Motorola Backflip

Speaking of the Motorola Backflip, it's now doing its whole contortion thing in an official video promo. Check it out after the break. (Warning: If you're the sort of person who has trouble thinking in three dimensions, gets sick in the backseat of a car or freaked out at the 3D showing of "Avatar," well, take it easy.) [Thanks to everyone who sent this in]


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Moto Backflip appears in video promo


It seemed like a dumb design to me at first. I was really skeptical about the keyboard flip design. However now I think it's kind of cool and really unique. It allows the back to be a stand, for additional trackpad and bigger speakers for watching videos on the go.

The keyboard, if I'm correct, seems to be made from a one piece hard rubber design and really durable. They say that it's more durable than anything before and is scratch resistant. if that's true then it'll be great since dust can't get into it like most other keyboards.

and also they added flash to a front facing camera, this allows user to do conference calling (where app is available, but since it's ATT probably blocked) which most smartphones this day and age should have.

I have a backflip. Its a mid range phone with 5 home screens. The keyboad is a 1 piece design. The cam is great and of course tons of apps. I recommend it for the first time droid users.