Android Market - Paypal

It's been kind of an poorly kept secret that the Android Market is about to accept PayPal for purchasing apps -- and the official announcement is likely this week at PayPal's dev conference in San Francisco. But with a little Firebug trickery, the Android Market Developer's Console can out the news today, and that's what you see above. Google will automatically move the payments to your Google Checkout account, which is darn helpful. Thanks, Al!

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jelly roll says:

Cool, gotta love options.

likwidsoul says:

I just made a PayPal account just to buy launcher pro plus. There are also some apps that are cheaper if you buy them through PayPal. Like rom manager is a dollar cheaper.

myswagsblue says:

i just seen in the payment options on the market the other day for pay pal good their expanding their options

JSKershaw says:

This will make it so easy to buy apps if your credit card doesn't work in the Market.

nemesis099 says:

Can't wait for this as I don't like using Google Checkout.