Moto G Grip Shell Case

Nextel Mexico now carrying 8GB version for those interested

Rumors of a 'Moto G Forte' for certain markets started swirling last week, leading many to believe that a more rugged version of the budget phone was destined for Latin America. Motorola quietly took the wraps off of the phone today, confirming that the actual device is far less exciting — it's simply a Moto G with a rugged Grip Shell case pre-installed.

The Grip Shell case is available for pretty much any Moto G owner to buy and put on their own device already, but Motorola seems to think there's some marketing angle to having a tougher phone case right out of the box on the Moto G — at least in Mexico. The promo page shows off all of the same great points of the Moto G we've come to expect, including its quad-core performance, solid battery life and surprisingly-low price. Motorola is even throwing in 50GB of free Google Drive storage with a Moto G Forte purchase.

The Moto G Forte is on sale now from Nextel Mexico, with no clear indication that other operators will be picking up the device.

Source: Motorola (Spanish); Nextel Mexico (Spanish)

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Notajediyet says:

Moto just played the best April Fools joke on every tech blog out there!

Ry says:

Hahaha. Nice.

nicocassa1 says:

Is it "glued" or one can take it off ?

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neu smurph says:

It'll be user replaceable. The Moto G standard back cover, grip shell, and flip cover are all interchangeable. The user does need strong fingernails.

Hammad Sami1 says:

Anyone know where to buy the case only in Canada?

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Johnny Blake says:

Lol what a marketing gimmick. Why Mexico? Is there a history of "rugged" devices selling particularly well down there?

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pacoinurreta says:

Well, we want to protect the investment since most of the phones are twice the price of the USA market. So throwing down a rugged case "for free" is something nice,

machzk says:

Most of the phones Nextel sells are the rugged sort here in Mexico. Nextel is also favoured by many civil engineers, and general builders. It isn't surprising. It may have been a petition from Nextel.

miknxn says:



There's actually a reason behind that.

The Moto G in Mexico is sold exclusively on Telcel.

Seing as the moto G is the best selling moto smarthphone, maybe the moto G Forte is a wayto sell the moto G in other carriers without braking the agreement with Telcel.

pacoinurreta says:

This is by far the best answer somebody could come across for this "version".

MarkSeven says:


TheDu9du says:

They should do some Futbol themed ones, now that the World Cup is coming up soon..

moto Goooooaaaaal!

grooveaddict says:

I bought the moto G grip shell. It's colour is yellow and green. Go Brazil!.! ;-)

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mkdll says:

This is by far the funniest april fools joke.