Samsung Galaxy Alpha

We just recently saw our first look at the purported Galaxy Alpha, and now a new set of pictures and more details have emerged that give us a better indication of just what this device is. New clear pictures from SamMobile show off the Galaxy Alpha next to the known quantity that is the Galaxy S5, confirming that the Alpha is indeed a smaller device with a slightly different look.

The Galaxy Alpha reportedly has just a 4.7-inch display, and one that's similar to what shipped on the Galaxy S3 — though the details of resolution and technology aren't known at this point. That's going to be paired up with 32GB of storage but no SDcard slot, according to the leak, and the Alpha will retain the fingerprint scanner found on the S5. The body is indeed made out of metal — reportedly aluminum — but the back is the same textured plastic as we've seen on the Galaxy S5 already.

It seems that the Galaxy Alpha may not be the ultra-high-end Galaxy S5 replacement that many had hoped, but instead a metal-clad simplified version of the phone with a smaller screen that could appeal to a different set of users. Now that doesn't mean an all-out "Prime" style device isn't in the works — it just seems the Alpha isn't it.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

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More Samsung Galaxy Alpha details emerge: This may not be the Prime you're looking for


I guess this will be answer to the iPhone (4.7), and perhaps the Prime will go after the 5.5 iPhone.

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I was about to say. Samsung doesn't need to "address" the 5.5" iPhone. The iPhone 5.5" is being created to "address" the popularity of the Note series. Apple still believes that screen size is the *only* reason people are choosing Android.

Apple never wanted to create the 5c and it was a half assed attempt.They were not interested in selling it.Its still among the top 5 in all carrier sales tho and the 5s is at the very top

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Apple never wanted to create the iPhone 5C yet they created it. Apple was not interested in selling it yet they sold it.
I'm afraid you lost me. Perhaps you might have a link to reference these claims because I'd love to read these claims first hand.

I actually do not know that it will. I think it may be too big of a jump from what they have now. The 4.7 will crush things, not sure about the 5.5

Sure, because people who are either locked into the Apple ecosystem, have drank the kool-aid, or have been brainwashed by marketing will have no choice as to which model they buy. Android as an OS, however, outsells iOS 3 to 1.

Pure speculation on my part, but given the smaller size, a screen that is "similar to that on the Galaxy S3", and lack of an SD card, could we be seeing a high quality but lower priced device? Maybe one that could line up well in an Android Silver-esque lineup?

I was hoping this, even though I feel like I read that Silver is a 2015 thing. But maybe that's why there is no GPE S5 yet...

It makes sense. There may be some average consumers that think, hey I like big screens and android, but the galaxy s5 I just too big for me.

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Yeah, plus this thing has 32gb of internal storage, so it's already a step up from the S5, as far as I'm concerned. A friend of mine uses some root solution to mirror folders on an SD card. I'm getting too old for that shit :P

The s2 was my favorite Samsung design. I was sooo jealous back then that the us never got the original outside of at&t...

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I think that's a good thing, the s2 was an amazing phone (I had an Orange branded one for two years). Imagine the same phone with a 1080p screen, modern internals and a better build quality. It would be a great phone!

Exactly. I hate this mentality of "bigger is better" with cell phones that has resulted in bulky, oversized devices uncomfortable to hold and impossible to store in your pocket.

I'd be all over this size... but the lack of the fundamental, basic feature of an SD card slot means no sale. That was a HUGE screw-up.

What is the screen size of your device? I'm assuming smaller than 4.7 since you're bemoaning the "bigger is better" mentality.

confirmed: sammy just can't match the quality of design of HTC. hideous design (that thick metal fringe resembles the first iphone from 2007) coupled with the bandaid back is not something i am particularly looking forward to.

They can. They choose not to. They sell millions and millions of phones the way it is because of their huge marketing budgets. And as long as people keep buying the plastic stuff, they will keep selling the plastic stuff.

Why take their costs from say $200 per phone to $225-$250 per phone and sell for the same unlocked price and reduce their margins? If people buy the phone that costs them $200 to make for $600+, there's no reason to raise their costs to $225-$250 per phone and make the same $600+.

I don't own Samsung or HTC so I don't have a horse in the running here. But I think Samsung fanboys are great in their defense of Samsung when Samsung is sticking it to them by using cheaper materials. I have no company allegiances nor should most of you. You should expect and demand more from Samsung or buy HTC, Motorola, or LG and vote with your wallet.

When Samsung is finally forced to do better, they will. But they can do whatever they want right now.

