As the DROID prepares for launch, little details about Verizon and DROID are coming to light, here's the latest:

Is Verizon Charging $15/month for Exchange Support on DROID?

This isn't really news at all. Verizon has been charging different rates for Individual Data Plans and Business Data Plans for quite some time. It's not a matter of Exchange Support incurring the added cost but just the type of account you have (Individual or Exchange). Individual Data Plans will still have Exchange Support. If you buy your phone through your corporate account, you'll be charged $45. If you buy your phone like a normal person, $30 will still get you Exchange.

So no, Verizon isn't doing anything different and not charging anyone who uses Exchange an extra $15. The DROID uses regular Verizon smartphone plans, nothing to see here. [pcmag]

Verizon Opening Stores Early for DROID

In order to support the anticipated demand for DROID, Verizon Stores will open early on Friday, November 6th. According to Verizon, stores will open at 7AM or 8AM Local Time. Verizon suggests you contact your local Verizon store to see what time your store is opening but specifically states that Mall Stores will not open early (because the Mall won't be open!) [verizon]

DROID Will Tether in 2010

Verizon will release a tethering-plan, Verizon Broadband Access Connect, for the DROID in early 2010. Word on the street has it at $15 on top of your usual data plan, which isn't a half bad deal. Though we believe tethering should be free (you're already paying for 'unlimited' data!), at $15, we're sure those who need tethering can justify the cost and for those who think it's too expensive will find another way. [gizmodo]


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More Droid News: Is Verizon Charging For Exchange Support, Opening Stores Early, DROID Tethering To Come


Meanwhile, the rest of the world allows tethering regardless of plan. While thinking about it, why should it matter from where the data originates?

Unfortunately that is not fully true Sprint has made it clear that tethering will NOT be an options on its Everything plans that include data.

"Nothing to see here?"

Oh, I'm sorry, paying an extra $15 a month is nothing. While carriers like Sprint and T-Mobile have lowered their rates, Verizon continues to be the most expensive and continues to charge add-ons that other carriers offer for free.

If in the new age of frugality you don't perk up at an extra $15 a month, you're an idiot.

Ok, so just to clarify. If I order my personal phone through my employer to get their corporate discount will that put me in the $45 bracket?

It will only cost $45 if it is on your employers corporate account. If you are paying for it, I would assume the phone would be on your personal account and it would only cost the regular $30. You can still get your employers discount with your personal account. Also, with the $30 data plan, you could still use it with your work email without any problems.

Don't forget now DroidDoes higher early termination fee. Freaking Verizon is raising the early termination fee double to $350!!!! On all "advanced" devices. Sure Droid will be in there. You just lost a customer Verizon...going to AT&T where at least I can pull the SIM card and move a little more freely. I'm sure they will pull the same crap but I knew Verizon would hit the customer below the gut for all the revenue they will be losing due to their "openness" claim now. Can't charge for navigation, can't lockdown bluetooth and wifi any more...we'll screw them with early termination fee increase and $15 more for exchange support.

Why don't you stuff that in your iDont commercial Verizon!!!