Arc HD

Another week, another 'Xperia Arc HD' leak. The latest batch of pictures showing the device codenamed "Nozomi" come from GSMArena, and are of considerably higher quality than what we've seen so far, showing the phone from quite a few different angles. The photos confirm the presence of a dedicated camera button and HDMI connector (just like the original Arc), along with a curious capacitive button setup. It seems that the phone's button labels sit below the screen in an illuminated cut-out area, while the capacitive area just above it consists of three glowing dots.

The original source also reports a familiar list of rumored specs -- a 4.3-inch, 720p screen powered by a 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon chip, with 1GB of RAM and 16 or 32 GB of internal storage, and no SD card slot. Camera-wise, GSMArena reports a 12-megapixel rear sensor, and we can see what looks like a front-facing camera above the screen, too. The phone's also said to be running Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread rather than the shiny new Ice Cream Sandwich, but that shouldn't surprise anyone given that the ICS source has been available for less than a month.

Hit the source link for the full compliment of photos from various angles. Hopefully we'll get to see more of the Arc HD (or whatever it's called) at CES or Mobile World Congress in the months ahead.

Source: GSMArena


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More 'Xperia Arc HD' photos leak, along with rumored specs


Another phone with no sd card slot. I hope that these companies aren't under the impression that this is a direction to be followed with the majority of new releases.

this lets "Copy apple" trend of selling multiple varients of the same phone with varying storage options and removing the sd card slot is pissing me off.
Passed on the Nexus S and will pass on the Galaxy Nexus because of it aswell.
Oh, lets not forget the non removable battery. I was so hyped about this phone until those 2 bits of info were rumored.....

Ugly phone.What happened to the ARC's graceful curves?I guess Sony has decided all it's new phones should look like their DVD players.

That honestly looks like a pain to hold. Try putting that thing in your hand without it stretching out your hand or jabbing you with one of it's razor corners.

Sony used to be a leader in Smartphones but that was long ago. The 4.3" boat sailed in 2010. No microSD and knowing Sony you will never see Ice Cream Sandwich.

It is as big as a Galaxy Nexus but only 4.3".


Finally a site that I go to that mentions the fact that it has only been a month since ICS source code has been out after complaining about the device not having ICS. Seriously why don't people understand why it takes a while to develop. Yes they can just put it in clean but if they want to keep the UI experience the same between OS versions, they will probably make some changes be it good or bad and whether the blog writer likes it not.

so you removed the best thing about the arc?

its physical buttons?

and a micro cd card? are you crazy sony? is this your new fresh take on overtaking Ericsson cuz... this is BS.

I hope this isnt like HTC's trend a few years back when they refused to put 3.5mm jacks on any of their phones. Asking 600 bux for a smartphone i need a damn adapter to listen to mp3s?