HTC Evo Shift 4G

We're likely just a few days away from the unveiling of the HTC Evo Shift 4G, and we're getting about the best look at it yet, courtesy of our pals at CellPhone Signal. And along with more renders (you can catch them at the source link), ol' T-Marco reportedly has the full specs. We'll skip what's in the box and bring you the highlights:

  • 3.7-inch touchscreen
  • Android 2.2 Froyo
  • Wimax-capable
  • 8GB microSD card included
  • Dimensions: 4.63x2.3x0.47 inches
  • Weight: 4.6 ounces
  • 8MP camera with dual flashes
  • FM radio

Needless to say, we know of a few people who are excited about a full QWERTY slider on Sprint by a manufacturer that doesn't rhyme with "Ramrung." And it's nearly here, folks. It's nearly here. [CellPhone Signal] More in the Evo Shift 4G Forums!

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rem_kujawa says:



It's looks ok

Coolaaron88 says:

This picture makes this phone look amazing

The normal EVO is better

crxssi says:

That completely depends on one's needs and priorities. If a physical keyboard is higher priority than a large screen, then the Evo Shift is absolutely better. For everyone else, dream of the Evo 2.

BBooDad says:

looks like a step down from the Samsung Epic! (But hopefully without the buggy Samsung file system and software, so will be easier to upgrade than the Epic, of which mine is still awaiting official Froyo; thank-goodness to the ROM'ers for ext4 and OS upgrades sooner!)

enzofall says:

This is in no way a step-down from the epic...froyo, better processor, better camera...please explain how that's worse? I don't wanna sound mean but everyone is hating on this phone when truly if they researched its a g2 for Sprint and the g2>epic and Evo spec wise...

crxssi says:

The camera is not better. And the screen is much smaller. To me, the screen size is very important. So to those who want the large/grand Evo screen experience, it is most certainly a step down. Not sure why some people don't understand that.

Now, if you really want/need a physical keyboard, then this phone is going to be great.

JaeeMorales says:

The camera is way better! Idk what your talking about, the dual LED flash.makes it 10x better then the epic. I have the evo I'm writing this with my evo & the only problem with a smaller screen is its hard to type on a small virtual keyboard but that's gonna be no problem with the qwerty keyboard! & the epic build quality feels cheap. The evos feels good almost like metal

crxssi says:

Sorry, I thought you meant the camera was better than the [true] Evo. That's what I get for posting when I am tired :) I misread the OP as "Evo" not "Epic".

igobyzach says:

"8MB microSD card included"

I sure hope you meant 8GB Phil!

thomashedd1 says:

Is that a D pad on the lower right hand corner?

weehooherod says:

Yes it is.

boobie1292 says:

you missed where they wrote theres also a front camera

rpankoe says:

yep, they didn't provide the specs on the front camera yet, but it says that it's got it!!

vgsantiago says:

if they could have moved the home, menu, etc... buttons more towards the bottom I'm guessing this could have been a 3.9 or maybe even a 4 inch screen

yeah there is alot of room to increase the screen size to atleast 3.9 or even 4 inches

hmmm says:

If it is true that this is just a rebranded G2, Desire Z or Merge all those phone have a lot of bezel at the bottom as well. There must be something in there that prevented them from doing that.

freezebreeze says:

How come the AM is as big as the numbers on the clock? if it was running froyo wouldn't the AM be smaller??

shiftat9000 says:

With an all new 256 color display :p

WhitePhone says:

Front Camera? Processer speed?

Coolaaron88 says:

If it has 4G, im assuming it has 1Ghz processor

weehooherod says:

800mHz processor. It's a beast though. Check out how the G2 performs.

Dark Phoenix says:

According to many people the processor is 800mhz, but since it is a new generation it is faster. And can be over clocked to over 1.5ghz.

boobie1292 says:

yes it does have a front camera

It has a front facing camera? None of the pics so far show this.

tim242 says:

The front facing camera is plain to see, to the left of the earpiece. I have pointed that out since the first leaked pic. HTC puts the LED in the earpiece, not that this camera even looks like an LED.

boobie1292 says:

Yup it is and click the source it days it to

hmmm says:

I have not seen a dual flash on the back, looks like 1 LED back there.

