Sprint Kyocera Echo pricing

Here's a little more info on the pricing situation for the Sprint Kyocera Echo: The $199 price point (after contract and $100 rebate) already has been announced. And if you're looking to get one off contract, it'll run you $449, or $225 a screen. If you want a one-year contract, you'll pony up about $275 after rebate. Good to know, indeed. Thanks, L!


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More details on Sprint Kyocera Echo price


Stopped watching that previous video because the performance was horrendous. Why is Android Central even covering this piece of shite?

because good or bad in production its still a revolutionary idea, just came too early and the tech isnt advanced enough for it.

$200 for a phone that had no 4G no FFC and look as thick as a brick. Not to mention the fake 4.7 inch screen with a thick black space between the 2 screens which makes it really 4.5 or 4.6. O and its not optimized to run most apps on both screens at the same time with mean you will only be using a 3.5 inch screen. I think I will save my benji's for some other phone

I count 9 posts about this phone in the last 2 days on this site. I'm not interested in the phone itself, but I am curious as to why so much attention is being given to it. None of the 9 posts adequately explains this odd obsession. Perhaps it is a slow news period for Android.

Sprint I am a customer but u made yourselves look foolish. Is the kyo guy San head's college roommate that he owed a huge favor.

Its something people will read about so this site is covering it IMO. It sure has a lot of hate towards it for an unreleased device. If My rooted EVO doesn't stop all this restarting and making me reload apps then I will buy somethan else soon. Today it restarted during a call!

to be honest it 1) ugly 2) no 4g 3) no front cam 4) to thick 5) no really 4.7 6) stupid 7) only 1ghz 8) won't sell 9) not revolutionary( ugly form factor) 10) battery sucks! 13sumthin really!? I can keep goin but 10 reason y I h8 it.

As I said on the other post about it (that some mod deleted; why?) I'll keep my Evo. That phone is useless to me, and ugly.

I really hope that maybe the whole event thing was more Kyocera than Sprint having it happen and sprint will get the evo2. They need to do something quick though. Hopefully HTC shows some crazy awesome phones at their event that will be on sprint and everyone quits hatin

My goodness. Hopefully you all don't commit suicide because of this announcement. It's amazing how personal most of you are taking it. Did Dan Hesse come over after the announcement and molest your families?

The hate wouldn't be as much if Sprint hadnt been so tight,lipped the past couple of months...nothing at CES and now this bullshit.

Im not worried. HTC and Samsung won't disappoint

It wouldn't surprise me one bit if they decide to not release it after all of the negative backlash.

Dual screen is right now ahead of its time we will appreciate the phone in the future and say how revolutionary it was for its time.

Form factor does matter. If you want a small slab phone then the Iphone wins becuz it will continue to have the highest res screen and prolly best build quality.

Android is awesome because of the variations in form factor. I actually got the OG Droid cuz I needed a keyboard and I hated the Iphone's virtual keyboard.

Again with this Nintendo DS style phone? WTF?? Seriously. It's not looking good for Sprint. There had better be an EVO2 coming some time this year because this POS is going to make Sprint look bad compared to what the other 3 carriers have going for them.

I wonder how many people on here trashed the Evo when it was first announced. I wouldn't recommend this phone as it is now, however some of the ideas behind it point towards the future (for instance, if the dual screen was seamless, thinner & had good battery life, and the phone was dual-core with 4G, I'd consider it).

No one trashed the Evo when it was first announced. The first Engadget post outing it had something like 1300 comments the first day, and almost all of them were fawning. The only criticisms, which were minor, were that (a) it was too big for some people (which turned out to be the case for me), (b) the kickstand build quality was questionable (in hindsight, a nonissue), and (c) that no one would actually use the HDMI port.

The crux of your comment was "if the dual screen was seemless", which is, of course, an impossibility and the very reason the dual screen concept is absurd, regardless of its execution. No one wants to look at a square format display bisected by a black bezel.

If Sprint would have just rolled this out like the EVO Shift, no one would be giving a them such grief.

The Echo is bad but the real problem is that Sprint says that this is their vision for the future.

This is just two Kyocera Zio's duct taped together. But duct tape would last longer than this hinge.

So you pay the 4G tax for a 3G phone that is twice as thick as a Zio. No video chat with one Zio battery for two phones.

It is OK to fail if you understand you failed. Sprint thinks that they have the first phone in the new direction everyone else will follow.

Sprint's real failure is a lack of self awareness.

I am more concerned about the whole 4g network at this point. Haven't heard anything since beginning of December and its the middle of Feb. Has Sprint given up on wimax?? They introduce this new phone and its not a 4g product. That really makes me wonder what's going on.