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Motorola's mid-range smartphone may be landing on Verizon sooner than expected

While we thought that Motorola's $179 price tag for the Moto G was quite impressive it looks as though Verizon may be releasing it for an even lower price point. Some images have surfaced from Best Buy locations showing that they will be carrying the Moto G at only $99 off contract, which is an amazing price. Motorola had announced that the Moto G would be releasing on Verizon in Q1 of 2014 and an internal screen shot from Best Buy shows that it may be closer than expected.

While the pricing may not be confirmed it appears as though the device is set to release on January 9, 2014 which is just over a week away. If Verizon is able to bring the device at only $99 it would easily be the best value purchase on Verizon's network for anyone looking for a mid range device. 

Because the Moto G does not offer LTE on Verizon, it will likely be locked to pre-paid contracts only — which could be disappointing for some. If you are looking to save some cash while eliminating a contract and still want to have a good device the Moto G is definitely what you want to be looking at. Will you be picking up a Moto G on January 9 if it is available?

Update: The $99 price has been confirmed as has availability. The LA Times relays the following from Best Buy spokesman Jonathan Sandler:

The phone is currently landing in stores and is available for sale as soon as it arrives

Source: Droid Life; Via Android Police


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Moto G possibly headed to Verizon on Jan. 9 for $99 [Updated]


Dude you are gonna drive some people crazy with that comment. I hope I win the moto g from you guys.

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Things to note that will probably be asked -

- This is the CDMA model. No GSM. No SIM. You're not going to buy this for $100 with hopes of using it on GSM Straight Talk.

- From what I can gather, Verizon will not allow you to use this (and any other) prepaid phone on a post-paid line until it's been active on prepaid for six months.

Wow! Why not? It's the perfect replacement for a broken phone before qualifying for an upgrade.

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Verizon is worse than the devil.

Verizon is the Devil's idea of a Devil.

The Devil actually takes pointers from Verizon.

Are you sure the CDMA version won't have a GSM radio like the Moto X does? Could you please post your source.

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Motorola lists three models on their site.


Global GSM Model:
GSM/GPRS/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)
UMTS/HSPA+ up to 21 Mbps (850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz)

US GSM Model:
GSM/GPRS/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)
UMTS/HSPA+ up to 21 Mbps (850, 1700 (AWS), 1900 MHz)

CDMA Model:
CDMA/EVDO Rev A (850, 1900 MHz)
Both GSM models require a micro SIM card.

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You do know that Strait Talk also mvno's Verizon? For $99 and if its possible using it via ST wouldn't be that bad of an idea.

I didn't know this was news worthy or I would have said something. We've had the Moto G off contract for about a week.

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Why the hell would anyone buy this cdma only slow as sh!t data speed?

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This is great for people that want a new phone, aren't power users, and need/want Verizon's network.

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I dunno.
Maybe cuz its a good phone for a great price. But that's just thinking outside the box.

Verizon is getting pretty bad

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Verizon 3G is. You just can't tell normally since they have a ton of LTE coverage. Only GSM carriers (in the US at least) have respectable 3G speeds.

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It wouldn't be $99.99 on Verizon prepaid. Nor would the GSM version be $179.99.

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99 dollars for the Moto G is a great deal. You get the reliability of Verizon's network and a great handset for the money.

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Definitely, but it'll be a less pleasant experience than the GSM models. 3G on AT&T and T-Mo is perfectly usable, but Verizon's 3G is just awful.

That said, the G isn't targeted at me. I'm just glad that this is going to put a great 4.4 experience (if not great data speeds) in the hands of people who can't/won't spring for the latest and greatest.

For you remember it varies on where you live near Nashville its great

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My twins are at the age where my wife and I are thinking about iPods for them. This ius way better! We are already in the android Eco system and they navigate android more than iOS. Plus $99. For shit$ and giggles, throw some minutes on for them.

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Absolutely! I just bought a Moto G for my 12 year old daughter instead of an iPod touch. This way, I can drop a sim in it and make it a phone for her when she turns 13 (my age limit for a smartphone).

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Even though it's only a 3G device, it can be used as a backup device on Verizon's post-paid network in case something happens to your main device. It kinda sucks though that you can't use it on any other carrier's networks.