Also, I am surprised it is an 8MP camera. Until now it has been stated that it would be a 5MP. Also, any confirmation whether it is a front camera or not? So far all we have is speculation.

Edit - Ahh, I see according to the site it says front camera, yay! Although, I suppose until Sprint releases the specs anything is possible.

hmmm says:

Wow, only .02 inches thicker than a nexus one. That's like a half a millimeter. That's pretty amazing considering it has a keyboard.

crxssi says:

Yeah, when I took their thickness measurement and compared it to a [real] Evo, it was kinda shocking they managed to keep it that thin!

Dark Phoenix says:

I believe you mean 8GB, 8MB seems very tiny. Looks nice any reso specs 800x480?

weehooherod says:

Yes 480x800.

eh...i'm happier with my Evo and its larger screen size.
the only way i'd get this is if HTC made it overtly clear that they had fixed any battery issue AND a gave it a higher resolution front facing camera.

hmmm says:

The smaller screen and newer, lower clocked processor pretty much guarantee better battery life. Although we will have to wait to see how much better.

cesarb says:

Ugliest phone I have ever seen....

Coolaaron88 says:

Most misguided comment I have ever seen.

reverepats says:

also on the source's website the other specs say it has a dual flash on the back, but when you look at the other photo's of the device, there is a photo that shows the back of it, and it doesn have a dual flash on the back. not saying the source isnt reliable but maybe those photos could be from a early build. or it could be a mistake too.....

SanGo says:

Why no ffc resolution?

AnnDroid says:

After having a 4.3" display, I couldn't go back to a small screen like this.

Second to that.... Cant go back to smaller screen

tim242 says:

@AnnDroid: You are so right! I have the Evo. I switched to Verizon to be on a family plan. I tried the Incredible, but couldn't handle the smaller screen. Tried the X, hated Motorola. I missed my screen, and I missed HTC. So, I opted to stay with Sprint and my Evo. The new HTC LTE from VZW might win me over. I will see what Sprint has in store. But, I am still perfectly happy with the Evo, so who knows.

johnner1999 says:

I assume since it has QIK loaded on it - a FFC is going to be there - no?

pDoG says:

I don't know what else that little dot could be other than a camera, but it just looks so small to be one. The g2's led is in the earpiece and there is not ffc. Idk what that could be..I wish my g2 had a 8mp camera

crxssi says:

The dot is no smaller than the FFC on the [real] Evo. Yes, it is a camera. (As others have pointed out- it has a FFC in the specs. And HTC has a habit of putting the LED's hidden in the earpiece.)

moises1204 says:

sprint just do not know how to pick a nice phone, sprint suck.

"Sprint suck". What's up caveman

FFC = good. Camera sounds great. Just need confirmation it has gorilla glass and I am all in on launch date. Seriously, if in 2011 they are selling a phone that needs an added screen protector because they didn't care enough for the consumer then = no buy.

BlaqkAudio says:

If you take care of your phone, then you won't need a screen protector, GG or not.

babybear293 says:

i'd rather be safe than sorry. you can take care of your, but you can't stop the INEVITABLE from happening. i have a screen protector on my screen & i'm glad do, just in case.

Gorilla Glass, like other hardening processes makes the glass much more brittle. While it's great to protect against scratches, it also increases the chance that the screen will shatter or break if dropped.

Choice -- get the one that suits you best.

tim242 says:

That dot that is the FFC on this phone is the same size as the one on the Evo. It's there. Accept it! : )

jelly roll says:

there isnt the new sense looking from the picture

slayerpsp says:

Just might be my wife's new phone she has a pre and likes it but its not android

deaofly says:

Why can't HTC put 8gb built in, god my wifes Evo is so low on built in memory thanks to Google not Forcing apps2sd on the devs. With apps and games up to 10mb they need to start doing something about that. Until HTC put in at lease 8gb into there next gen Sprint phone I sure won't be buying another one.

weehooherod says:

The ROM is what you're worried about. The 8gb of internal memory in the Verizon Incredible is basically just a memory card, it doesn't store apps to it unless the application has apps2sd support built in. I've got 100 applications on my Evo and it pisses me off when they automatically move to my sd card. I still have 100mb of internal free, might as well keep everything internal to keep performance up.

