Samsung Vibrant 4GSamsung Vibrant 4G

We just got slipped a slew pics of the upcoming Samsung Vibrant 4G, the follow-up to T-Mobile's Galaxy S-class Android smartphone. As in the other leaks we've seen, it looks rather (and unremarkably) unchanged from its predecessor, save for a more silvery look and a front-facing camera. We also get our first look at the side of the device and -- you guessed it -- just like the original Vibrant. We're also told it's still running Froyo, and we're really not expecting it to launch with Froyo -- which at this point is still unofficially set for Feb. 23.

Check out the other pics after the break. Thanks to you know who.

Samsung Vibrant 4GSamsung Vibrant 4G


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No flash, ridiculous and pathetic. Don't care if it is needed for quality pictures or not, at night it always makes a great flashlight. Any top phone with a quality camera must have a flash for camera. This is not the kind of phones I think T-Mobile needs to be getting, get us Tegra powered phones or many many customers will go where they can get them.

We're also told it's still running Froyo, and we're really not expecting it to launch with Froyo

So they are going to have Gingerbread at that point or what?

why would they not add a flash in there.....i mean it doesnt matter for me cause im on sprint and just got an EVO....but for all of our t-mobile users, and new users to come....i just dont get it....there pawning this off as 4G, and as a high-end android, but no flash, and maybe no froyo....cant say that any previous VIBRANT users will be running for this on the day of its release

Definitely not a must have for us current Vibrant owners running Froyo. Front facing camera and overrated 4g..........big deal.

I don't really get the point of this. Isn't the Galaxy S2 supposed to be announced at MWC in a few weeks? If that's the case than this phone and the vibrant are both instantly obsolete. This is what scares me. I am a TMOB user and a Nexus One owner. I'd LOVE to swap my N1 for something with a larger/nicer screen, definitely more internal storage, and HSPA+ compatible. So the Vibrant 4G would have been GREAT had it launched at the same time as the G2. But now with the next batch of phones coming out it seems a bit pointless. This makes me worry that we won't see a Galaxy S2 on TMOB until at least the summer. By then who knows what else will be out. I guess the only hope is that The next LG Optimus phones will come to T-Mobile. The problem though with that is by then the screen will be small and low quality to the next gen super amoled in the Galaxy S2. What to do as a TMOB user?

Well i really do like the back and the color of the phone, but i dont get why they can't just upgrade the original vibrant to optimize tmobiles 4G..alot with froyo its the same thing. Hmmmm.

Apparently Samsung learned nothing. Still no flash, the power button still in the odd spot lower than you expect on the side. i doubt much internals changed. Probably no notification LED

"We're also told it's still running Froyo, and we're really not expecting it to launch with Froyo"

Not expecting it to launch with FroYo, but promises of it. Wow, sounds familiar, like THE ORIGINAL VIBRANT! stupidass samsung.

Well without the flash, seems like my next phone will be the mytouch 4g. Way to do nothing for us T-Mobile users Samsung.

You know what I am looking at this and I just can not wait to get my hands on this phone... 3.5G, Front Facing Cam these are the things I have thought the Vibrant has been lacking, that and support from the Carrier and the Manufacture an Update to the Firmware in a reasonable amount a time, a GPS that actually know where I am at half the time.

Ok ok there is not one thing here that would make me walk away from my Vibrant to just with another piece of Beta Hardware. Maybe the GS2 will feel more like a production platform phone then the GS line ever did but it is going to take a lot to wash this bad taste out of our mouths when it does come out.

yuck...the back covers on tmobile devices are fugly. I hope they don't give the optimus 2x an ugly square bezel around their camera !