Moto Assist

If you're rocking a Motorola phone that supports Motorola Assist — that's basically the Moto X, Moto G and the new Droid phones — you've got an update waiting for you today. It's basically bugfixes and improvements, but one you'll want to get.

Here's the deal:

  • If you have audio issues with Drive Mode while connected to a Bluetooth device, you'll get a little troubleshooting help.
  • And if you're in an "available" meeting status, meeting mode won't fire off. (Which makes sense.)
  • Plus, more bug fixes.

Get the update at the link above.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


Reader comments

Moto Assist gets a couple bugfixes


Can they fix moto assist thinking that the name voice is me? I was using maps nav a few weeks ago and driving mode kicked on and tried to text the driving directions to people that were texting me.

Does the update give the driving nice functionality for the moto g? I heard that's only for the moto x and droids.

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I doubt the G will ever get Driving Mode functionality. The X and the DROID MINI/ULTRA/MAXX have the extra processor as part of the X8 Computer System that allows for Driving Mode within Assist.

That's too bad. Maybe someone will find a work around. Still excited to get my moto g tommorow.

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Maybe it will fix where it randomly reads my texts while not driving. Phil, I still can't seem to save AC articles to Pocket.

It fixed the problem some of us had where voice to text would not work over Bluetooth in driving mode. Can actually hear my messages and reply properly now.
Pick alternate audio in the Bluetooth troubleshooting section that's there now.

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