Looks like a winner for Sprint. They have a really strong Android lineup now.

noszero says:

HTC Sense working in landscape mode on home screen? My EVO wouldn't do that...maybe HTC finally listened to us? Nah just Photoshop prolly lol.

weehooherod says:

Root your phone, you'll be able to do it.

BlaqkAudio says:

They've had Sense running in landscape after the release of the Desire Z and Desire HD.

babybear293 says:

this phone is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

kentusmc says:

Look a smaller epic 4g

Naw. It has Froyo :p


cool cant wait to see the first hands on video. Nice pic of the phone too. A 4" screen would have been nice though like the Epics.

Looks pretty neat, but I see some empty space below the Android keys and at the edges of the keyboard that HTC Could've used to make this phone's screen 3.8". Other than that, though, this phone looks amazing!

tim242 says:

It would be as big as the Evo and Epic if it had a 4" screen.
The Epic is actually bigger than the Evo, even though the Evo has the bigger screen.

crxssi says:

>"It would be as big as the Evo and Epic if it had a 4" screen."

And that is a bad thing? Again, it depends on what you want. Just because you might want a physical keyboard doesn't mean you necessarily want a smaller phone & smaller display.

tim242 says:

True. However, you have the Epic for that. I think this phone is geared toward people that want a smaller phone. It just happens to have a keyboard.

tim242 says:

If your Evo is running out of internal memory, you have waaaaaaaay too damn many apps installed. Just sayin.

crxssi says:

Probably. But also there is the option for many apps to be stored on the SD card... so take that option!

NSXLA says:

I wonder if the keyboard on this one will slide out just like the g2

I hope its a solid tough phone.

According to speed tests done, even with Froyo this processor is slower than the Hummingbird. Howeer, the numbers are so close and HTC's phone are programmed better, so I'm gonna trade my Epic for this when I get a chance and find someone on Craigslist. This is my first Samsung device, so I learned my lesson on their aweful support. The only phone I'd purchase from them now is a strictly Google phone like the Nexus S

.46caliber says:

I really like where HTC is headed. They're taking the 1 on every carrier strategy that Sammy did, but to the next level. A top notch 3.7 slider on multiple carriers, G2, Evo Shift, and Merge and full screen 4.3 inchers, Evo, Thunderbolt. I expect we'll see more in the next 6 months. They're really wanting the king of Android handsets title.

nice spam? nice reaction time on deleting it!

the date on the screen says january 3rd. weird.

Nice catch. Probably doesn't mean anything, and just the marketing people torturing all the people on the web dying for info :p

HTC and Sprint did a great job keeping this one a bit of a mystery for a while.

NSXLA says:


Mikey47 says:

I hope it has a nice metal body like the G2. I hate the Epic because if feels so "cheap".

BlaqkAudio says:

Even if it is plastic, HTC does a good job of making their phones feel solid (for the most part).

NSXLA says:

Considering the weight listed in the specs, its going to be plastic built and many of you are going to complain about it feeling cheap. =]
The keyboard is one of the ugliest i have seen on a phone, oh well as long as its practical.

allie0 says:

Yes keypad is not that good. But rest it looks fine to me.

Allie @ iPhone Development

svargas05 says:

Thanks for your input, Allie.

Now we know how to find you :)

hmmm says:


joba78 says:

Who decided to break up the materials used for the speaker and the rest of the front fascia?! Ruins the whole look for me...Oh well, I love my EVO!

Whats wrong with the keyboard?

sadly there is no front facing camera. here are the official pics of the phone and its packaging.

HTC made an announcement about the availabilty of this phone on Facebook today. Drops 1/9/11 @ $149.99

Here's the official announcement page from Sprint:

No mention of a front camera.....Damn!