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UK Supermarket chain offering the Moto G for quite a bit less than competitors on its own network

The Moto G isn't exactly an over-priced Android smartphone as it is, but Tesco Mobile has already slashed the price down to just £99 for the 8GB version. That's a saving of £36 over list price for what frankly is already the best budget smartphone in town. 

The 16GB Moto G can also be had, and this one will cost you just £129. Better still, since it's being sold at Tesco, Clubcard points and vouchers can be gained and used by buying the Moto G here leaving a real possibility for an insane bargain as we head towards the holiday season. It'll be locked to Tesco Mobile, but at this price it's even harder to resist picking one up. Head on over to the source link for more and to buy your own. 

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Moto G available for just £99 on Tesco Mobile


In plain English? 99 quid for the 8 GB version, 129 for the 16 and you can use club card vouchers. Dunno how the article could be more clearly written to be honest.

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Ah, OK. In the UK the tax is already added to the in store price, what you see is what you pay. So £99 on the sticker is £99 (about $160) at the check out. A club card is just a store loyalty card. :)

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Maybe, but bear in mind tesco have eaten £36 so it could end up cheaper.

Incidentally, what I said above has a bit to do with why our prices are higher. Every price you see has already had 20% added over the US price, then the gouging happens. :(

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I got the 8 GB model for just £75 with a £15 staff Christmas voucher and my 10% staff discount.

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Awesome phone , awesome price, and yeah £2 unlocks on eBay, perfect Xmas pressie!

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Got one of these myself and I have to say that is unbelievable value for a really capable phone.

Been using it for a couple of days and it's quick, well built and has a good screen.

Only the camera is a little below par.

More than it'll cost to buy one from Motorola including getting it shipped over. IF you can get it shipped over :) And yes, Google will convert the currency for you ;-)

Might be able to get 2% cashbook via quidco to pay for the unlock

Only issue it is out of stock

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Is Tesco more supermarket or department store?

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

Supermarket, mostly groceries but want to sell EVERYTHING! Kind of like Walmart, but still a little more food oriented.

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Moto G, UK supermarket retailer Tesco Mobile offering just at £99 for the 8GB version exceptional price for Moto G.

I work in store for Tesco Mobile and can confirm these pay as you go prices. Tesco also triple your credit free of charge too so a real bargain if you dont want a contract! We only started selling it on Monday but have already sold loads. Seems like a great phone for the price.

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