Could you point me to where it says you can do that without having it on prepaid first?

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So I'm curious, does this have a sim card slot?

And if so, can it be unlocked so I could use a T-Mobile sim?

They wouldn't have made it $99 if it could be unlocked and used on gsm networks. No one would buy the unlocked moto g

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Will this work as a pure Wi-Fi only device without paying/activating for Verizon service ?

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Most definitely should there is usually a workaround to get past activation on Verizon devices

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Yes. This is an off-contract device, so you don't have to sign up for Verizon's service after buying it. Of you want it to be an iPod alternative, go right ahead

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Totally gonna get one if it comes out for Straight Talk and if its around the same price and it won't run on Verizon's Network because where I live my coverage is only Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile. And Straight Talk runs on all Four Networks Gsm-AT&T, Gsm-T-Mobile, Cdma-Sprint, and Cdma-Verizon. So if it does come to Straight Talk It would be on any of the four networks just check the bottom left or right corner of the box and it will tell you if its GSM or CDMA which I would probably be getting AT&T or Sprint since I have have the best service with them. So Come on Straight Talk and bring on the MOTO G!!!!!!

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I have a feeling straight talk will not be selling one of these. If they sell a GSM version it would be the same price as Motorolas website. I suppose it's possible they'll sell a Sprint version.

Why not just buy one for Motorola's website and get a straight talk sim card?

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Buy one from Motorola, and stick a Straight Talk Sim card in it.
That said, if you are planning on using the T-Mobile Sim from straight talk, go with gosmart mobile. They don't have limitations on streaming like straight talk, and you get twice the high-speed data allowance (2.5 GB vs. 5 GB). If T-Mobile had good service where you live, go with gosmart.

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I don't think anyone cares about logos or branding on a budget phone, lol.

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There's no Verizon logo on the front. And since the backs are interchangeable, there's no Verizon logo on the back either.

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Note: I know a good number of people still using iPhone 4s and 4Ss on Verizon. They seem to be just fine on Verizon's 3G network.

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Woooooow!!!! That is one awesome price! My wife just picked up a Moto G a week ago as a Christmas present (she hated her Note II) and it runs like butter. Outside of a 'meh' camera the phone has been fantastic so far with her getting an average of 2 day battery life with no app crashes or any other issues. If I didn't love my HTC One so much I'd pick one up in a heartbeat.

I tried purchasing one of these damn things at a best buy in Washington and they could not get the register POS system after scanning the serial to input it and activate it so I could buy it! Anyone else having this issue? The mobile tech manager looked it up in the system and the street date was 12-30-13, WTF?

So he voided the initial activation but when i scanned my card and paid for it, it told him since it could not be activated serial or meid in POS system, that he had to void the transaction and return my money and not sell it. This was in Olympia, WA! I want one of these damn things so bad I can taste it!

WTH is up with it being sold early and verizon or bestbuy do not have it in the system to be pre activated?!?! anyone with ideas or knowledge?

Damn too late for me, just gave my mom some bread for a Breville juicer. Maybe Mothers Day Motorola.

I am currently on T-Mobile, which I have been impressed with; but I have to spend the summer in Leadville, CO for work. T-Mobile coverage up there seems pretty non-existent. This could be an option for the summer.

so does this HAVE to be activated in order for me to buy it? like could i walk into BestBuy and buy it and not activate it? could be a sweet "iPod" alternative since i dont want to carry around my Nexus 5 when mowing the lawn or working around the house.

With no LTE the big question in my mind is whether Verizon will let you sign up for the 25¢/min plan for voice and use wifi for data. If not, I suppose it could be used with voip as a wifi-only device. >:-)

Best Buy > took three different people to get mine bought. POS system wouldn't ring it up. Then after activation issues and 2 hours with tech. support the guy told me that they weren't suppose to sell them yet because the network software wasn't ready. I then read an article that said they were suppose to sell them after Jan. 9th.
He did give me the secret hand shake to get passed the activation screen:
Tap: upper left corner, upper right corner, lower right corner, lower left corner in that order fast. It took a few times before I got the right speed an locations.