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One of the big unanswered questions with surrounding Android Wear devices relates their pricing. But today British outlet MobileFun says it has the first UK price details for Motorola's Moto 360, the circular wearable many have been salivating over since its announcement. And according to the retailer it'll cost £199. That's around the same as the UK price for Samsung's Gear 2 Neo, and a good bit cheaper than the full camera-toting Gear 2.

With recent rumors suggesting the LG G Watch could undercut Samsung's Gear smartwatches, it's looking increasingly likely that both Android Wear watches could arrive at competitive price points. That said, we'll have to wait on final pricing direct from Motorola and LG before it's set in stone.

As for what this means for U.S. pricing, a £199 price tag, less VAT, equates to around $280, so make of that what you will. And as always, take these tentative numbers with a pinch of salt until we hear the official word.

Source: MobileFun via Android Central forums; Thanks Ry!


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Moto 360 could cost £199 in the UK


Samsung's Gear 2 Neo, is $199 in US and can often be found cheaper (bought mine new for $149)

Same can be said of tech that gets older. At least we know that the moto 360 may not cost as much as we thought it could be. However, we don't know much about the device

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360 looks so much better, I think a lot of users will gladly pay a premium for a beautifully designed watch, that doesn't look like a toy.

Wear should also be a much better software option.

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Plus you don't have to have a Moto phone to use the 360, unlike the requirement of a Samsung phone for the Neo.

Open ecosystem all the way....

Either way I still think this is a reasonable price for this watch.
Cheaper is always better but there is a cut off point for reducing costs and delivering a quality product.
I eagerly await

So $300 or so in Canada plus tax. So $339 give or take? Nope. $199 max if it really is good and smaller than it looks for me.

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Yeah I don't need a smartwatch that bad. Sub 200 and I would have given serious thought

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Well international pricing is confusing £199 doesn't always equal $280. More than likely it'll be $199 or so. If not, the $249.99 from that contest.

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Rip of Britain again FFS. Can someone in the US buy on and ship it to me? It would work out so much cheaper.

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Actual in the market for a new watch with a £200 budget so this seems solid. Only worry is how long will this last, I have watches from 10 years ago still kicking around with just a battery change.

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If it stays under $300 and I can get three days plus battery life and I will probably be in. It looks good and Android wear function looks great. I'm okay with paying $100 more for looks. I think Phil would agree since he got a Pebble Steel that form is worth it as long as function remains the same or better.

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This which wear device I'll choose is becoming so much harder. I'm leaning closer to the. moto 360, but the LG G Watch is also somewhat interesting . Price will be the deciding factor.

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IF Android wear comes with some useful features not yet seen on smart watches, I would consider buying one at this price, but $250+ is just not worth the meager functionality that the current models provide. The Pebble comes close to to being worth the price, but it is just not there yet.

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I want a new watch that looks nice so maybe I'll wait for the 360.. It looks good. As for a regular rugged watch my G-Shock will do.

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For a story about the price of the watch, it's weird to burry the price in actual money all the way in the last paragraph. What is that in the headline, some kinda metric dollars? This is 'murka!

Yeah, you have to I really getting a 150.00 worth out of this?

Or is my cell phone or computer on my desk really doing it.

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