Verizon Tiered Data Pricing

It's only been a couple of days since we brought you details of Verizon's new data plans -- recap: $15 a month for 150MB, with $15/150 MB overage; and $29.99 a month for unlimited use -- and here's the full breakdown. It's worth noting that Verzion is still pushing hard for the unlimited route, and chances are that's what you'll end up with if you change your plan or are new on Verizon. For you current customers, hope you like being grandfathered (you should!). As for when this goes into effect, we're still hearing a week or so. [Submitted via the Android Central App]


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More details on Verizon's new data prices


150MB for $15 comes to .1 a mb.

and the current article says $15/MB overage, which can be confusing.

Thanks, Phil. But I don't believe that's 100% accurate either. If you read the leaked literature, it says directly 10c per MB over the allotted 150MB. To add another $15 would be bumping to the $30 unlimited plan.

Check out the image that accompanies the article. It's in the bottom left corner.

EDIT: Didn't realize that's not necessarily "Overage" pricing. You've got it right now according to the previous leak!


You're right, but I think the thing that is really confusing is that I don't believe the overage is prorated (at least they don't SAY that it is).

In other words, if you go over the original 150MB (by any amount), you get hit with another $15. So you could have 151MB and a $30 bill. At 301MB, you end up with a $45 bill, and so forth.

That can add up pretty quick. I think that would be pretty stupid if that was the case, but it's a bit ambiguous.

No I agree, it should be a per mb charge. but it's like ATT's plan is right now (the way I understand it).

They should at least do something that after the initial overage into $30 range they offer to bump you (back dated) to unlimited.

If you click the image and read the leaked Verizon literature, it says directly "10c per MB" overage.

Edit: That's false. It doesn't indicate "Overage." My bad.

Not sure, but I would think at $30 you'd probably be included in the Unlimited plan at that point. So 301 would remain the same as 3001. But that's assuming they're NOT trying to screw everyone.....

That's a poor assumption, wireless companies are always out to screw everyone. If they automatically upgrade you to the unlimited plan at 300MB then everyone would switch to the $15 plan and they would lose half of their profits. There has to be some risk for people to choose the 150MB package and that risk is that you use more then 300MB it will cost you more then Unlimited.

This shouldn't surprise you since if you have a 450 minute plan and use 900 minutes they don't automatically upgrade you the the 900 minute plan, they just keep charging 45 cents per minute.

Why do we put up with this sh*t... We all need to stand up to these corporations and say enough is enough. If every stopped bending over and taking it and canceled their mobile phone, cable and internet accounts the pricing will have to be lowered or go back to true unlimited. Not the 5GB capped "unlimited" plans of today. This is B.S.

Verizon plans that are listed as unlimited are actually unlimited. (but they do have restrictions such as no tethering)

So are Sprint's... but at a lower cost (even after the $10/mo crap)

But it is all still too expensive.

Isn't the unlimited plan the same price it is right now? Isn't a data plan right now 30 bucks a month? How is this bad to get some additional options?

That's exactly what I was thinking. I started the article with trepidation, and then when I got to the point where they still have an unlimited option for $30/mo, I thought "Well, that's what I'm paying now for unlimited. It's not a problem if they're offering cheaper plans for folks who don't need unlimited."

For real if you think there is even a chance that you will go over 150mb a month just get the unlimited plan. I use on average 4gb a month and I don't tether. I just love me some Pandora and slacker. Verizon is doing this to get to rape the people that are going to try to save money and use the data anyway. They should also not back date anything. If you go over then you should pay. You should think about how much data you use before you select your plan.

Wow, what a shame. These rates are no better than AT&T. Why won't carriers make several tiered data plans catering to each level of user?! I don't understand why it's so hard. They should have a 1GB, 3GB, and 5GB plan. Then have overages for in between.

This would be ideal:
1GB - $10
3GB - $20
5GB - $30

$30 on Verizon is UNlimited. Why do you want to cap that at 5gb?

There will be more tiers with 4g, but right now smartphones are an either/or item for most users. They either use them a Ton on the go with wifi, or they don't use them at all.

(plus with your figures most people would be fine with $20 plan, which means a net loss of $10 a month for most subscribers, which is bad news for them)

I don't get what you mean about being grandfathered in? If you have Verizon today you are paying 30 bucks a month for unlimited data. If you join Verizon next month you are paying 30 a month for unlimited data or you can get a cheaper option. Where is the grandfathering even coming into play?

Those of us with the usb modem/aircards are getting screwed. Why not let us have the 5gb package for $50 instead of $60? Also, why not allow us to pay $10 per gb overages instead of the higher per mb rate? Sucks when it's the only broadband option I have currently.

At first I thought big deal, but I may actually save money with this because my kids don't use much data at all. Many if not most of the kids that have Blackberries use them mainly for texting not data. But since Verizon forces you to buy a data plan with any smart phone, I was paying that $30 even though they were barely using it.

Totally agree. My wife has a blackberry and she is lucky to get to 50mb a month. Saving 15 bucks on att's lower priced data plan. Just wish Att gave more than 2 gigs on their more expensive plan.

So is it safe to assume that VZW will still want an additional $15/mo to sync corporate email? You would think there would be mention of that on the tier form.

Am I missing something? I currently pay $29.99 for my unlimited data plan. According to the article, under the new pricing structure, I'd pay...$29.99 for my unlimited data plan. What has changed, other than the addition of cheaper plans for low-volume users? And why does it matter if I'm "grandfathered" in, when the price is the same as what I'm paying now?