Motorola Xoom 2

Just the other day we were presented with a new image of the unannounced Motorola Xoom 2, and yesterday This is my Next and Engadget leaked just about everything except for a working model. It seems there will be two different variations of the Xoom 2, one standard edition and one "Media Edition", which will be a tad smaller. 

The Motorola Xoom 2 will allegedly sport a 10.1-inch display and with a thickness of 9mm, just .2mm thicker than the iPad2. Other specs apparently include a 1.2GHz dual core processor of some description, and 1GB of "faster" RAM. Apparently the device will record 1080P video, have the ability to stream Netflix HD, and be the first tablet to ship with Adobe Flash 11 support. It's also said to have an IR blaster built in, which could tie in with some of the Android at Home stuff we've seen in the past. Battery life apparently remains around the 11-hour mark.

Now onto the Motorola Xoom 2 "Media Edition", which reportedly has an 8.2-inch HD IPS display, and is aimed to be an "e-reader replacement". Like the Motorola Xoom 2, this device will have an on-board IR sensor and subwoofer, which makes sense for a media-focused tablet. Could this be the blurry-cam device we saw the other day?

And while we're in full-on speculation mode, could that be a Droid RAZR in the reflection of the shot above?

Source: This is my Next (1) (2) / Engadget


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Latest Motorola Xoom 2 leakage outs specs and 'media edition'


Really? What makes it more appealing? If they price it for more, or the same as the iPad (like the last one), it will sit on shelves like the last Xoom,even if Ice cream Sandwich is on it.

I was assuming that the newest xoom would get a facelift - become more aesthetically appealing. I was merely commenting on the cosmetics because I like a balance of utility and design.... the last xoom IMHO is ooogly but the guts/specs looked are great.

I am thoroughly enjoying my Asus Transformer for the time being :-)

I'm one of those finger raisers. I wouldn't have any more moto / v crap if they gave it away. Where are the ambulance chasers waving their class action lawsuit reams of paper when you need them? haha