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Sign up page goes live for live online announcement set for just over a week's time

Up until this point we were pretty sure the Moto G is a real thing, and today Motorola has outright confirmed that with a sign up page and an email in our inbox with a confirmed date for the announcement of the new device. Everything is set to go down on November 13, and interested parties can sign up now for the live online announcement. 

From recent leaks we're expecting the Moto G to be a more budget conscious offering in the Motorola stable, with a similar look to the Moto X but with trimmed down size and specs. A recent UK based leak suggested the Moto G might be hitting the market at just £135, which if true has us extremely interested. 

Whatever the Moto G turns out to be, we'll be following everything as it happens on November 13, so keep it locked to Android Central. 

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Moto G announcement set for November 13


Enter another budget device into the ring weighing in at 130 grams and the price of the showdown is £130 im sure this will stand up nicely to the rest of the budget devices out there. That said i would recomend just be patiant and save that bit extra and opt for the Nexus 5.

But if the budget is sqeezed then im sure that this will be reasonable.

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Some sites are predicting this to be almost free on contract. ATT just dropped the price of the moto maker Moto x to $100 now on contract. I'm curious to know if all the carriers will be dropping the price when the exclusivity is over for the Moto Maker by mid November.

Moto X was really low specced compared to most Android phones... They might struggle to keep up with user experience with even lower hardware.

And because, as far as user experience, Windows Phone slaughters Android on the low end. Windows Phone runs super smooth and stable on even the cheapest devices sold with it. As the third world becomes the biggest growth oppertunity for smartphones and more and more Americans go off contract, how your OS runs on a low end processor and 512 MB of RAM is going to become increasingly important.

Thats all well and good if you ignore the likely different architecture, likely different GPU, and the X's coprocessors. Or you could recognize that dual vs. quad isn't the end all be all performance measure. Snapdragon S4 dual cores slaughtered the quadcore Tegra chips of the same era.

Moto X is still a perfect device for me, regardless of this new phone. It'll either be lower spec with a smaller or lower res screen, or possibly better specs, but larger format making the phone physically too big. Honestly, who cares about specs when the X runs this damn smooth.

Unfortunately even though the X8 is spectacular and Motorola's optimizations with it are amazing, it doesn't stand up against the SD800 at all. The SD800 has the "always listening" audio feature (haven't really seen it used much yet) and the other features the X8 touts. It's more of a fine marriage between the X and Motorola. It's an excellent phone but sspecs DO matter man. Not always the advertised ones but they do. LG never advertised the drastic improvements in their display technology.. But it's there and gives a beautiful display (best in class) with less power consumption than others. Thats one example. Being able to play Dead Trigger 2 with the Tegra 4 mod without a single framerate drop is another plus.

Sure there X is great. It's smooth. For $99 on contract though you could get a phone that's for superior to the X and that's saying a lot for how nice the X is.

The G's specs matter even more. It doesn't run the awesome X8 archeticture. It will be a great device though as the specs are still worthy for being a "free" phone on contract. This won't see Verizon either. No LTE bands though.

-All your main points have nothing to do with the Moto G. I'm not even sure what phones you are referencing.
-If nobody is using the 'always listening' feature on the SD800 processor, then I guess you can't really compare how well it works with the X/Droids. Motorola did it with their own hardware and it works flawlessly.
-I have no reason to play crazy in-depth games on my phone. That's what a PS3 is for.
-Please find me a phone for $99 on contract with the SD800 processor. Or a phone that's better than the X for $99.

And for other people, no point in comparing the G to the Nexus 4 since they are all sold out. And now that we know this is a lower phone, there's no sense in comparing it to anything high end.

The Motto G Specs

4.5" 720p Screen

1.2ghz quad core proccessor

5mp Rear Camera

1.3mp Front Camera

Android 4.3 a bit odd seeing Google owns Motto. Some would expect to see 4.4 Kitkat perhaps.

So there you have it folks, but for that bit extra there are better offerings to be had.

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I don't care how much the specs have to be skimped on to keep price down, just have s decent camera. The X 10mp camera was already hit or miss, making this 5mp is like...ridiculous. It's like a gnex in 2013.

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Moto G is suppose to be Moto's answer to the galaxy s4 mini or htc one mini..with not LTE support or 8x core architecture if this is not less than $249 it will be a complete fail. THe Nexus 4 still best this device and you can get one of those brand new for $200 on swappa.

budget phone!! i thought they already had that with the Moto x, it just that they have the wrong price tag on it, uhm! mot x 599 they will probably price this at 499! one thing about Motorola is that they don't know how to read the market and price things accordingly.

I think Google's plan (via Motorola Mobile and to a lessor extent the Nexus line) is becoming more clear. To create a quality experience on specs that are not exactly spectacular. This will cost less than many phones on contract and it does not require a contract. So you pay under $200US and you get a decent phone without the noose around your neck. Boom, everyone gets to enjoy a good Android experience and a cheap plan. Everyone wins.

Theories that the G stands for "Global" are already out there. I think all the languages represented on the sign-up page bears this out.
An extremely affordable phone that can be sold in all countries could build Motorola brand in ways other companies have ignored.

No every phone has to be about satisfying the American spec hounds