainly knew how big of a miss that would be.

Sucks to be on Sprint and Verizon now even more.

Motorola lost trust w customers - that Photon,man - on Sprint. horrible battery , messed up hardware (hit or miss) horrible cs , warranty and update support. As far as the rest of the carriers, they will grow big very fast.

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Def a great burner phone for illegal activities & for when you want a phone when your hitting the bars/pubs but don't want to worry about breaking your expensive HTC One Max

Posted from My GNote 2 via AC App

I'm interested the see if the Moto G sold through T-Mobile will offer WiFi calling. I have a Tmo Moto X I bought directly from Motorola, and using on AT&T... absolutely no carrier software here. WiFi calling is the one thing necessary to make the Moto G a perfect phone for my parents who live in a very limited coverage area (from ANY carrier).

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The T-Mobile Moto X isn't really a T-Mobile phone.

And who's to say that T-Mobile will sell the Moto G.

I was under the impression that it was coming to all four major carriers in January. I could very well be wrong.

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Coming earlier is an intelligent (otherwise expected) move from Motorola. The Moto G is going to be hands down a best-seller. It's shame the LTE issue though.

Anyway, one of the top mid-range smartphones, along with the Xiaomi Red Rice.

Who cares about it not having Lte tbh no one really needs speeds that fast and 1 GB of RAM might not be enough for some people but from what I've seen it's a good performer I have an iPhone 5 and I would kill for this phone lol

Sent from my Nexus 7 2013

How would a Moto G feel, in terms of usability coming from someone that has a S4.?

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