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The HTC One M8 hasn't been out for all that long, but that doesn't mean it's not too early for the variants to start coming. The "M8 Ace" leaked out in pictographic style in early April, but haven't learned much about it since then. Until now.

Engadget is reporting that the M8 Ace will have a plastic unibody design (something like a cross between the aluminum-bodied One M8 and the plastic shell HTC Desire 610). That plastic body will include a 5-inch 1080p display (like the HTC One M8) with a 2..5GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor.

Those specs actually rival the Samsung Galaxy S5, which if true would be rather interesting. More interesting is the pricing that Engadget is reporting: CN„3,000 (about US$480).

The strategy here would be an interesting one. HTC last year released the Butterfly S with a plastic body and higher specs than the One M7 of that year, but it wasn't positioned as a lower-cost alternative to the flagship.

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More HTC 'M8 Ace' details emerge, indicating plastic build and lower price


Chinese Yuan, actually. We added "CN" to the front to clear up confusion. Either way, $480 in Japanese Yen is about ~49,000 yen.

So its plastice and it has a .1 smaller screen but the same chip set? That's all that changes?

I'd guess there would be more then that. Maybe no front facing speakers and no second back camera?

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Sounds to me like it will be a small step up on the chip set, if it's to be at 2.5 Ghz. The M8 is clocked at 2.3 GHz.

The screen size matches the M8 at 5.0"

M8 has a 2.5 GHz chipset in the Asian market, the 2.3 ghz is for the US. Not sure why they did that in the first place though.
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I want an M8 but the price is really holding me back currently. I dont like carrier models and dont want to be in a contract. The release of one a couple hundred less if done wight may be a way to tempt me away from the One+ 1 I am now looking very close at!

Ohhhh boy!!! People are going to freak out cause it's made of plastic! Bring on the nervous break downs, ohhhhh boy!!!

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One SV, WP 8X/S, Droid DNA, Butterfly, and One X says that you are spot on.

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The M8 had two big gripes, too slick and camera. So the M8 Ace fixes the "too slick" problem.....AND its cheaper?
I smell a verizon exclusive.

Would this be available in the us though? It seems like the value of this would be best appreciated in markets that usually buy handsets out right.

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you dont think that people in the US would flock to a handset with flagship specs at a lower cost just because its plastic?

You can get this s5 (made of plastic) or you can get this M8 (made of plastic) with all the same specs, a MUCH better and smother user experience and for $200 less. doesnt matter if you buy a phone out right or not. For TMO users (who basically buy a phone outright but make payments) this is a no brainer. Even carriers that subsidies the phones still would be able to offer this for free or $50 - $100 vs $200-300 for the s5.....

and butterfly was never meant to be general release device anyway.
you could get one in uk,but only if you bought it from importers.
was almost tempted myself,if had had cash spare,i would have got,saw original butterfly screen and drooled.
rest of it was'nt bad either.

Would just be shooting themselves in the foot if it had a big US release. Everyone who wanted an M8 with a case would get this and save $ and HTC would lose profit

Depends on the profit margin and the volume of sales. They'd reach a new market and gain more market share possibly gain a lot in profits.

If you can lower your price, make a smaller margin, and get the market share they need from Samsung without starting a price war they would actually have made an awesome move.

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This phone will be an epic failure in the US. The tech geeks won't want it because it's not made out of metal and the other 99.5% still won't care. Htc needs to stop listening to the tech community and start figuring out what the 99.5% actually want. The M8 UI is literally black and white.

You obviously haven't used sense 6 if you think it is black and white. You actually have several choices now and the default isn't even black and white anymore.

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I just used it today. The application drawer is black, the dialer is black, the settings menu is black and white and the onscreen buttons, which were there for almost every app, are also black. Of all the people I know I'm the only tech geek and I'm telling you that the vast majority of people have no interest in a UI that looks like Sense. HTC needs to figure that or quickly before it's too late.

You're very wrong. I'm a tech geek and Sense is my favorite non-Nexus skin. I think HTC has done a great job simplifying the UI and providing value added functionality.

I still don't understand the obsession with metal phones. I have an M7 and my least favorite thing about it is the metal body. I'm probably going to switch to my wife's old iPhone 5c because it feels so much better in my hand. I will miss the BoomSound.

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I was thinking it would crack me up if this thing sold like hotcakes compared to the M8. It would teach everyone a lesson about building a phone for tech site glamour.

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I like the solid feel of a metal phone in my hand versus the creaky sounds and feel of a plastic device. Kind of like the way I like the solid feel of my Volvo compared to the not so premium feel of my Mustang. There's a place for both but the feel in hand I get from my m8 is much more satisfying than that of my Note 2........and its important to me because it is one of the few pieces of technology I carry around everywhere practically all day long.

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What plastic phone creaks? I prefer the premium feel of my M8 and 5s over any plastic device. But I have never heard "creaky sounds" from any galaxy device. Sounds like an over exaggeration.

Is it a 8gig model? The IPhone 5C is a toy and a con job. A repackaged Iphone 5 with fruity colours to attract preteens.

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So same spec as m8? So people are paying extra $ for plastic casing? Do peOple know that aluminum
Cost $1700/ton versus $3400/ton of polycarbonate? Want their flagship made of plastic also so was
Iphone 3s? What's up with metal phones in these communities?
I just don't get how writer says it has same spec as s5, u meant m8?

thats the best phone i like it .
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I would actually prefer this. They should sell it in the States. The Desire is pretty nice but a little too big.

But will it have Qi? It was reported the only reason it wasn't in the M7 or M8 is due to interference from the metal body. Including it would be a definite perk. Though, to be honest, I am looking forward to the next One Max (I like big builds and I cannot lie). Hopefully that One will have Qi. After investing in so many wireless chargers, the beauty of them is that they aren't device specific, I would like to keep using them.

Being a diehard HTC fan, I think that single utility is hurting their sales among the "gotta do it all" crowd of shoppers -- which seems to make up a large population here.