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Motorola's budget wonder to start at AU$249 for the 8GB model

Motorola's Moto G has caused some serious waves since its introduction in late 2013, and now it seems finally our friends down under in Australia are set to get their hands on it, too. According to the folks at Ausdroid, the Moto G will go on sale on Tuesday January 21, with an RRP of AU$249 for the 8GB model. The Australian model also appears to be the dual-SIM variant. 

Motorola has been noticeably absent from Australia for some time now, so it's a welcome move to see the brand return there. While the Moto G isn't quite the star the Moto X has proved to be, on sheer value-for-money alone the Moto G is virtually untouchable. Ausdroid is advising that the Australian Moto G will be launching with Android 4.3, but with the update to Android 4.4 KitKat having already hit U.S. and European devices, we don't expect it to be too long before it makes it to Australian devices either. 

If you're still undecided, be sure to check out our full Moto G review to help make your decision. 

Source: Ausdroid


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Moto G finally landing in Australia on January 21


Dual SIM would be so awesome if it were available here in the USA! My wife carries two phones all the time, one for work and one for personal. An HTC One with T-Mobile frequencies and dual sim support would be the ultimate!!!!

Not a bad price at all. Might pick one up for my mum.

A 4.3" screen with a 2000mah battery sounds great. I know battery life is the one thing that annoys her with her current smartphone (Galaxy S2) so this should be better.