I don't know about Samsung being able maintain with plastic. The almost year old iPhone 5s just crushed the recently released all plastic Samsung S5 in sales this past May, the Samsung S5's first full month on the market, 7 million to 5 million. 8 month old phone outsells 1 month old phone. Samsung is in trouble.

well at least sammy's phones dont have a ridiculously ugly front design. oh but wait, htc got front facing stereo speakers, omg everyone needs that.

in the wrong direction. I drop a samsung/LG phone and crack the back. I spend 10$ and it is good as new. I drop the HTC One, and it is damaged beyond repair.

Go check the drop tests.

That's why I laugh when people act like the M7/M8 are so premium. Do people actually think HTC uses good aluminum? Hell no, they'd be deeper in the red than they already are.

I could wrap an S5 in aluminum foil and it would be about as "premium". XD

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You've been confirmed wrong. But the fact that not everyone cares about gimmicky "premium feeling". Samsung can easily match HTC in terms of design and they do.

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Exactly! A display size of 4.7-5.0 inches with accompanying form factor is the sweet spot. Apple knows it.

While the LG G3 is trouncing Samsung's S5 in their home country primarily because the Galaxy has become stale, a full featured smartphone like the iPhone 6 with a 4.7 inch display form factor will be insanely popular. Apple is gearing up to manufacture 75 million units.

Phablets satisfy a niche market.

Yeah OK. Apple will sell that many units without a doubt, but when all is said and done, the s5 will have outsold the G3 by a margin of at least 3 to 1

I love the G3 I am using but it is nothing all that big over the S5. I know you hate Samsung but come on let's be real

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at least lg doesnt put bullshit software and bulk software on their phones... i have the g3, and it doesnt lag at all... while i know 3 different people who own the s5 and everyone says it lags sometimes. a 2014 flagship should be able to run without lags...

I have both in front of me, the LG lags as much as the S5. It is not as bad as the preproduction reviews but it is there. Even the AC review says it is no better nor worse than the S5.

The G3 is a great phone, but it lags/stutters

activate ART :P i've never had stutters in those almost 4 weeks i have it (activated ART on the first day)

Would your typical consumer do that? No, especially since it is still not where it needs to be.

You might as well be saying "root it and remove the bloat"

Just because you think the software is bullshit doesn't mean jack shit. Maybe you should pull your self-righteous head out of your ass before you post here again. ;)

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In May the 8 month old IPhone 5S, with its little 4" screen, crushed the new Samsung S5, with its 5.1" screen, 7 million to 5 million. Doesn't look like Apple needs a bigger screen to compete with Samsung. It's demolishing Samsung with a much older device with a much smaller screen. Numbers never lie.
But adding a larger screen comparable to Samsung's will give the big screen craving general public no reason not to flock to the Apple, thus leaving Samsung dead in the water. Other than techie folks, the mass market would no longer have a reason to stay with Samsung or Android.
With the little screen, old iPhone 5s beating the much newer, bigger screen Samsung S5, already, I can only imagine the carnage come this fall when the larger iphones drop. It's gonna be ugly for Android.

Why are you guys under the assumption that because the screen is smaller and it isn't full on metal that the specs won't match the s5? I see no reason a Snapdragon 801/05 can't be put in this bad boy and win some people over. The fingerprint scanner alone has me feeling it'll at least be the 801.

If they could match the s5 while making the base storage 32GB with all the screen tech of it predecessor with the same 2800mah battery and ip certification I'd buy this phone over any phone in the current market. Especially since I've been hanging tooth and nail on to my Moto X until the iPhone 6, Note 4, G3, and BB Passport hit the scene together so I can pick my favorite of the bunch.

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Considering I came from a 4.3" RAZR maxx, this might have been tempting if it had come out around the same time as the S5 (assuming similar internal specs). I was initially worried about the size increase when I upgraded, but I've definitely gotten used to the S5. I really don't think I want flagships to get any bigger though.

It's still a very attractive phone and I think the users it asks at will be very happy with it.

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Currently using Galaxy Alpha. It's actually alto nicer than what most of youguys think.
As a Note series user, smaller screen on Alpha actually feels great in hand. XD. Sad Alpha is not for all carriers. :(

BS -- Post proof in the forum. Pictures of the info screes and everything else.

The Alpha is not out yet so put your money where your mouth is

Exactly.It's not out yet. I have it for testing purpose. I can't post proof bc I dont want to get caught. But tell you two things. It comes with 4.4.4 and is only for ATT.
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I'm fine with the smaller display. My S3 display is big enough. Not sure about the lack of an SD card, though. I find that rumor hard to believe.