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A quick heads up, folks, that Motorola's budget-friendly Moto G smartphone will be available on Boost Mobile starting Jan. 20. It runs just $129 on Boost's no-contract $55-a-month plan. You get 50GB of Google Drive space along with that, of course.

Boost's Moto G will launch with Android 4.3 but should get its Android 4.4 update shortly, Boost says.

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Moto G available Jan. 20 on Boost Mobile for $129


not necessarily and to be honest, I am not sure. I know that I have had them in several Verizon Phones, it was enclosed in my Sprint SGS3, and my Sprint Note 3 has one.

All they way back in 2010-2011 my Verizon Stratosphere had one...

I thought the sim for the SGS3 and the Note 3 was for LTE...The same is most likely true for the Stratosphere.

CDMA phones (3G) only use sim cards for international roaming, otherwise, you don't need one in the states and that's why most of them (Sprint and Verizon) didn't have them. Only global phones (like the Blackberry 8830, Bold, etc. had them). With 4G phones, sim cards (regular, micro, nano) are standard and depending on your provider, are sometimes sold unlocked so that you can buy it with one carrier and take it to another, simply by putting in a new sim card.

What you *actually* mean to say is that *some* CDMA phones have SIM card slots. CDMA, however, DOES NOT.

That's not me being pedantic. That's me pointing out that your statement is flat out incorrect and only leads to incorrect information being spread to others who might just take it at face value and assume it to be true/correct.

The majority of CDMA phones DO NOT have SIM card slots. A very small few do though and they're in the minority. Not too mention that they tend to be carrier locked. Unlike GSM phones, which DO use SIM cards and in general are for the most part not carrier locked. (Although there are exceptions to the rule, like with AT&T devices.)

Not trying to be rude or anything. I just really dislike it when people use their own personal anecdotal experience to generalize on stuff. Like I said, it leads to false information spreading.

My Razr M has a SIM, and if I take it out I can't make texts, calls, or use data. I don't know what that means, but it's true.

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I would be on contract right when prepaid is heating up. I would love to be with republic wireless with the Moto X or buy a moto G and be on att, this moto G on Boost is just as good.

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My contract with ATT ended recently, and I honestly think the nexus 5 will be the last smartphone I will purchase over $299.

My house caught on fire Sunday, my Galaxy s3 was in there, but it survived with a little smoke damage. Had it perished I would have gotten one of these

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Fortunately, Samsung phones are the most fire-resistant phones on the market today, period.

(but seriously, I hope your house and everyone in it are okay)

I just had the same question, so I chatted with Sprint:

Megan: Thank you for visiting Sprint. What questions can I answer for you today?
You: Can the prepaid Motorola Moto G be used on my postpaid account?
Megan: I will gladly assist you with your device question that you have today.
Megan: Yes, all of our Prepaid devices are eligible to be used with our agreement plans.

$55 per month is $25 more than my T-mobile plan thank you. Nokia Lumia 521 would make more sense financially for me as a budget phone.

I love T-Mobile, but you can't pretend the $30 plan works for many people. 100 minutes is not enough for most of us.

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He said "$55 per month is $25 more than my T-mobile plan" and I have no reason to believe otherwise. Why? Because I know it's a true statement for me, no matter what you pretend. :D

Ok. I jumped on his statement a bit. After all, he didn't say it was better for anyone but him. Mea culpa.

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T-Mobile has a $50. a month unlimited plan. My old 300 min. T-mobile plan also had about $10 in taxes that the $50 plan does not have!

If you visit the Boost Mobile page via the link above you will also see a $3/day unlimited plan listed in addition to the $55/month one. Pretty flexible too; from the site:

Recharge at least once every 90 days to keep your account active (after 90 days any credit balance will expire). Once you hit a zero credit balance, you have 60 days to add money and keep your service and account active.

I bought mine through HSN ($100 after rebate, still available as of Jan 14). I was already with Boost and upgraded from a Samsung Transform Ultra. I've been satisfied with the Moto G so far (as much as I can be with a key-less phone). Note that the rebate requires the phone to be activated for at least 45 days before they'll send the check.

Boost Mobile is no contract. The unlimited smartphone plan starts at $55/mo, but if you stay with them the price drops $5 a month every six months. So after 18 months the monthly fee will be $40.

awesome, first verizons version last week (which I got and love!) and now boost. more choice is awesome.

55 plan goes down every 6 months, until $40.00... you don't get any roaming on Boost Mobile...

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